Thursday, January 13, 2011

I shadowed a doctor today...
and it was awesome, as usual.    :D

Particularly so since this doctor was a Christian, and I was able to see a slightly different perspective than I get from school. 

Did I say slightly? Ignore that. 


We happened to talk a little bit about Christian doctors... and he was saying that sometime what you believe comes up and fits right into what is going on with someone, but of course, you can't expect everyone to be ready for it, or to take it when you say something. Then he said: 

But you have to love everyone, and that is a challenge. 

(Which I thought was interesting, considering.) :D


love your neighbor as yourself... love your enemies... 

Is there anyone we are not called to love?

Of course, I'm thinking, Oh, loving patients wouldn't be that difficult... until I suddenly realized that I had been absolutely furious with several people in one short day of shadowing. 

Because I can't stand it when people hurt others by their own stupidity and selfishness. 

Love my enemies... Do I have to love other people's enemies as well? Because that is a lot harder for me to do. 

Hurt me... I'll deal with it. Ask me to forgive you, and I will.

Hurt my little sister, and I'll have nightmares about it. Telling her sorry isn't enough. You better fix what you did to her.

See what I mean?

This love thing is a lot more complicated than it at first seemed...

What do you think?


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Vicki said...

Katherine Sophia, this is a very important question to bring up. I agree that it is usually much harder to forgive someone who hurts one of your loved ones than it is to forgive someone who just hurts you. In some ways, I do think it is proper to be more upset for others than we are for ourselves; but you're also correct, that we need to forgive just as readily those who hurt our loved ones. Very interesting post, very interesting thought.

On your comment on my blog ... did you say biochemistry??? My goodness!! Are you planning to be a practitioner/specialist, or are you going to go into some field of medical research? Either way, good for you! I wish I were that smart! ;-)

That's neat that we share so many interests, too! I love coming across blogs where I say "Oh my goodness, it's an online twin!" :-D Do you have a favorite Celtic music group?

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Love in Christ,

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks for commenting, Vicki! I think I'm finally starting to understand the forgiveness thing a little bit... slowly... :)

ANd, haha, yeah... biochem/molecular biology is my major... And That is everyone's reaction. But no, I wish I were that smart! It's hard for me. So far I have survived by miracles alone... and if I actually make it through, it will be only by God's grace, and that's for sure. :D Right now He is leading me towards rural family practice, and I'm excited about that, if not about Calculus and Physics. :D

Music... well, mostly I like a few songs from lots of different groups. :) I'm not sure there's one group I like a lot more than others... Do you have a favorite?

And hope you're having a wonderful week too!


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