Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fascinating Interview With Our Previous WWWWWH Winner... Part I.

Give Me Jesus

Meet Vicki!
I sent her a million questions, some of them ones I wouldn’t have known how to answer, and she good-sportingly answered them all! 
It should be fun… :)  Enjoy!

We’ll start off with a few random questions… very random questions… with random comments by moi interspersed throughout. In a regular interview, random comments supposedly serve to make the interviewee (now is that a weird word or what?) more comfortable… here I’m not sure what purpose they serve except to make it more like a real interview. ;)

We begin, me sitting on my computer typing out questions… and Vicki, sitting on her computer at some later point, answering questions… not, I’m guessing in one sitting. (Since, after all, I didn’t even WRITE the questions in one sitting.) No cameras and leather chairs here… well, I suppose Vicki could be sitting in a leather chair, since I can’t see her. Anyway.

1.) If you could pick any name in the world, what would you name yourself?
Oh … something Hawaiian, definitely. I think “Kailani Rose.”
I love Hawaiian names! I just found out I know a girl whose middle name is Noelani. :)

 2.)if you had to choose 1 age to be forever, what age would you choose?
Eighteen … that was when I was at my thinnest, best-rested, most energetic, most purposeful, and happiest. :-)
LOL… it’s all downhill from here. Although, I totally get what you’re saying… :P

3.)What is your favorite hair color?
Dark, rich, glossy brown, like the color of expensive dark chocolate. Like the color of my little brother Dan’s gorgeously thick hair. ;-)
lol… I have a little brother named Dan and a little brother with hair that color, but they’re not the same person. :)

4.)How long is your hair?
My hair is currently about at the bottom of my shoulder blade.

5.)Can you describe your favorite outfit?
My favorite outfit is my mid-calf-length, A-line denim skirt, with a brightly colored tee and flip-flops, with my hair up in some kind of a pretty style.
A-line skirts are amazing… :D

6.)What is your favorite book and why?
It’s a tie: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and Kidnapped. I like Jane Eyre because it is a melodramatic, heartwrenching romance that celebrates the triumph of morality over passion; I like Pride and Prejudice because it’s a lively and fascinating study of human nature (which is a euphemism for saying I’m in love with Mr. Darcy); and I like Kidnapped because I think Alan Breck Stewart is one of the coolest characters in English literature.
Alan Breck Stewart has one of the coolest names in English Literature… just for that I like him. :)

7.) Movie? Why?
My favorite movie is The Clock (1945), starring Robert Walker and Judy Garland. I have reviewed it on my new vintage-movie blog, so come on over to Screenplay and give me a pageview AND learn about a great movie! (No, I am not studying advertising in college.)
Haha… I’m not studying interviewing… as is probably quite obvious by now. But anyway, you have some great movies reviewed on that blog, though I haven’t watched The Clock!

8.)Song? Why?
My two favorite songs are “Give Me Jesus” by Fernando Ortega and “Come to Jesus” by Chris Rice. Both of them express how Jesus is all we need for everything, in joy and pain, sickness and health, life and death.

9.)Book of the Bible? Why?

Psalms and Isaiah – Psalms because it contains the words I need when I want to pray, and Isaiah because it contains God’s most beautiful, reassuring answers.
I love Isaiah… it is incredibly beautiful.

10.)What book has influenced your life the most? (besides the Bible)
The most important book I’ve ever read besides the Bible is Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret by his son, Dr. Howard Taylor. I believe Hudson Taylor was one of the greatest Christians of all time, and his profound faith is the example that I set for myself. I pray that I would have half the faith he had in the kind of situations he faced!
He is one of those people that absolutely amazes me I wonder how many blog-readers here have read that book?

and that's all for Part I...
Check back tomorrow for Part II, where we talk about blogging and writing!

2 thoughts shared:

Vicki said...

Hey, this is great! You did a great job! :-D No, I couldn't manage to answer all the questions in one sitting ... more like seven or eight ... :-} And no leather chair, more's the pity.

I love your random comments! Can't wait to see the rest of it! :-D

Love in Christ,

Katherine Sophia said...

I'm glad you liked it! Too bad about the leather chair though... :)


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