Sunday, December 26, 2010


Walking down the hallway in college, between short people, tall people, light people, dark people, fast people, slow people, and everyone in between, you will notice one thing in common.                                                                 
Almost every person is wearing headphones. Half the time you can hear their music anyway, :P but headphones seem to be the most similar thing about students. (Besides backpacks, of course.  :) 
Headphones, connected to some sort of music machine - usually... iPods.  

It's funny...  but have you ever thought about how similar we are to iPods? 

These things are empty, on their own. But whatever they plug into, that is what they are filled with. 

Plug it into your computer, and it will be filled with whatever music (or photos or apps...) are on your computer. It has no magical musical abilities of its own; everything it has - including the very power it needs to run - comes from the computer. The computer, though, can't fit into a pocket. 

Random... but it got me thinking.
What am I plugged into? 

When I am plugged into Christ, when I get my battery charged every day, when I am filled with Him - then I will be able to go anywhere, allowing His love to flow through me and bless those around me. 

When I am plugged into myself... I am nothing. My battery quickly dies and I can be seen for what I truly am without Him - a worthless plastic object that has absolutely no purpose by myself. 

Yet with Him... so much can happen! 
He is everything... and He is willing to fill me with Himself and use me to reach those about me. 

Is that amazing or not?

Seeking Him, that I may be filled with Him,  

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Emii said...

Hey Katherine (is Sophia part of your first name? I love your name -- it's so cool.)

I love this! And it makes you think, uh, do I wanna be fully charged -- or go around on nothing? Sounds a bit like petrol now, too:P But iPods are way more fun to talk about;)

Wow, college. HOW long since I've been to your blog?! I'll be back soon!:D

Liz said...

That is amazing! Thanks for sharing your wonderful, random analogy with us! I love it =)

Milli said...

What a nice thing to think about. Thanks for sharing this post.

Love and Blessings,

Leah Marie said...

i can't get over how wonderful all your word pictures are! :] that is such a cool way to think about us as humans, being connected [or not} to God.

Zoe Blackstone said...

hmm, a really good analogy!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks, Emii! Hm... I don't know... I just picked Katherine Sophia because I liked how it sounded. :D I guess I usually think of my "online identity" as Katherine Sophia, though sometimes I just sign myself Katherine. :) Haha, I've been terrible about keeping on other people's blogs... college really does take up a lot of time. :p :)

Thank you, Liz! I'm glad you liked it!

And you're welcome, Milli! :)

Thanks, Leah! I've had some good examples when it comes to looking for word pictures... I'm glad you like mine! :D

Thanks, Zoe! :)


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