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Cake Flavored Tag

Having seen this tag stolen and modified multiple places in the blogosphere (though I saw it here first...), I couldn't help but do the same. Only I'm going to add to the modifications by using foreign TV dramas, instead of books. Which most of you will never have heard of before. But...if I had not seen a few blog posts myself, I'd never have heard of them either. So. XD I mean, I had to read the subtitles, so surely it counts as reading.

If this be treason, make the most of it.

(a dark story you loved)
The Bridal Mask. 
This is a WWII era Korean drama about the Japanese Occupation. Dark barely covers it. By the time family members have destroyed each other, best friends have become bitter enemies, school girls have been shipped off as comfort women, people have ended up torturing their beloveds, and freedom fighters have been practically might have to rethink chocolate being sweet. 
But as a story about redemption, about inspiration, about refusing to give up the fight for truth and freedom, about how one person can inspire others, about how no matter how far one has fallen they can become a new person...this story is incredible. 
Note to all: chocolate cake is the best.
And I dare you to watch this clip and not be moved.

(a light story)

Descendents of the Sun.
Yes, if this is my "light" show, what are the others like...but seriously. This drama gave me the happiest feelings. As a story basically about the romance between a doctor and a soldier, one whose job is to save lives and one whose job is take them (even if in order to protect other lives...), it was a fascinating look at creeds and justifications and motivations, while being an adorable romance set in the middle of dozens of horrible moments of natural and political destruction. And the MC, Shi-jin, is basically the equivalent of taking all my favorite heroes and combining them into one incredibly sweet smart-alec. It was an absolute delight to watch. 
I don't go much for vanilla cake...but DotS fits the description while still being amazing. 

(mixed emotions)
Two Weeks.
This is one of those incredible redemption stories that I adored but that which is slightly harder to recommend to everyone indiscriminately. Basically, the MC made a terrible choice in attempting to protect someone he loved, and his life was destroyed. When the story starts, he is in a very bad place, and the story doesn't shy away from the depths to which he has sunk. When his ex-girlfriend finds him and tells him that she actually had the baby he demanded she abort, and that baby is now a young girl dying of leukemia who needs him donate stem cells...his life takes a different turn. Watching him fight step by step to believe that he can change, that he can become the person those he loves need so desperately, and come to a full understanding of what exactly he has done in the's incredible. {There is a scene where he ends up helping a stranger deliver her baby, and the moment it truly hits him what he almost forced his girlfriend to do and that he might never have met his daughter if his girlfriend had followed through...gah.}
I...actually don't have mixed emotions on red's like somebody took chocolate cake and filled it with red 40. WHY????

(recommend to anyone)
City Hunter.
I do recommend this to anyone. XD It's a story of brotherhood, of fathers and sons, of guilt and love and lies and truth and justice and revenge, and it's completely awesome. It's like The Scarlet Pimpernel crossed with The Count of Monte Christo and it's amazing. While at the same time being cleaner than like 98% of American television. People should just watch it and be introduced to another culture. 
This drama is way better than cheesecake. Just sayin'. And I do like cheesecake.

(started but never finished)
Goodbye, Mr. Black.
This was supposedly meant to be a Korean remake of The Count of Monte Christo. It had three extremely talented main actors, and obviously brilliant source material. 
And it was boring. I saw three episodes and couldn't force myself to watch more. It is an absolute travesty that anyone would dare to have an incredible story and the people to do it amazing justice, and that. Still not over it. 
I do usually finish coffee cake, to be fair to coffee cake. It's very not memorable, however, and therefore surprisingly accurate here. 

(left you wanting more)

Solomon's Perjury.

I have seen the first of two Japanese movies, and then the Korean series, and again, a story about teen suicide, adult betrayal, and the pain of growing up to recognize the two-faced life of those one idolized as a child is not a light thing. But unlike what I've heard about, say, 13 Reasons Why, no matter how dark the subject matter, this story managed to hold to the fight for light, for truth, for love and righteousness both in a beautiful way. In fact, it came so incredibly close to being perfect, I couldn't help but wish for more. A bigger budget, a few more episodes to help with depth, the actors to have just a bit more training, and the truth the story reached to cross the line into clearly spiritual.
Okay, but really, why would someone want more tiramisu? I've had it exactly once in my life, and that was plenty.

(a mini series)
Page Turner.

This is a short and sweet three hour series about a young musician, her most bitter musical rival, and an athlete who saves her life when tragedy strikes them both. It is about dreams and skill and what you do when they are taken away from you, and for as short as it was, it was a delightful story with surprising depth. 
Chocolate cupcakes are best, but I suppose these would be vanilla cupcakes. XD  

(not what you expected)
Ruler: Master of the Mask.

 I expected something incredible from a historical drama starring two of the best young actors/actresses in Korea set in a story where they could use historical gravitas mixed with dramatic license and shades of The Man in the Iron Mask...but so far the only acting skill they've been utilizing is that of crying on command, which is well enough in short doses, but which does not an intense drama make. Here's to hoping it later surprises me, because the world did not need a historical Goodbye, Mr. Black.
I feel about fruitcake rather how I feel about this drama. What is this? WHY is is THIS WAY? 

(favorite short story)

Dong Ju: Portrait of a Poet.
Epic, gorgeous, incredible movie about Yun Dong Ju, a Korean poet who died in a Japanese concentration camp for being involved with the Korean Independence Movement/writing poetry that the Japanese wanted to believe had to do with Independence. Brilliant use of poems, of black and white imagery, of music, of everything...oh, it hurts, but it is truly beautiful. Korean movies can be more on the miss side of hit-and-miss for me, but this was most definitely a hit. Just to the left of my sternum.

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wisdomcreates said...

Cool! Never heard of any of these. I hope you don't hold it against me, and I thank you for the introduction.

Also...I like the Bollywood movie: Barfi.

Katherine Sophia said...

Haha, of course not! Korean dramas have become much more well known in recent years, but many people still don't know about them. :) If you try any of them, I'd love to hear what you think!

I've seen a few Bollywood movies, but I haven't seen that's always cool to hear about more good ones, though! Thanks.


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