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return of the SNIPPETS

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From a rather different project...a fairy-tale mash-up I'm writing with a sparkling friend. Guess away which of these traumatized high school characters is from which fairy tale...and I hope you enjoy! XD

Aiden Carlyle on Isabelle Morue:
Also smart and good-looking, which was was also more than he could say for a lot of students. He couldn’t really blame Gage LeGume for slobbering over her like a puppy. 
But someday he was going to take Gage LeGume’s poster-perfect face and put it through his locker door. 
It’d be the last thing he ever did, but it would probably be worth it.

The scholarship boys make life interesting for the wealthier students at this private school...
“Heyyy, Prince, let’s see whatcha got!”
He glanced back to see Fitzherst snatching at Randoph’s sketchbook just as the latter reached to put it away. Fitzherst was the only one who called him that to his face, and he’d still somehow managed to evade significant repercussions the past three years. 
“Decent. Decent effort, Randolph.”
Christian bit back a smile at the condescension dripping from Fitzhert’s voice. That evasion of repercussions was a miraculous testament to Randolph’s patience, really.
“You really think my nose looks like that, though? Really?
Randolph grinned goodnaturedly and waved for the sketchbook’s return. “I tried, Gene. It’s not my fault you have a weird-looking nose.”
“Oh! Blame the model, huh? I’ll have you know my nose is the best looking part of my face!”
Randolph laughed outright, and three rows back Fitzhert’s best friend Ladin raised his head from his desk with a horrified look. “Wow. Gene...Gene...Gene...That was a terrible comeback.”
Fitzherst looked blank a moment, then dropped the sketchbook on Randolph’s desk before bounding towards his friend. “Oh, shut up. Lemme see what you drew!”
Ladin’s horror turned into a smirk and he flipped his sketchbook around, holding it up so the rest of class could see an extremely feminine figure seated on the desk, ankles neatly crossed, and Fitzherst’s head set discordantly atop a long slender neck.
“I’m gonna kill you!” Fitzherst bellowed, and Miss Porter clapped her hands to her ears.

I have a special place in my heart for Christian Cavelli...artist extraordinaire with a special interest in shoes...
Christian swirled the tip of his grey pencil across the top of the page absent-mindedly, waiting for everyone to come in and settle down. It wasn’t like they were going to learn anything today - nobody ever learned anything on the first day of the school year - so their distraction was understandable. But if they’d only hurry up they could get on with the not-learning and it would be finished sooner.

And one of my favorite friendships ever...Aashiq Ladin and Gene Fitzhurst...
"Dude, smoking already?" Gene dropped a red and white peppermint onto his lap. "You smell."
He took the peppermint, completely unsurprised that Gene had managed to steal candy off Grim’s desk while arguing with him.
"Great to see you back, too, bro. And sheesh, watch it with the racist slurs, huh? How do you think that makes me feel?" He flung his arms out and Gene made one of his frighteningly insane faces in response.

And a particularly heartbreaking relationship...
Esme jumped in, slamming the door after herself and shoving the jacket over her seat’s headrest. “Ugh, I hate that thing. What is this, the army?”
Rajah grinned slightly, glancing over his shoulder as he pulled away from the sidewalk. “Don’t tell me you are in trouble already. What was the last thing I said to you before you got out this morning?”
She put her elbows on the center console, looking up at him with a laughing flutter of her eyelashes. “Behave yourself, Princess.”
He looked down at her, braking for somebody, and rolled his eyes. “Such a good imitation of me.”

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Christine Smith said...

Oh my gracious goodness, this is a modern day FAIRYTALE MASHUP???? That is the coolest idea EVERRRR. And ALL these characters sound epic. o.o I was grinning all the way through each snippet! I can't even choose a favorite. These were great!

Katherine Sophia said...

XD Thank you!! They are SO fun to write, and I hope to write more of it soon. :D


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