Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Final's Week Survival Kit:

Yes. :D I have survived... 

due in no small part to the following items: 

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I burned quite a few this week.. something about the flickering candle makes it slightly easier for my scattered mind to focus. :D lol - though seriously, usually I listen to music or take lots of breaks while studying, and couldn't do that very well this week. The candles just made me happy... and gave me lots of excuses to play with fire when my brain couldn't handle another cell bio page. :P  

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Be warned... I had the above candle burning about a foot from my face... and apparently the wick got too close to the glass... and it exploded. With a bang. Into big pieces that went flying. 
I absolutely froze in shock - when I'm completely surprised, I discovered, I don't scream. Which was random and interesting, despite the fact that I nearly had a heart attack. :P Not sure how that affected my studying...

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 An absolute necessity. XD Sugar really does help you study, and the peppermint patties I happened to get for my birthday were absolutely perfect. :D

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 random... but this is the best lip balm I have ever used. It seriously tastes so good you want to lick your lips. Which probably doesn't help them be less dry... and I'm sure the sunscreen in it isn't good for you... but it helps with finals. It does! ;)

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 Along those same lines... randomly wearing hot pink lipstick that is super bright and probably would look slightly frightening if it was not midnight also helps. *shrug* You really can do anything when you've got hot pink lipstick on... except maybe leave the house, but that's beside the point. ;)

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 Going right along with that, your little sister giving you a pedicure while you're studying helps too. Although by the time she was done we were laughing so hard I think there was more paint on my feet than on my nails...

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 Super helpful as well - something to look forward to. :D I am EXTREMELY excited to read this... and I'm betting you'll get a review at some point. :D

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My own, my family's, my friends'... The most important, and really, the only required thing.
The thing that got me an A in Ojibwe, despite my obnoxiously Christian take on things... (you may get some posts on that over break... we'll see how life goes). :P
The thing that kept me afloat in Cell Bio Lab - getting me by with barely points to spare. :)
And it definitely helped in Physics - SUCH a relief to get my grade on that 5-credit course. :D
Music... easy lib ed, but I barely studied for the final at all (focusing on Physics, you see...), so I was praying for that too. :D 
And it helped me survive Cell Bio (class). The professor told me it appeared that I knew the material... I was apparently just having trouble understanding her test questions. :P *sigh* Disappointed slightly by that class, but I'm just glad it's over and I really don't think I'll have to take it again. :D 

I can live with my grades... and no begging professors for a few extra points this semester, which is definitely an improvement. ;D lol God is good - I actually enjoyed this semester, found my lib eds fascinating (though I want to watch a few Francis Schaeffer videos over break... and read a few of his books, maybe some Amy Carmichael, C. S. Lewis as well... I want a Christian view of some of the stuff we went over. :P), and despite having a job and volunteering part of the semester, I felt like I had a bit more time to be myself. :) Always lovely. LOL

I can actually take a moment and look at lights and patterns and take pictures... *is happy* XD
And now it is glorious break! Soooo happy... Last night I was talking to my mom, helping sort out Christmas presents for our extended-family-get-together, and it was so incredibly nice to just stand there and talk, and not have to worry about a deadline I had to go meet! 

I'm horrible with a camera... but the walk was fun. :)
 Got up early this morning and went for a walk with my mom too - a random hour of walking with me complaining (because I always complain when I exercise... unless I'm by myself, in which case I sulk) and threatening to burst into tears because I was thirsty (lol, I need more sleep...), until we got to a little cafe, where she drank coffee and I drank ice water until I was shivering and then had breakfast and walked home. It was lovely. :D

Merry Christmas everyone!!! :D

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Katherine said...

Haha I'm there with you sister! (referring to comments on my blog-thank you:) I always read your posts but am negligent with my comments. But still here! :p Amen to all you said!

continue to shine, and good luck with all your ventures. :)


Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks, Katherine! :) And I'm glad you're still reading my blog - of course I totally get the comment deal. :D But nice to hear from you and I hope this year has begun well for you!


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