Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whispering Hope

I happen to be currently writing a semi-historical-fantasy-story pretty much entirely inspired by music... 
which makes for an interesting writing experience, and a fun listening experience. :)

The theme of the story emerged as hope (though I'm finding it really cool that faith and love cannot be separated from hope) and I thought I'd share a couple of the songs with you!

The one above, of course, and then this one that I especially like:

(the song starts at 0:13 and ends at 4:04, in case you're wondering.) :)

What songs have inspired your writing?

2 thoughts shared:

Nina Hansen said...

Writing a story inspired soley by music... what a COOL idea! Sign me up to read it. :) Although music always powers my writing, I have never tried this... sounds amazing, though.

Mostly I find soundtracks to be most inspiring while writing. I also usually try to choose a "theme song" for each character, which helps me stay on track.

Katherine Sophia said...

I wasn't trying to do it... but pretty much every chapter/scene in it has had a song to go with it! And it just hit 50,000 words - I thought no way would it get that long. :D
For usual writing, soundtracks are awesome. :) And if music powers your writing, I'm glad I started trying it!


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