Monday, December 27, 2010

This is, perhaps, the strangest Christmas I have ever had... 

With school right up until the last minute,  I have not done any Christmas baking like I usually do...  

With living between two different houses, we have done barely any decorating - we got a tiny tree at our house by school, which I didn't get to help decorate since I was studying for finals. And of course, now we're at our other house where we have no tree at all.

I have been listening to Christmas music... but listening perhaps more for the beauty of the music than the meaning of the words.

Even when my family went to a Christmas Eve service, I was so tired from all our late nights (several people in my family are sick - I think I was just starting to get sick then), it was all I could do just to stay awake.

Besides all this, we aren't really doing presents this year. We were going to go down-hill skiing together... but considering how we're all feeling, we decided not to.

Though I have been waiting for it with probably more longing than ever before - since I could not wait to be done with school - now that at last it is here, I find myself not believing that it truly is Christmas Day.

Why not?

Because I don't feel "Christmas-y."

When my younger brother came and woke me up this morning, I just kind of rolled over and reminded him he wasn't getting any presents, thought about how sore my throat was, and went back to sleep. 

But what is Christmas?

A feeling we get once a year?

The presents we give and receive? 

A certain type of music?

The smell of baking cookies and the feel of a hot oven?

A tree and lights?

Or is Christmas a celebration of the moment when the Almighty Creator of the Universe became as a created being, was born of woman, and came to live on this earth among those He loved enough to live and die for, even though they had rejected Him and were utterly unworthy of His love? 

Is not Christmas about the moment where He became like us that we might become like Him?

One of the greatest moments in this story He is writing - one that every previous moment had been leading up to since that promise in the garden, and one that every following moment depends upon...

It is a moment so beautiful, that we find ourselves lighting up our houses  in remembrance of that time when glory shone around.

A moment so wonderful, that we take time off from other things to prepare special foods and feast together in celebration.

A moment so inspirational, that some of the most amazing music in the world was written about the song of the angels and the reason for it.

A moment so precious that our joy overflows in giving each other presents, imitating the greatest gift that we were ever given - salvation and everlasting life in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A moment that... if we take the time to think about it, will fill us on any day with a feeling of overwhelming gratitude, awe, and adoration for the One who in that moment began again to show how incredibly much He loves us. 

That is Christmas... and if I can't quite believe that Christmas is already over... perhaps I don't need to. 

Because it isn't.

Christmas is about Christ, and He is always present and waiting for me to spend time with Him, always listening to my prayers, always loving me, always working in my life and in the lives of those around me, always present with me

What could be more Christmas-y than that?

Sorry if this is rambling - I sat down to write this... because I knew I needed to. I needed to take that moment to remind myself, and to see again the glory of Christmas. I did, and I am so glad!

The bonfire we ended up building outside to roast hot dogs over while we discussed Christmases past, present, and future (decorating a Christmas tree on the moon?)... the trip to my grandparents where we got to see several relatives and managed to fit together a few presents - and I got an old Sir Walter Scott book that I really wanted, among other things! - and the pretty tree and delicious food and fun games we did later... all that was extra. 

Such things are merely a shadow of the real meaning of Christmas... and that real meaning is so incredible we cannot afford to merely look at the shadow, to miss what it is that lies above.
Did you take the time again this year to look through the shadow?

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Can do mom said...

I had hoped we could see you guys while you were here but it looks like we missed you. :(

I know what you mean about our attaching so many other things to Christmas. It's almost like two holidays rolled into one: Christ's birth and a winter solstice party with lots of gifts, food and revelry.

We watched "The Nativity" the other night which is such a wonderful movie to see at Christmas. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

Blessings to you and your family this Holy-day season!

Katherine Sophia said...

:( I've been wanting to see you guys... we're actually here right now, but everyone in the family is sick in bed except for me - and I'm in bed icing my jaw after getting my wisdom teeth out. :p So we're not very fun right now... But I hope you all are having a great week! Blessings to you also! :)


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