Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pain and Suffering...

Or lack thereof.

I just got my wisdom teeth out. 

Ok, well... on Tuesday. I could have written this post yesterday, but I was too lazy. 
Eh, maybe I'll blame it on the Vicodin®
It doesn't take much to take me out... I remember only about 30 seconds after the injection of anesthetic, and I was gone... 
Nor do I remember anything after that until walking out to the car - though apparently I was able to walk into the recovery room and was answering questions just fine for like half an hour before going to the car. 

(Yikes! And they didn't even notice that I was still completely out of it... tells you how little I usually use my brain...)

I pretty much slept the rest of the day... and Tuesday was not a lot better. But I barely hurt at all. It felt weird, but there was only one ow moment, which is pretty nice for having oral surgery.

But it reminded me of something else. 

Because pain is good. 

No, I don't like it. At all. 
(To tell the truth, I had tears in my eyes after that one ow moment - good thing there weren't more!) :)

But if we didn't have it... obviously we'd be in big trouble. If we did not have a warning when we touched a hot stove - if we could not feel a sliver - if we did not know when we were hurting ourselves...
we would be in real danger. 

Painkillers might feel nice, but even when they mask the pain, they can't completely cover the fact that something is wrong with us, and if we take them too much, too long, or when we don't need them, they're dangerous.

The sensation of pain is vital to a normal life.

It's kind of like our conscience. 

We don't like to feel guilty, either. But can you imagine if we didn't know when we were sinning, how messed up our lives would be? 

Which made me think of the things we sometimes begin to fill our minds with - music, books, movies, anything exciting and distracting, that camouflages our sensation of "pain" - to silence the little warning that we're not doing what we should. They could be things normally harmless merely being used wrong, or things like alcohol, drugs, etc, that are never harmless. 
Like a pain-killer, whatever it is might feel good... but it can't cover the fact that something is wrong, and it's very dangerous. 

The Bible says, Quench not the Spirit - can you imagine how horrible it would be if that little voice were to become silent? 
I can hardly imagine anything more terrible than a seared conscience... and I know I want to be immediately responsive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 

It's something I need to remember when the temptation to "listen later" overtakes me... because the phrase "Better to ask forgiveness than permission" is definitely not true when referring to our relationship with God. 
He is merciful to forgive... but if I truly love Him, I will try not to grieve Him.

He has given us the ability to feel of pain and a conscience that can be pricked - both are great blessings from Him.

Seeking Him, because He is indeed amazingly there,

3 thoughts shared:

Leah Marie said...

i got only one wisdom tooth out over a year ago, and now i have the last 3 to get pulled later...
i'm glad yours didn't hurt, but i'm sure it helps to have them pulled when they're ready.! :]

Jessica said...

AMAZING!!!! Painful but oooooooohhhhhhh sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.



Katherine Sophia said...

Yeah, Leah... they said if they waited too long on mine, even though they were never going to actually come up by themselves, the roots could mess up the nerves in my face if they had to come out later, so it was good to get them done now. :)

:D That's what I thought, Jessica. ;)


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