Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today I'm Thankful for...

1.) Getting to class on time! And yes, falling asleep at some point after 2am while trying to perfect the conclusion of my paper there was some doubt. As there was this morning at 7:30 when I was turning it in, at the same time as I should have been walking out the door. :P But I made it in plenty of time. :D 
(random: we had a clock that looked just like --> 
when I was little, and the first time it went off I nearly had a heart-attack. Happened to have an ice-cube in my mouth at the time, and I swallowed it whole and nearly choked as well.)

2.) I'm DONE with CHLAMYDOMONAS!!!! That was the paper I was working on.... and I've only been working with those wiggly little things since the 27th of September... quite ready to be done, to be honest. :D 


3.) Sweaters! So nice when it's 30F and you're trying to lay something out at midnight so you have something to wear in the morning... :) (Mine wasn't quite that cute, but oh well. LOL)

4.) E-mails! Made my day. :D My favorite heroine is getting a sequel, and there's nothing like getting to read another chapter to look forward to during classes. :D 


5.) Home-made Caramels! You haven't entirely lived until you've eaten one... and one should probably last you... a very long time. :D They're a perfect fall treat, though.

6.) Miigwech coming to mind today when someone said Danke schon today! Which makes no sense I'm sure, but miigwech means thank you in the language I am currently supposed to be learning, and it's kind of the first hint that I'm starting to get it. :) Gigawaabamin, everybody!

7.) It's a whole week until next Tuesday! And yes, I am totally taking the Pollyanna route there - but Calculus-Grading day isn't my favorite... even though the pictures people draw in their homework can be alternately funny and frightening, LOL :D Anyway, there's a week in between days where I don't have to think about Calculus! :) 

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