Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Once Again... drumroll please... WWWWWH!!!

8 of you said you wanted to enter this contest, so here is your chance! :D Now I'm expecting at least 8 entries... ;)

This time the rules will be a little different, though, so please read through below.

6 questions, 6 short answers... simple. :)
Answer each question with 1 sentence (or close to 1 sentence) :) and then place your answers in a comment on this post. Please do not post them on your blog.
- You may submit your answers any time in the next week and a half - deadline is midnight on Saturday, June 18.
- You may use a story you already have written, are writing, are thinking about writing, or make up a story-line on the spot 
- You may enter more than one set of answers
- You may advertise the contest and try to get people to read and vote as much as you like - but you cannot tell people which one is yours! 

I will post your entries on June 19, and then voting will be open for the next week.

The winner can either make me write them a guest post or interview them, depending on if they want a break or want any publicity I can give them. :D

During the next week, I will posting my interview with the winner of the last WWWWWH contest, Vicki. Don't miss it! :D 

5 thoughts shared:

Vicki said...

Am I allowed to enter again? :-)

I can't wait to see how the interview format looks! I know, we are very similar in a lot of things. It's almost weird. ;-)

Here are questions 11-20, in case you want them - again, you absolutely don't have to use them.

Thanks again for interviewing me!

Love in Christ,

Milli said...

Hey Katherine!
I haven't been in the blogging world of awesome for a while now.
I just wanted to stop by and say, 'hi'

Katherine Sophia said...

Yes, you may certainly enter again Vicki! :D

Thanks for stopping by, Milli! :) I hope your summer is going great!

Jessica said...

Who: Lucette the daughter of a noble is put in a dungeon, with the sentence of death upon her head for an act she did not commit.
What: Meets Marcus again, the man she hates, the very man who put her in this horrible position.
When: In the ancient days of the medieval time period.
Where: A fictional land
Why: Lucette suddenly finds herself confronted with a choice. Die innocent of the crime she committed or forgive the man who hurt her and run with him becoming an outlaw while attempting to clear her name and claim back her lost title while eluding several attempts on her life. (please don’t attempt that in one breath you might pass out…)
How: It all starts in a dungeon and ends in the kings throne room. Who is right who is wrong and who is trying to kill her and why?

Yeah...Jessica from le safirewriter.

Rachel Rossano said...

Who - Orson Kent meets Willow Aure in the lobby of a casino in Atlantic City.
What - They both need something desperately that the other could provide.
When - During contemporary times among the mundane complexities of modern life.
Where - They meet in New Jersey, marry in Pennsylvania, fall in love in Michigan where he is pulled from her side to Alaska.
Why - Because she broke the contract, he flees her side.
How - She will fight for him, them, and the precious life they have created together, even if she has to struggle against him to win.

Rachel Rossano
anavrea (at) yahoo (dot) com


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