Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"It seems to me clear beyond question that in the lives of God's beloved there are sometimes periods when the adversary is "given power to overcome." This power need never overwhelm the inner court of the spirit, but it may press hard on the outworks of being. And so I have been asking that our dearest Lord may have the joy (surely it must be a joy to Him) of saying about each one of us, and about us all as a little company of His children: "I can count on him, on her, on them for anything. I can count on them for peace under any disappointment or series of disappointments, under any strain. I can trust them never to set limits, saying, 'Thus far, and no farther.' I can trust them not to offer the reluctant obedience of a doubtful faith, but to be as glad and as merry as it is possible." ~Amy Carmichael
This is an amazing statement. Amy Carmichael wrote this after being sick in bed for months after a fall - Rose from Brier is an incredible book, written when there was no end of pain in sight, but she looked only at her Savior's love. What an example of what is possible when we seek only Him!

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