Friday, January 21, 2011

So, here I asked a question. 

I did kind of know what the answer was supposed to be... but I wasn't fully agreeing with it.

Last night I got the answer.

It was 3am, and I was finishing a book I'd been wanting to read before school started. I was glad I'd gotten the chance - but I finished it feeling... heavy. Weighed down

Yes, it was a war story, and yes, I'd known it was going to be heartbreaking. But in my best 3am thinking mode, I turned off my flashlight and closed my eyes, searching for what it was that left me most unhappy.

Quickly I realized it was the main character's collapse, and how terrible her life turned out... but there was one aspect in particular. 

It was the fact that she was given a chance to vote on punishment for the enemy, and she voted that they be tortured just as she had been. 

But it wasn't because of what had happened to her. 

It was because of what they had done to her little sister. 

 And suddenly I knew

That was wrong

It is not only our enemies that we are called to love, but also the enemies of those who are closest to us. 

Because isn't that what God did for us?

We, not only His enemies, but the ones who are responsible for the death of His only begotten and dearly beloved Son, are the ones that He loves with a love greater than we can even imagine. 

He has forgiven us fully, not only for our sins against Him, but also for the anguish and torment of His Son.

How can we not obey Him then, and through the love and strength He so freely offers us, show love to those who have hurt the ones we care for most?

*for the record, I'm not entirely sure that that MC ever meant for her vote to count. But this was what I felt, and this was what I realized. And so I'm glad I read it, miserable though it made me.

2 thoughts shared:

Jessica said...

Oh that is powerful! Amazing, staggering and oh so convicting. Ouch!

Thank you for sharing that beautiful thought...

Katherine Sophia said...

It was painful... but it was good. Funny how it always works that way, isn't it? :)


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