Sunday, February 7, 2010

While taking my first English Quiz (just before the deadline today), :P I was surprised by the speed with which I was able to answer the questions - and also that I only got 1 answer wrong!

See, I don't remember much from the A Beka Language books I used to do. (Or actually... anything, really, except the stories I had to write for them.) :) I have never been able to diagram a sentence. I can't spell. (Vive la spell check!) I could go on..

Somehow, though, I was able to do well on this quiz. Besides praying about it, :) I think the reason was all of the reading I have done. You get used to how the sentences are supposed to look and then it is easy to fix them. Because of my familiarity with the written word, which came from the thousands of pages I have read, it was easy to see what was wrong in these questions.

All of which somehow (while I was taking the quiz, no less -very distracting) made me think about college classes and the not-necessarily-very-subtle-lies that always seem to be mixed in with whatever subject you are supposed to be learning. Even the chemistry and statistics I took last year had a few parts that made me go come on! You'd think statistics would be pretty straightforward, but I guess no matter what the subject is, a secular university is going to be able to add something to it. However, if I am familiar with the truth in God's word, if I know what He has shown me, if I can recognize His hand at work in my life - I'll see the lies for what they are. I'm sure A Beka helped me (somewhat), and anything I can learn from places like Worldview Weekend will be great. But what will help me recognize lies the most is knowing the reality of Who God is - and then it will be easy to see what is wrong with the theories and philosophies I hear.

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Jessica said...

Hey Congratulations! YEAH! HOORAY! They say that some of the best writers never really took English but read lots and lots, and I say I completely agree especially since I have seen some of your work.


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