Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Jingle of Words

By Betty Stam 
(a martyred missionary to China... whose sister I once was in a church play. :D and now I find out I love her poetry!)

Don’t you love the common words
In usage all the time;
Words that paint a masterpiece
Words that beat a rhyme
Words that sing a melody,
Words that leap and run
Words that sway a multitude
Or stir the heart of one?

Don’t you love the lively words
Flicker, leap and flash,
Tumble, stumble, pitch and toss,
Dive and dart and dash,
Scramble, pirouette and prance
Hustle, hurdle and fling,
Waddle, toddle, trot and dance,
Soar, and snatch and swing?

Don’t you love the lengthy words,
Artificial, propogate
Revelation, elevate,

Don’t you love the noisy words --
Clatter, pop and bang,
Crackle, cackle, yowl and yap
Snicker, snare and sneeze,
Screech and bellow, slash and now,
Whistle, whine and wheeze?

Don’t you love the colorful words,
Amber, rose and gold,
Orchid, orange and cerise
Crimson, and emerald?
Purple, plum and lavender
Peach and pursian blue
Turquise, matrix, jade and jet
Hazel, honedew?

Yes, with just the common words
In usage everywhere,
You can capture incidents
Beautiful and rare.
In words you have a weapon,
More mighty than a gun;
You can sway the multitude,
Or stir the heart of one.

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Squeaks said...

*stands in awe* WOW! that poem totally describes my feelings on words :) Thank-you so much for sharing! I love her stuff!



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