Monday, April 10, 2017

sounds i love

originally inspired 

~ a bike crossing a wooden bridge ~ alexander scourby reading the bible ~ horses talking to each other ~ park eun tae's voice ~ josh groban's voice ~ basically any sound track/song that tells me a story or reminds me of a story I like ~ my mom reading books aloud, especially if it's a funny book ~ birds singing early in the morning ~ swishing of a long skirt when you walk ~ hoof beats, particularly cantering ~ fire crackling ~ my older brother calling me my baby-nickname (he's the only one who still does) ~ younger siblings asking me for prayers and advice  ~ baby laughter ~ waves against the rocks ~ the voices of my friends on video chat ~ the soft click of the keys when we communicate via chat ~ satisfied purr of a happy cat ~ the deep bark of our german shepherd ~ muted thud of footsteps in snow ~ snap and sizzle of water testing the heat of a frying pan ~ wind chimes in summer ~ a storm in the treetops ~ water boiling for tea ~ hymns sung in a small church ~ my grandpa telling stories ~ the crackle of fireworks in the sky

2 thoughts shared:

Squeaks said...

I lovee this!! :D It gives such a melodic, peaceful vibe <3

Katherine Sophia said...

XD Thank you! I'm glad it came across the way I wanted it to!


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