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Starpacker I - The Star Packer
Who: Jim Boltaire, 18-year-old French-Apache drifter
What: realizes he is called to be a star packer during a fight, and is shortly afterwards sent down to Texas to help capture a group of rustlers and discover their leader... and attempts to do so, despite a broken arm, capture by Apaches, jail and a coming lynching, and the rustlers themselves.
When: early 1870's, immediately after the re-formation of the Texas Rangers following their disbanding during the Civil War
Where: the northern end of Colorado and then Texas
Why: because he comes to understand that following Someone is not the same as drifting... and I wanted to know how the deputy sheriff in my brother's story became a lawman. After this story I totally took over the character though... and he is no longer a deputy sheriff at the age my brother called him one. XD

The Jeweled Dagger ??
Who: Jerusha, 13-year-old Israelite girl
What: is captured by a young Syrian raider with a secret in his background, whose strange interest in her may change her entire future - if she doesn't kill him first.
When: Between 852-841 B.C. 
Where: Israel, then Syria
Why: Because, scarred by a man of God when a young child, the bitterness within her soul has already resulted in the death and disappearance of her family - and her own enslavement by the captain of the Syrian king's army.

In other words... I always wanted to know more about Naaman's servant girl.

Starpacker II Some Trust in Chariots
Who: Jim Boltaire, 19-year-old French-Apache Texas Ranger
What: completes what he thinks is the hardest assignment of his life, only to be immediately kidnapped by two people he considers nearly insane, along with the daughter of his closest friends, whose safety is only ensured by his vow to do whatever it is they ask of him - that whatever being something nearly unimaginable to Jim. 
When: the year after Starpacker I ;)
Where: American West, between New Mexico and the northern end of Colorado :D
Why: Because the men need someone with Jim's skills to ensure the success of their mission. And I really missed Jim. :D

Will Arrington
Who: Um... I'll give you 3 guesses? ;)
What: escapes from sure death in New York on the orphan train, leaving behind the only person he can ever remember caring for... ending up in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott, fine Christian people who find themselves at a complete loss at what to do with the young boy who has never known the love of a family... and who is banned from school his first day, nearly gets himself killed learning how to track people Western-style versus city-style, who lies as easily as he breathes - and who gambles better than the best card sharks in Purgatory Flats.
When: end of the 1860's, 1870's
Where: New York, New York -> Purgatory Flats, end of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1867 -> later, Europe
Why: Because some 8 years later, preacher-boy Will Arrington saves the life of Jim Boltaire... and the story of how a boy who lived by lies learned the greatest Truth ever known has to be a story worth telling... Or at least - he's my one character who won't shut up about himself. :D

Tam Lyn ??
Who: Jennie, daughter of a village vicar, a girl without a mother and basically without a father, at least when he's not trying to teach her the Latin conjugation of words from the Vulgate.
What: Driven by childhood memories and the sheer boredom of a lonely childhood, she accepts the teasing offer of a friend to secretly teach her sword-fighting... which comes in handy the day she is attacked by a brazen stranger, a stranger who promises to change her life forever, while inexorably drawing her into the deadly intrigue of a secret plot deep within the castle of the king.
When: Crusade-type time period... exact dates unknown. :)
Where: A land that feels like an English/Scotland, though I don't yet know the name. :)
Why: She is a girl swinging her anchor, knowing what she believes and yet floundering without a purpose, until she finds herself called by the One she is attempting to follow straight to the bedside of the prince's widow, and from there to before the very throne of the queen herself. It was inspired by a fairy tale I don't like. XD

Hope Sprang Up
Who: Avaenestelwen, the "Enchantress" - or slave to the Durion and prisoner of despair, and Falkon Estel, spy of the Tariro, a captured prisoner whose only weapon is his hope in Elyon, a hope he refuses to let die, though evil threatens to overwhelm all that he loves.
What: meet in the one of the darkest hours any of the seven kingdoms has ever known... and the age-old struggle between light and darkness, truth and falsehood, hope and despair, rages anew in the heart of girl - a girl whose choice will affect all the known world in ways none can imagine.
When: around the year 1120 of the second era
Where: the castle Glyndwr, Eyvndir, and Taurhassen Castle, Taurhassdorien
Why: This I'm not sure... I listened to music and the story just happened. So I wrote it.

 Faith Through Flames
Who: Pyrrhos, son of Atheros (secret member of the Talamhard freedom fighters and traveling swordmaster who has worked with the princes of Eyvndir, Ilmatara, and Vastavaatkarhu, while training his own son the best that he could) and of Faylonne Bria (one of the few believers in Elyon who escaped from the valleys of Ellasar during the brutal reign of Casimir Re).
What: looses his father and mother at the age of 16 to the Great Cleansing, at attempt of Ellasar's forgotten princess to rid the land of those whom she blames for Ellasar's fall to Brynhaven and Casimir Re during her childhood - the worshipers of Elyon and those with Talamhard blood, the ones who she believes brought her country to its knees with their refusal to bow to the corrupt Ellasar regency, and so weakened the people and paved the way for the destruction of her land by Casimir Re. No longer believing what his parents died to protect, the boy Pyrrhos swears to avenge his father's death and throws himself into the leadership of the few Talamhard fighters left, determined to bring down the forgotten princess who has declared herself queen of Ellasar, and who is gaining control of Brynhaven, Vastaavatkarhu, and Ilmatara as she sets her sights upon Taurhaussdorien and the far-off Eyvndir.
When: the early years of the 1100's, second era
Where: the mountains between Ellasar and Ilmatara; dungeons of Ellasar's queen
Why: Because something had to happen before Hope Sprang Up... and there was something about when Pyhrros questioned Avaenestelwen in that story that intrigued me. :)

And It Was Love
Who: Tyrielle Sen Aransadorien, Ilmataran princess-ambassador to the fascinating and deadly courts of the great Casimir Re, royal emperor of Brynhaven and a man whose ambitions know no bounds
What: finds herself a thrall in the mountainous land of the Vastaavatkarhun Artturi, mythical Bear Men of the far north, knowing only that she has failed her ambassadorial mission to Brynhaven, her older sister the crown princess has been murdered, her country is under the most brutal attack it has ever endured... and she has been locked in a room with a dying man - a wounded Vastaavatkarhun fighter.
When: the year 1097 of the second era
Where: the lovely land Ilmatara, the mountains of the new Vastaavatkarhu, and the southern shores of  Brynhaven
Why: Because I suddenly fell in love with someone who appeared in both Hope Sprang Up and Faith Through Flames, and I had to find out who she was... and also, I needed to know WHY the villain of both those stories was so incredibly evil. Yes, I'm writing a Faith-Hope-Love trilogy backwards. :D

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Crista Moriah said...

I love all of these ideas for stories!! They are great! *smiles* I love to write too, and it's always nice to find other girls who do too. :)


Sarah H said...

I love these ideas! I hope that I will be able to hold your books in my hand someday.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

WOW!!! These ideas are so good!! Each and every one of these synopsis/summaries made me want to read the books that went with them!!!!! They sound so intriguing!

I'm new to your blog but so far I've found that we share many interests. I'm enjoying reading your posts!

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