Monday, May 1, 2017

On a Random Rampaging Rant...

Yes, I'm going to go off on one. You are hereby warned. *

*I wrote this in 2012, when new to the college scene, and apparently thought it too rude to post. I'm reading it in 2017 and laughing, you go. Now you finally get to read it. XD

So, watch this.
*violence, blood, and trauma warning for those of you who don't know to expect that from me.
also awesomeness. 

Yes? Well, watch it a second time, and then please tell me what exactly it is you can't do in a dress? *cough* 

 If you don't want to wear skirts or dresses, just don't. I'm probably barely going to notice. Actually, I'll notice much more if you're wearing a skirt. 

You see, I'm randomly curious - why is it that a lot of homeschooled Christian girls seem to automatically assume that if another girl is wearing a skirt, she's judging them and feeling much holier-than-thou??? 

The first day of high school co-op, I wore some random dress I'd pulled out of the closet for the occasion. Nobody else wore a dress (I don't think I was expecting them to...) and also they had all apparently been part of the same co-op for like the past 6 years, so I suppose I stuck out a bit. Oh, well, I was kinda used to it. 
I wouldn't even remember the day now... except as I was leaving, one of the moms pulled me aside and said in a pitying tone of voice, "Nobody usually dresses up to come to this except on the last day."
I was like Huh??? - I didn't consider myself dressed up in the least. And then realized that because I was wearing a dress and no one else was I was supposed to be feeling dreadfully out of place and awkward and... who knows. 

But I cannot count the number of times I was asked as a child, "Why do you always wear dresses?" in a you're-kind-of-a-freak tone of voice, and now my little sister is getting it, and it drives me crazy

Dude. I've never in my life thought of going up to someone and asking, "Why do you always wear pants?"  (*cough* Though I may or may not have responded with that question on occasion.)

So why is it I've gotten the other question so many times? 

Also oddly, in all the times I was asked that question, never once to my knowledge was it asked by a child going to public school. One girl in public school simply told me why she didn't wear dresses (it was a fire drill day and we stood outside in the wind and rain for half an hour), and another asked if I really didn't care what anyone thought of me (heehee... To be fair, I did make some rather strange wardrobe choices during some of my teen years...) but they didn't straight-out comment on what I was wearing.

This is my third year in college, and strangely enough, only two girls have said something about my typical outfit. One was a pastor's daughter, who asked me what I believed the first day we met - because she'd noticed me around campus, and she wanted to start wearing more dresses.
The other was a girl I met part of an on-campus worship group. We saw each other exactly twice, and the second time, pretty much all she said to me was, "Rockin' another skirt, I see..." 
Maybe I'm too easily offended, and maybe it was the extremely condescending attitude of the adult I was talking to at the time (yes, I was homeschooled. No, I did not find college a shocking, horrifying, terrifying adjustment to make. :P Sorry, that's a rant for another time. *cough*), but I couldn't force myself to make the effort to continue going to the worship group. (Don't worry, there was more to it than that. ;) More rants for other times, though. :P)

I just found that weird. But the question was usually followed up with an explanation for how dresses/skirts were restricting, annoying, cold, uncomfortable, and impossible to do anything in. 

Oy. Come on. I've gone swimming, done hunter safety field day (in the snow), flown airplanes, and ridden a pony wearing a dress - and I know people who have done more difficult things. It's not that hard. Oh, and if you wear a dress over pants/leggings? It's actually a whole lot warmer than a pair of blue jeans! Also, it is possible to do so without looking like a slob. 

Anyway - I'm curious. If you wear dresses often, have people commented on it? Have you ever asked others why they wear pants?
If you don't wear dresses often, have you ever commented on other people wearing them? Have others ever asked you why you wear pants? 

I'm not asking what people believe women should wear or not wear (I really, truly, most definitely do not believe it is morally wrong for women to wear pants, in case anyone is wondering - but I do believe it is morally wrong for you to wear something that goes against your conscience) - I'm just curious as it is some people feel a need to justify their wardrobe choices to me. I'm really not shocked that you're wearing pants. I'm not. 

Unless you try to tell me that the reason you'd never wear what I happen to be wearing is that you couldn't do anything if you were wearing a dress.




and these people

all disagree with you. If they can go to war wearing what basically amounts to knee-length skirts with armor...

I'm pretty sure that's not an excuse.  

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Ashton said...

Mhm. I think I wear more skirts than pants. It really just depends on my mood. I usually wear more shorts in the summer than skirts, but it's about 50/50. I've never really had anyone ask me why I wear skirts most the time.
Oh! There's this camp for disable adults I go to most every summer and I've had several people there ask me if I'm Mennonite (which I'm not) because I wear skirts. Hehe.

I think I have asked some girls why they wear pants over skirts (or vice versa), but those girls are usually my closest friends, and aren't usually bothered by me asking. Lol
Hopefully that makes sense. I'm not sure if it does because I'm tired and need to take a computer break right now... :D

Katherine Sophia said...

XD Haha, good to hear from someone who's asked that to people before...though of course I think there's a difference between asking close friends about their clothing and the constant refrain of "Why do you always wear dresses??" that I got in my area...but looking back to when I wrote this 5 years ago I am amused over how much of a rant this was. XD

Then again, there is a standing joke among my friends over the time a male med school classmate looked at my outfit and asked, "...What do you call that?" XD
Maybe I should start an Alternative Fashion blog...


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