Sunday, November 20, 2011

the words that make a story...

So many of them... so meaningless when taken apart... and yet even then they can tell you so much about the story... and about the author. 

And Wordle is just plain fun. :)

 For once the names of the two main characters are prominent... (Well, they actually *talk* to each other, perhaps more than in my other stories... and a lot of the story is about observing, so faces, eyes, hands, heads, smiles, etc., are rather important. And knowing... that's also important, because it's kind of the point of all the observing and talking. :D) Not sure why back was used so much... and looked probably shows an overuse of certain sentence structures. :P 
 Hmm... Well, eyes are a rather large part of this plot, so that makes sense... and here the story is mostly in first person, so the MC's name isn't there very much... and the other MC is going under a false name for most of the story, so it makes sense that names are less here. Back again though... not sure what's up with that. Or why head, face, and one are so well used... weird. :)
 :) My WIP. Just fun... and wow. I'm really not sure what to say about back... and here again one was used a whole lot... as were face and hand, lol. :D

If nothing else, this tells you what you need to work on. :P Back? AGAIN??? really? and *sigh* head, eyes, face, and one. Weird... I'm guessing I have a definite style... LOL Maybe one I need to work on... ;)

Have you ever put a story into Wordle? What did you get?

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Vicki said...

WOW. I have never used Wordle before in my life, but I just did, and I am ... floored. How completely ... well, for lack of a less cliche' word, AWESOME!!! :-D

I love your doodles! I would definitely read those stories! :-D


Katherine Sophia said...

:D Isn't it totally fun, Vicki?!? Someday you'll have to post some of yours. :D And thanks! :) After I figure out how to use the word back a few less times maybe I can post some excerpts... :p

Vicki said...

Yes, it is totally fun!! I made Wordles of some of my best stories-in-progress the other day, and plan to do a feature when I get my blog up and running sometime soon, asking readers which ones they would most like to read ... they turned out really cool!

Have a great evening!!


Katherine Sophia said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing them! :) And thanks. I hope you're having a lovely afternoon!

Jessica said...

<3's wordle and all of these...I love them passionately... I need to do these more often. TOO MUCH FUN!!!

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Aren't they, Jessica? You-know-who is rather irritated that his name appears nowhere on that last one... he totally wants his name in the title... :P Think I can get away with a deck of cards instead of his picture on the cover? :P lol...
Characters are wayyyy too much fun. :D


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