Monday, August 22, 2011

Fellow Bloggers on Love + my usual randomness ;)

I finished my 3rd summer class this week! 
*is very happy* 
It means, though, that I haven't had a lot of time for blogging... so in lieu of that, here are a few posts I've read recently. :)


 And I have to say that I love this, considering how extraordinarily I've fallen in love with that grace over the past year.

And this just made me laugh...
To see more of these lovely wallpapers, go here!

And another wallpaper... I'm workin' on it...

and then this... despite the awkward way it catches my sometimes-editorial mind, I have to love it - because, for me, feathers and love go together. (I'm planning to write a post on that... as soon as I begin understanding faith.)
Otherwise... I now have two weeks off before fall semester - the first two weeks I've had off from school all summer. 
*is very happy indeed*
See, I now have two years of college done, and am starting on my third - though I'm technically only a sophomore.
*is outrageously pleased*

Anyway, there are an incredible amount of things I want to fit into the next 15 days... so many books I want to read, so much I want to write about, so many things I want to do with my family... I might go out of the country for a couple days, which should be nice - particularly since I shan't be bringing any school books. :D 

But this summer has been fairly splendid so far, with a couple weekends that absolutely made it so. :D How has yours gone?

2 thoughts shared:

Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing all of those beautiful posts Kathrine! They were so amazing! :D I loved them all! And those wall papers (especially the feather one) are so beautiful!



Katherine Sophia said...

I thought they were all good... I'm glad you liked them, too! :)


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