Sunday, December 18, 2011

3... more... days...

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 This is so sad... :P You can see where it's coming from though... *groan*
 Ugh... I'm leaving at 7am for a physics exam tomorrow... and really hoping I'm not that tired... making it worse, since I pretty much never have caffeine, I probably shouldn't try drinking pop or anything either... :P Maybe I'll go to bed at 6pm tonight and get up at 4am.. LOL;)
grrrr.... Why do they do this to us? *sigh*

Okay, I guess it could be worse... 

As long as I get a 91% on my physics exam I'll be fine... Maybe a 90%... lol

84% on my music exam = good

and... *gulp*

then there is cell bio - prayers greatly appreciated (well, for all of them, but...)
I need to basically get 100% to get an A-, and given how that class has gone all semester, it will take an absolute and utter miracle. Which I definitely believe in, so this can happen. Thankfully it is my last test, so tomorrow after I come back from my music exam it's going to be straight cell bio for 2 days. And praying. :D

See you when that's over with! So long as I survive...  ;)


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