Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Very Serious Question for You

Have you noticed anything different around you lately?

collapsed housing market
cultural trends - attack on marriage, rise in paganism, absolute intolerance for Christian beliefs, etc., etc.
and a recession that somehow turned into a recovery only because the media said it had? 

I have... and it's not just that I'm a crazy little college-aged girl with a big imagination. That's true enough, as far as it goes, ;) but when I say that I think something is changing, that something big is coming fast, I'm saying what every thinking Christian adult person I know is saying. 

Which kind of scares me, because it's somewhat unreal when almost every conversation I overhear between family members, old friends, etc., turns to the collapse of everything we've ever known. As one close friend basically said, "I don't know if the end of the world will be soon or not - but the end of our world, certainly of America as we know it, is right around the corner."

I don't think we realize how serious things are right now. But... when you actually look around you, how can you not see that America is being brought to her knees, loosing everything that made her a world super-power, and preparing to absolutely collapse? Perhaps we find it easy to ignore because we are busy, things are okay right now, and we don't want to see something so depressing. 

Whether we want to see it or not, I think it would be helpful to remember that the USSR went from world super-power to loaves of bread costing wheelbarrow-fulls of money in a very short period of time... and if people are killing each other in America over video-game sales, can you picture what it's going to be like when people are hungry? 
If America's economy implodes, it's going to be bad. Civilization is an absolute myth as far as I'm concerned, and with Christianity being shoved ever further back in this country, there is absolutely no hold on what people will do. 
Have you thought about Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a city where 53 people were murdered between February 17-18 this year? An average of 8 people are killed there every day, and it is a city right on the US border. What is it exactly that is preventing that from happening here? And how quickly could that prevention disappear? 

I could go on and on here... but I've learned that those who do not wish to see what is happening will not see it, and hopefully if you simply have not thought about it, my tangled mess of a post here will at least make you stop and decide to look at things yourself - I unfortunately don't have time to condense current world happenings into a nice neat package, if that is even possible. So hopefully you've been listening to the radio, keeping up on the news, or at least noticing your house's value halving and seeing that the job of everyone you know is suddenly hanging by a thread.
Did you know that our monthly federal government deficit last month was $223 billion? Our annual federal government deficit just 5 years ago was $158 billion.

If you have noticed and are sick of people drawing attention to the problem without saying anything about what we can do about it... 

Here's my 3-point plan for the end of our culture:

1.) Learn all you can. 
I firmly believe that the truth sets you free, and if you are not watching, awaiting Christ's return, and being aware of what's going on around you... slavery awaits. You won't know the truth. Remember that Jesus said that, if it were possible, even the very elect will be deceived in the last days... make sure you're one of the elect and make sure you're not sleeping through the storm. 

As a start: Watch the following video and sign up for Worldview Weekend's newsletters.

This might help you understand what exactly is happening to our economy...

Now, on a spiritual level, Glenn Beck is kinda, um, working on bringing in the One-World Religion. Therefore, even though he sometimes sounds like he's on the same spiritual page, he's actually reading out of a different book. (The Book of Mormon, to be exact...) However, politically he manages to catch a lot of things, which I really appreciate, and I hope he realizes that he's reading the wrong book soon.  

2.) Do what it takes to be ready.
I believe in helping people... but if we aren't ready ourselves, we won't be helping anyone. Some things to think about:
I just learned about that site myself from another blogger, so I don't know a lot about it, but it looks helpful. The only one I've looked at at all is this one, and all I did there was realize that there was probably no way I'd be synthesizing insulin for my brother in the event of a meltdown, and that he just needed to buy more. If he'd quit buying himself pistols and stock up on insulin I'd feel better about him...  :)
But seriously. What harm can having stored food on hand do? What would be wrong with getting out of debt? (Ahem. Pretty Biblical concepts, actually...) Sure, it's going to take work - and sometimes it looks almost impossible - but the girls who bought extra oil for their lamps were called wise. They were around when the bridegroom came. Hard or not, I think we need to actually stop and think about what we need to be ready for, and what we have to do to get ready.

The only thing that will prevent utter chaos from occurring in this country is telling people this:
“And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world. Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.”
If we are not seeing Him in our lives, and testifying of all He has done for us... I hate to say it, but don't we deserve to reap insanity and chaos?    
This cannot be emphasized enough. Nothing else matters. People are going to hell - and we can do something about it. Are we?

For myself, I fail epically at all parts of my plan. Especially lately... I've been ignoring what's going on around me because I've been "busy." That's about the lamest excuse ever, particularly for the last point. Thankfully there are people in my family who have been keeping track of what's happening around us, and who are doing what they can to keep us from going completely underwater in the coming tsunami. (We have bags of rice in our kitchen. And dried pineapple in the hallway. (Which tastes nasty, by the way, but I'm sure it's got lots of calories which could be helpful at some point. Certainly not right now.) :P And soup in our cupboard. Not a lot, unfortunately, but it's a start.)

The third one though... that one no one can do for me. If nothing else, this post was good for me to write because it reminded me again of why I started blogging and what I am called to do - something I SO easily forget. 

Be a light, people. And if you can get ready to survive the crashing of our economy at the same time, all the better. 

Do you agree? Disagree? Why? 

I feel like a school study book... :P Um... maybe I'll just go with


4 thoughts shared:

Jessica said...

Thank you for this post Katherine. I have been thinking along these same lines recently....

What really matters. How long until America get's tired enough of this government to actually do something? I guess doing research about the American revolution has stirred my heart. The British Government was pretty much doing what the American Government is doing now passing all kinds of bills and laws that we really don't want...
We wanted a voice. We want to be heard. All they hear are jobs, money, personal agendas, and small interest groups.

Civilization is just a myth. How long before specific people that are intolerant of certain other people groups are marked - tagged as outcasts and because of that they some how loose their rights. America has lost its sense of patriotism it is a dog eat dog world.

I am waiting - waiting for a revolution. No. I am not looking forward to it. Don't think I am going to aid in it but it is coming. How long can the United States really stay united? Will I need a passport someday to visit Florida? These are things that are running through my mind.

We take things too much for granted here in America...we have no idea what is coming but whatever it is America will never be the same.

Gravely thought provoked.

Vicki said...

Agree. Agree wholeheartedly, especially with the first one. For the last while, I find myself with an urge to collect books and textbooks, to learn all I can about history and literature, to read all the old classics like Austen and Dickens, and to write things down in my paper journal instead of online. I do feel like our culture may be collapsing, and I want to collect and hoard all the knowledge I can; so if the rest of the world loses or forgets it, I'll have knowledge to stand up and educate others.

After the quake/tsunami in Japan, I have thought more about storing food and supplies, too; but it's knowledge that I want to get and keep.

Very good and thought-provoking post, Katherine Sophia. Thank you for it. :-)

Love in Christ,

Vicki said...

Hmm!! Your "recommended posts" traffic feed brought me here, and I reread this post thoughtfully ... five years have passed since we mulled this, and I think a lot has changed in five years, both for us personally and for the country in general. I wonder what your thoughts are along these lines now? I have to admit that I'm not sure about mine ...

Katherine Sophia said...

Wow, it has been quite a while...

Perhaps writing it now I would sound slightly less fatalistic, which is funny because I think I still agree with my younger self. Things certainly have not improved over the last few years...They have, however, managed to move fairly slowly, which is something to be thankful for. And we can hope and pray that they continue to move slowly. I always think of Jeremiah 18:11/12 - we absolutely cannot stop praying and working for a good change, no matter how sure we think the worst is coming.


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