Wednesday, February 2, 2011

el puesto de forma aleatoria

Yes, the random fashion post. 

Just because... I feel like it! 

And I feel like it because... 

I just got a super cute new coat that I just know is going to raise my grades! :D

Isn't it cute? :)

While I'm at it, want to see what else I wore to school today? :)

My usual standby: knee-high black leather boots.               (Mine don't have the buckles, though.)

My Christmas present - a black leather laptop/book bag.                                                                      (This one's relatively close to mine.)
Plain black A-line skirt.                                               (No random pockets on mine.) :)
And apparently there is no other like it in the world, but I also wore a red plaid ruffled long-sleeved blouse, with way smaller plaid and a lot more white than this. :D

And of course:

Yeah... okay, back to studying. :)

6 thoughts shared:

Angel said...

Hi Katherine!

I just love that outfit! The jacket itself is especially cute! :D

Have a blessed day!

Leah Marie said...

ahh! anyone in my family {particularly my mother} could tell you how in love i am with plaid shirts. anywhere they have them i'll stop and look. they are just so comfy & cute. how can you go wrong?
also, tell danny happy {late} birthday! january 29th is the best day to be born. :]

Vicki said...

Eek, Katherine Sophia -- I was enjoying your post until you put those textbook pics at the end! :-O Reminds me too much of the homework I'M supposed to be doing!!

Have a wonderful evening! I love the coat and the boots! :-)

Love in Christ,

Can do mom said...


Not only are you a genius, you're a cute and fashionable genius! ;)

I love the new coat and everything else you wore today.

I really, really miss you guys. I am so overdue for my *****-family-fix! Hope all is well in the north country!

BTW, I am going to be meeting a young woman who is a UMD student that I've been told repeatedly is a lovely young woman. When they were describing her to me (she lives with relatives of mine) I immediately thought of you! :)

Jessica said...

Ha, thou art the queen of fashstia...I like your choices. Those boots are adorable and I can almost guarantee you that your new coat will definitely UP your grades it shouts I am smart, pretty and fashionable...give me an A + :D

+ gotta love that plaid shirt. <3 plaid!

Have a beautiful day!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks, Angel! :) And thanks for stopping by my blog! :D

Plaid is fun, Leah! :D And Jan. 29 is a good day... Happy SUPER late birthday to you! I saw the cake on your blog - it looked delicious! :)

Isn't it horrible, Vicki? Ruins everything... LOL But the coat helps - and boots are just plain necessary. :D

Thank you, Mrs. B! I just wish it were true, especially the genius part... :) lol I hope you guys are all doing well! It has been a long time since the cookie exchange! I can't believe how fast this year is going...

lol Jessica... I can only hope my professors agree with you... :D Hope you're having a lovely evening!


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