Monday, November 21, 2011

Today I'm thankful for...

yeah RIGHT!!! definitely not my image LOL (none of these are btw)
1.) I'm done with my midterms! Which were the reason I rather precipitously stopped doing thankful posts... and also the reason I didn't say "I'm going to do a thankful post 5 times a week all month." Because it wouldn't have happened. But I got done with them all and am soooo glad they're over... and going right along with that,

he-he... still not my image, but um, my feelings exactly.

2.) The one test I studied least for and really messed up on still did not bring my grade below an A. It's going to be rather touch and go, but I'm going to start studying for my next test ASAP. I know I can bring it back up, and there is a big extra credit project coming up which should help a lot. :D (Heh, I should say "the test I studied least for compared to what I should have." :P One test was intro to music, and I just read my notes and listened to music for 2 hours after my physics test and that was all the studying I did, or really, needed to do before that one. :) It was nice. ;)

All I want to do now is sleep for a week...
3.) This year I DO NOT HAVE ANY TESTS RIGHT AFTER THANKSGIVING! Yay! I have a TON of stuff to do, true, but no studying for tests. I have 2 tests in December and then finals. One of which I can loose 5 points on and still not have actually lost any points because of extra credit. :D Always nice... The other two are going to be very close... but I am a firm believer in miracles. And diligence. Sorry for the heavy emphasis on school stuff here, but tests and me are NOT friends, and when I am done with one, let alone with an entire set of them in one week, I am nothing if not thankful. :D 

not quite this beautiful, of course... but hey, this *is* my picture! :D

4.) My lovely black wool jacket. :) It's so warm and cozy to wear... it makes walking to school in the cold much more fun. :D

5.) Getting to walk home at dusk. If it gets late, I usually get a ride, but tonight it wasn't yet quite dark out... and walking home in the snow was sooo beautiful... *happy sigh* Gorgeousness. :)

pretty!! :)
6.) Having a chance to write. I've written some 6,000 words this month, a far cry from the 50,000 so many others are writing with NaNoWriMo, but those 6,000 words have been scribbled on church bulletins, written down on the side of my school notes, recorded at random times and in random places with surprising urgency. I didn't realize writing was an addiction that grew on you, greater and greater until it turned you fully into a writer. ahhhhhhhhhhh! ;) The more you write the more you want to write, until there is no escaping it... and you love every minute of it. :D

if only that were an option... ;)
7.) That I'm not sick! Everyone else in my family has been sick in some form or another, but so far I have managed to stay relatively healthy. *shudders* Me + sick + school = major disaster. Very thankful for that. :D Though of course I am hoping and praying that everyone else in my family gets well very soon!

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Vicki said...

Thanks for the update, Katherine Sophia! I'm glad things are going well for you ... congratulations on successfully surviving your midterms! I'm coming up on finals and dreading some of them ... yikes ...

I also really like the little cat who says "I haz a bug" - he's super cute!!! :-D I pray that you'll stay healthy!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

Love in Christ,

Katherine Sophia said...

Eek! Praying your finals go well, Vicki!

And thank you for stopping by! Always nice to hear from you. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

~Katherine Sophia

Jessica said...

YAY!!! Bye bye midterms...
Black Jackets are the best...
Dusk is gorgeous...
Writing. What would I do without my writing - I realize that without it I would go quite crazy...
*wants kitten*

Thank you for writing these...I love to read them - even if I don't comment *cough cough*


Katherine Sophia said...

Yes, yay, midterms gone! :D And writing is always wonderful... :)
haha, that's fine, Jessica... I'm glad you like 'em. :)


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