Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fierce Beauty - Kim Meeder

If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I love Kim Meeder. 
If not... well, now you do. ;)

Sure, sometimes she can be a little melodramatic, and okay, either she writes with a thesaurus open or she has a vocabulary the size of Texas.
(Which I certainly do not - it took me about ten tries to spell thesaurus right. Ah! And there I just misspelled it again! :P)

But she is one of the authors who writes directly to my heart.
This book is amazing.

It's like... all the things that God has been teaching me over the past few days, weeks... year, rolled into one book about faith, hope, love, joy, truth, beauty, and the grace of God. 
Every chapter draws from the Word of God and His creation... and the life of a woman who is living for Him, and sees Him at work in everything that happens around her. 

If this book were out already, I would consider having a giveaway... but it doesn't come out until October, and I'm keeping my pre-release copy. :) So, read the first chapter here, and then either start blogging for books and get your own free copy, or wait until October. It's definitely worth reading, though, whether you read it as a daily devotional or all at once. It's both encouraging and inspiring... and a reminder of who I am called to be.

You were not created to be a princess of entitlement but a warrior, fighting to bring love and hope to the world. ~ Kim Meeder

(I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group to review... and if you wouldn't mind ranking my review... thank you!)

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Vicki said...

Wow ... I read the first chapter of the book, and it was very powerful! I do see what you mean about the thesaurus, but in her writing, it makes sense. I would like to see where the rest of the book goes.

Yes, of course you can repost the poem on your blog! I liked it a lot, too - it's very true and very thought-provoking. Go right ahead!

Have a great evening!

Love in Christ,

Katherine Sophia said...

It is really good... My favorite of her books is Hope Rising, but this one is a close second. :D

And thanks, I will definitely repost the poem then! It was just so good. :D

Hope you're having a beautiful day! :)


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