Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dramatis Personae

Following the lead of those before me, and while still dancing for joy over finishing the first draft of my musically-inspired story... (68,000 words in 4 months, during school. I'm thrilled.) :D
I thought doing an introduction to the characters might keep me from going into sudden withdrawal...


A princess, born into captivity... whose earliest memory is the death by torture of the one person who ever loved her. 
Fighting against her fate brought her nothing but pain, and she is by now numb to all emotion, unfeelingly obedient in deception and trickery. 

A mere tool in the hand of her mistress, she has become known as The Enchantress, and that reputation serves her well each time she is sent to uncover secrets for the Queen of Ellasar. 

Avaenestelwen. The word explains me, defines me, and names me. It is the very reason for my existence, for it was when my mother lost her own that I came into the world. The word is my identity.  All else around me is unstable as water, but that one thing alone never changes. I am indeed without hope. 

Falkon Estel

Spy, warrior, and artistic teller of tales, he has been fighting a loosing war alongside his father since age sixteen. Now in command of his own specially picked troops, he has made it his mission to discover once and for all the identity of their faceless, nameless enemy...  
even if it means going himself into the very castle of the one whose senseless cruelty has already cost the lives of thousands of his people, including his own mother and sister.  

He knew its position on paper by heart, but the light of dawn was already breaking before he discovered it. At last he found it, pushing away the bushes that concealed the crumbling entrance to the ancient tunnel. For an instant he paused, his eyes searching the blackness before him. “Behold, Thou are there,” he whispered softly. Taking a deep breath, he plunged into the darkness of the tunnel.

Nîn Vasilissa

Calling herself the supreme ruler of Ellasar Taurhassdorien, Ilmatara, Eyvindr, and all surrounding lands, she has been gaining control of each country inch by dearly bought inch. 
Eyvindr's defiant resistance has earned her deepest hatred, and her darkest plans to punish them have already been set into motion. A forced marriage between Avaenestelwen and the crown prince, Kestral Tariro, will give her not only control of the country, but also the vengeance she so desires: the means to torment Eyvindr's favorite hero, the one man in whom the people of Eyvindr have placed their hope.

She laughed musically. “Names, boy. That’s all I want. You think you are in any way important to me? You think I need you for any reason? I would slit your throat in an instant were it not that this is by far more entertaining. But surely you know I will tire of it soon... and then I will toss your worthless carcass from the highest tower of this castle, into the front lines of the rabble that fights outside my door. Throw down your body, after you have been through every part of my dungeons.”

They are the main three characters, though of course there are others... including some of my favorites:

*Just to be clear, showing these pictures does not at all mean that I support whatever books/movies/tv-shows they happen to be from.*
 And just to be super clear: stealing any ideas from this means I get to send my villainess after you - and this time especially, that would really just not be a good idea. ;)

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Lizzy said...

Wow!! That sounds like a very interesting story. I loved getting to 'meet' the characters too. :D

I personally think a villainess to be far superior in most cases to a villain... women are just more conniving. LOL

On a completely different note, I think my main book has too many characters. I wanted to put someone in it for everyone to love, and fell in love with every one of them myself, so now I can't get rid of any of them. :P

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks, Lizzy! :) It was fun to introduce them. :D Haha, yeah, somehow a villainess can be way more scary... and this one certainly turned out to be.

That's funny about your characters! But once you've got 'em... they can make it impossible to get rid of them. ;) This one I was surprised at how just those three kept it going... Falkon did have quite a lot of men, each with their own personality, and each with like only three lines in the story - I might have to try to cut the number of them named down slightly, just to make it more streamlined.
But my last story had at least 7 POV's going, so this one was a nice break from that. :D


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