Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Coming Back

It's been... three months? since last time I saw my little filly. 
She's still a young horse - and has had very few days of training. 

All of which together left me hoping that maybe, perhaps, in the 3 days between finals at school and Christmas at my Grandparents, I might be able to spend enough time working with her that I could actually ride her a little bit. 

And with the cold, and the fact that I have to get dressed in barn clothes and drive over to the barn (despite all the different winter activities I participate in, I still find myself wishing I could simply curl up by the fire with a book every time I have to go anywhere ;), and with only a slight chance that I'd get to ride at all this month, I was not especially excited when I headed over.

But once I got there...

and brought her in and started working with her... 
and discovered that she was still her usual perfect self... 
I began to enjoy it, as always.

And she was so good... I actually got on her before I left!
First time I'd seen her in months - and she did everything right, even when I was riding her.
Maybe not quite so smoothly as last time... but so good I couldn't believe it.

All of which reminded me of something a Bible study leader once told me.

So often when we miss our quiet time with God, or slack off on what we're supposed to be doing, we somehow get this picture in our mind that He's waiting for us with folded arms, saying "Where have you been?" 
But He's not. 
He's waiting for us with open arms, saying, "My child, I miss you. Come back."

I know that whenever I'm doing something I should not be doing, I don't want to come and spend time with God - but that is exactly what I need to do, and the only thing I need to do.

When stuff happens and I have not spent as much time reading my Bible, etc, as I should... it somehow gets harder and harder to get back to where I was. 

But if I would only drop everything else and go to Him, I will find myself right back in His perfect presence, being renewed and refreshed by His love for me. 

Obviously the time missed is going to affect me - I will not be growing, and things might not go as "smoothly" right away... 
but God does not put us on a waiting list and say, "Oh, once you start coming to Me regularly and show up on time and act like you should, maybe after a while I'll meet with you, and eventually you might get back to where we were."

No, He is right there... I only need to go to Him.

Isn't He good to us?

Seeking Him because He may be found,

4 thoughts shared:

Leya said...

beautiful! God is sooo amazing. :)

Katherine Sophia said...

He is!!! :)

Emily Shae said...

Got you comment! Sorry about your birthday. :( I hope that it wasn't too terrible hard. Quiet time is good, though.

And, thanks for the birthday wish!


Katherine Sophia said...

You're welcome, Em! And it wasn't bad. :) I needed the quiet time to prepare for finals. :D


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