Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, Finals Begin This Week.

Now I Lay Me
Down to Study,
I Pray the Lord I
Won't Go Nutty.

If I Should Fail to
Learn this Junk,
I Pray the Lord
I Will Not Flunk.

But If I Do,
Don't Pity Me at All,
Just Lay My Bones
In the Study Hall.

Tell My Prof
I Did My Best,
Then Pile My
Books upon My Chest.

Now I Lay Me
Down to Rest,
And Pray I'll Pass
Tomorrow's Test.

If I Should Die Before I Wake,
That's One less Test I'll Have to Take.


3 thoughts shared:

Jessica said...

Yikes! Poor student!!!!! I hope that isn't you today!!!! Praying for you that all goes superior well today and all this week into next!


Ashlin said...

Hello Katherine,
I was just wondering if you have the HTML code for the Quick 8 Question Test widget you have. Do you know where I could get it if you don't?

Thanks! :)

Katherine Sophia said...

Probably entirely due your prayers (and those of my mother), I have survived! Thanks for everything, Jessica! :D


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