Monday, May 22, 2017

Brief May Snippets

So this month I would like to note I have finished editing Contract to Time least for now...and if you'd like a few traumatic dramatic moments in on.


For a moment Amon did not speak, and in that silence they scarcely breathed.
"And what was Rui Arries' place?" Amon's voice was no louder, and more dangerous yet for the chill calm underlying every word.
"He was leader of the patrols before he betrayed you." Ja-Il’s voice was still as death.
"Have you worked with him before?" The words were gentler yet.
"Yes, my lord." Ja-Il answered, without any hint of explanation or excuse.

"Then should you have expected this?" Amon's lip curled viciously, and Hae-Jin lowered his eyes yet further.

Oh, God, please, please—
A shadow separated itself from the mist, and suddenly there was Phoenix, hands grasping futilely at a thin reza strap about her neck. Someone was effortlessly pushing her forward, holding the reza twisted just tightly enough to cut off her breath.
It was Ja-Il. His black shirt, silver lacing looped across one shoulder, swinging with his every movement, was buttoned only partially, and she could see the edge of the brand Amon had burned into him, the scar he would carry the rest of his life. Not A for angel, but A for Amon, A to show he was wholly and completely bound to the one whose name he bore, written with fire in his very flesh.
His lips curled away from his teeth as her gaze met his, and he twisted his hand slightly. One turn of his wrist and he could break her twin’s neck. What he had forgotten only God knew, but his hand on Phoenix controlled her as surely as if it were at her own throat.


Also, I would like to introduce Inside my Mind -- a partially gender-swapped story based on/inspired by The Phantom of the Opera and set on the moon.
collage by me; pictures & lyrics not mine

It will be part of a 4-volume set which also includes stories based on Sleeping Beauty, a gender-swapped Little Mermaid, and Medusa. I am having a blast, because a science-minded ambassador's son tapped by rebel leaders to bring an ancient princess out of cryo-sleep is delightful to write, while a young policeman going deep undercover because he fell in love with the daughter of a gangster while blissfully unaware that his boss intends to bury him along with much evidence of police corruption is also great. Medusa's story is far darker, but suffice it to say that she and my opera ghost have a great deal in common, and the company that destroyed their lives and that keeps the sleeping princess asleep will have a pretty reckoning ahead when she turns her deadly gaze on them. 
Athena/Maleficient is a great combination, by the way.

The world to come will judge me. 
It is inevitable. 
Whether they will judge me more for what I did in the beginning or the thing I did in the end...I do not know. No one will understand the times we lived or the horrors we faced or the decisions we were forced to make. At least we thought we were forced, believed we had no choice but to make the decisions that we did. 
My peers see no other choices yet. I am condemned, and this decision I understand. I have betrayed my orders and the secrets that should be most sacred to my trust. I beg no mercy for what I have done. 
Nor do I repent. Should any other have seen and heard as I have done, that one could not condemn me. As to the rest...they cannot understand. 
Ah, the world to come will judge us all. Yet the world does not even know my name. 
I go now as I am ordered, obedient in this, when I have been disobedient in so much else, and the name they shall place upon my grave will simply be The Persian.


He swore unthinkingly, cursing his spiritual coordinator to a place the coordinator did not believe existed, then put his hand over his mouth. 
“Bad 'com?” 
He started, then turned to face Galiaskarov. He had forgotten she was there. “I apologize,” he said. “That was inappropriate.” 
She looked at him, holding his gaze with almost unnerving directness. “Inappropriate, perhaps, but tragically not untrue.” 


"Yes?" Even through an obvious voice modulator the question was clipped and abrupt. 
"Ah...yes..." he said. "I am...not in the habit of speaking to the disembodied voices of ancient Roman goddesses." 
"I prefer the designation of ancient Greek monster," the voice said. "And would you like to get in the habit or is this conversation over?" 

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Christine Smith said...

AAAAHHHHHH!!!! You finished editing Contract to Time Travel???? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! *throws alllll the confetti* THIS IS SO EXCITING. And those snippets gave me a thrill. My precious babies. <3 It's been so long.

Also, your new series idea. Just... O_O I have no words. Retellings are my favorite things of EVER. Like...I have an unhealthy obsession with retellings. And yours sound EPIIIIIC. Athena/Maleficent combination? Um, YES PLEASE.

You come up with the most epic stories!

Katherine Sophia said...

XD Your comments were super helpful. And continue to be so as I work on the sequel!

:D Thank you so much! I'm super excited about these new characters and it's so awesome to hear you like them! XD


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