Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today I'm thankful for...

This ^ is a snowflake.

1.) Snow! The first snow of winter always makes me happy... and it's not like it hasn't been hovering around 30F all week anyway - we might as well get some snow when it's this cold! :D

2.) Gorgeously beautiful lovely sky. It was just sooo pretty... kind of a blue-grey perfection with white accents... I definitely wished I had a camera. :) *happy sigh* Beauty is so amazing... 

not again!!!!!! 

3.) I got the recurring physics problem back to work on some more! LOL Let's hope this time I can get it right... when I turn it in at the correct time on Friday. :) But had I not messed up and turned it in early, I would not have known I did it wrong and gotten the chance to fix it! So it really is something to be thankful for. :D 

4.) I won't have 3 tests on Friday the 19th! *whew* One professor let me switch it to a day early... so I'm losing a whole day of studying, but I won't be going straight from a solid hour of physics testing into another solid hour of cell bio problem testing. Which would have killed me, I'm pretty sure. Now I just need to study like crazy! 

5.) I found a perfect place to study! A big empty room with comfy chairs and a blackboard! It's a bit out of the way, but definitely closer to my classes than the library. We'll see how much I can use it before somebody kicks me out. ;) 

lol... doesn't it look weird from this angle?
computer cameras are such strange things... ;) 
6.) I got my room clean! *deep breath* You don't want to know why I can home from school so upset I had to clean my entire room and organize my closet (which happens to be my room... there is no closet in my room... LOL), so let's just leave it my room is beautifully clean and I am delighted with it! Hooray for a solid weekend of studying in a clean room! (Well, minus Sunday, which is my fav day of the week, for obvious reasons! :D)


7.) Some of the [very random] quotes I mentioned yesterday. 
:) And at some point I'm going to do an entire post with just quotes, I know it. :D

life is a marvelous gift, yes?

my favorite!!!

3 thoughts shared:

Anonymous said...

Hehe! Love the quotes... especially the one about the door being "alarmed". Clever. :)

That said... why oh why did you have to take a picture of a physics problem? Now I'm gonna have nightmares. ;)

Leah Marie said...

Clean rooms are definitely something to be thankful for!
I shoved some stuff in my closet yesterday, and my room looks so nice now. I’ll clean my closet later. ;)


Katherine Sophia said...

LOL, you and me both, Corey! :D I am going to be so happy to have two days off for Thanksgiving... :)

:D Haha, Leah. Closets are so useful that way. ;) My walk-in closet is probably what I miss most about my room back home... Well, actually, second to my bookshelf. :) But it's pretty high up there! :D


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