Sunday, September 18, 2016

There is a time to be silent.

I am now a 4th year med student. This means I've chosen the future specialty I feel most strongly is where God wants me. I've come up with an application. Begged for letters of recommendation. Taken the third of my four massive Step exams. And, finally, received my first interview invitation. After a few discussions with people I trust, this blog is going off-line until March 13. During which time I plan to prepare blog posts, learn another language, ready my most recent novel for publication, and interview at multiple residencies. Come March 13...I have a feeling you're going to hear a lot more from me. :) 

Friday, September 16, 2016

to add to the standing stones in my life...

For those of you who read this:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

I think of this verse almost daily as my GPS sweetly tells me which turn is upcoming. Back in the day when I had a slider phone {I've upgraded only slightly, but enough to make a world of difference}, I had a lot of experiences like this...yet, despite my smashing ability to get lost on a ten-minute trip I've traveled a dozen times before, it took me a long time to trust my GPS.

It's completely embarrassing how many times I got lost because I was like That can't possibly be right. Why is it telling me to turn right when I should be going left???? and found, 15 minutes later, that indeed, impossible was actually accurate and I didn't know what I was doing, and surprise, surprise, the whole satellite/map thing actually had it right.

At this point, though, I'm completely dependent on it. Now that I've moved to the 'big city' and have to drive between hospitals, to campus, to find stores, etc., I use it all the time, and most days have no idea where I am, other than the fact that the blue dot on my phone is supposedly me and yup, I should go straight for another 1000 feet, then turn right. {I'm getting better at estimating distances, heh.} Which is why it's hit me, more than once, how perfect a comparison this is for my relationship with God. 

It takes a long time to completely trust Him too. You wouldn't think it, not when He's God, and I'm me, and I know how many times I've managed to get myself lost before. Not when He's proven Himself faithful time and time again that I've actually followed His direction. Yet I still find myself panicking, sure I'm going wrong, sure this or that is the wrong next turn and that street can't be the one I'm looking for. 

Case in point, Step 2 CK. Which for those of you blessedly unaware, is a 9 hour exam on everything we've learned in the 3rd year of medical school. Quality control that those hospitals to which we've been spun out have given us enough info for us to learn what we need to know. I've been dreading it, almost since Step 1. {This disaster and miracle from the One who equips the called.} I tried to do what I should in preparation - I got a practice question set, started it early, got a review course, went through the entire thing in the recommended time frame...I knew I shouldn't worry, and I refused to. As much as I could. 

And I could tell the difference. I felt better going through questions. I was making connections, understanding the why as well as the what, far better able to sort through answer choices than in my preparation for Step 1. Also, I didn't spend 9 weeks freaking out. {Always a bonus.} 

But it still wasn't enough. I wasn't getting as many questions right as I should, the practice test I took I failed {oooh, big mom: you always do that}, and I was nowhere near where my study schedule had set me up to be. {Trying to study after 12-13 hours in a hospital is extremely difficult for me. Even after 10 brain does not want to learn anything more.} I reached the Sunday before my exam in a bit of mess. I hadn't been getting much sleep, I was exhausted, the past week had been crazy stressful with moving and having a whole new level of responsibility thrust upon me in my "practice-intern rotation," the test was HERE and I couldn't delay it, but I also didn't feel ready to take it, and surely this was not the situation I should be in, and surely I could have/should have/would have...

God, I need another miracle. 

Not that I deserved one. I'd had the same amount of time everyone else had, and they were all taking it on time and doing fine. I didn't know if I was just psyching myself out and I was actually ready or...if I had no business taking it right now at all - i.e., no business going to the top of a building and throwing myself off in blissful assurance that God would catch me. It is written...

But I was out of options. So I shoved my study materials to the side, and prayed. And read a verse. And a study-key linked verse. And another verse linked to that. 

I don't know if it can be explained...and yet...oh, you guys...the verse that had been running through my head over and over as I studied was, 

Thy God hath commanded thy strength; 
Strengthen, O God, that which Thou hast wrought for us.

Which led me to

Lord, Thou wilt ordain peace for us, for Thou also hast 
wrought all our works in us. 

Which eventually led me to

I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thy hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles.

And suddenly I found myself sitting on my bed, Isaiah 41 pulled up on the computer in front of me, bawling into a pillow over the sheer, over-the-top, wholly impossible love of universe-creating, omniscient, omnipotent God Who will hold your hand. Who does not turn away from our fear and weakness and inabilities, but rather Who comforts and carries us. 

When you enter God's presence, you know it. It's like the scales have fallen from your eyes, like the fiery horses and chariots have suddenly become visible, like the peace that passes understanding has suddenly filled your heart and mind and the rest has faded away. Most times, I end up sobbing. 

Definitely this time. It's hard to explain that feeling...that wondrous awe and fierce ache for all you love to share in His beauty that follows. {I prayed harder for others than I have in quite a while, and the prayer came so naturally from the awe it was hard to tell where they separated.}

Can you fathom it, though? The God of all Creation...Most Holy, Most High, Matchless, and All-knowing...and from His place of all perfection He reaches out to us in our sin and our mistakes and our stupidity and our fear and our weakness and every dark thing we despise about ourselves, and this is what He says: 

Be of good courage...I have chosen thee and not cast thee away...fear thou not, I am with thee: be not dismayed, for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee, yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my Righteousness. They that wage war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of naught. 
For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.

Douay-Rheims translates it, For I am the Lord thy God, who take thee by the hand, and say to thee, Fear not, I have helped thee.
Which I love, both for its I am the Lord who take thee subtle acknowledgement of the Trinity, and the blatant I have helped thee. The God who stands outside of time, who sees all things as they happen, has already done what is necessary to help us.

What manner of God is this? People try to say "Small, angry, vengeful God of the Old Testament" and my brain hurts, because God the same yesterday, today, and forever is He who so tenderly comforts and encourages and strengthens here. He who shall cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou take refuge is the same who said, How often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings
A God Who knows our fears, and willingly comes to comfort us. 
It took me too long to recognize fear as the basis for things I was calling irritation, perfectionism, laziness, any number of other names, really. Until I acknowledged the fear that was their base, the fear that the end goal was not going to be one I could survive, I couldn't really accept the comfort He was offering. This is the Perfect Love that casts out fear, for how can fear be present once we understand His love? 

Fear not...I will help thee, saith the LORD, and thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the LORD will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake themI will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.

These are His people, besieged by enemies from without and tormented by their own weakness from within, and to them, to us, He offers Himself. 
Who holds hands? Parents and children, lovers, denotes a relationship, a trust and a responsibility and care for the one whose hand is being held. And for such a God as this is, to gently take our hand and tell us our help is already here...

Who hath wrought and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? I the LORD, the First, and with the Last; I am He.

And once more I was reminded that med school was not my plan for my life but His, and He was the One who brought me each step along the way, and if He wanted me in a program requiring a high score, then He would make the way possible, and if He didn't, then I would end up somewhere else, and it would still be good. If I get a terrible score/fail, the only thing hurt will be 
my pride, and honestly...who cares? 

I had been furiously irritated with myself, frustrated beyond belief that this summer, after all I learned last summer, I was not completely on top of everything, not being a perfect friend, not being a perfect daughter/sister/aunt, not being a brilliant example of a medical student...yet with Him, none of it mattered except the incredible, overwhelming realization of His love for me. He loves me, and that is all, and more than all, that I could possibly need. 

I asked to know Him this year. And so far the moment of most knowing Him was to bow with tears before the magnitude of His love for me. A God who not only imagined me, created me, sacrificed Himself and a Oneness of His Personhood in torture and agony so that I would not permanently separate myself from Him, a God above time and space and angel armies...
but also a God who holds my hand.

Do I want to be Job? Do I want to be put to the test of my belief in His overwhelming love? No, I don't. But if and when I am, He is the One who holds my hand, not the other way around, and He is the One who is able to lead me through whatever lies ahead.

Meanwhile, I need only listen to His voice, telling me which step to take next. And when I am distracted and puzzled and miss my turn while not long as I am committed to going where He wills, I can know He has already laid down the path for me, already wrought for me what must be accomplished, and trust that in His guidance, like the little grey screen that flashes upon my phone, *rerouting* will still get me to His end goal. 

I might not be the perfect friend or sister, the perfect medical student, the perfect Christ follower I want to be yet. But I am confident that He which hath begun a good work in me will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. And as I continue to learn how to follow, I can rest in the knowledge that He is the One who plans, He is the One who does, and He is the One who holds my hand.    

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gray in the night

~Dong Ju

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Prelude to Death

~Dong Ju

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A random explanation

I don't often talk about movies or TV shows on this blog, not even those I love. I will be posting several poems in the next few weeks, however, and I think they need to be read with an understanding of the context in which they were written. I have not watched this movie (yet, I'm going to as soon as I can), but I think the trailer is powerful enough to explain who Yun DongJu is. The poems themselves should explain the rest.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Author Interview

Please welcome Mirriam Neal, a twenty­-two-­year-­old Northwestern hipster living in Atlanta, to my blog! {Not physically. She's still in Atlanta. Also, she's been here before. Not physically then either, though.} She writes hard­-to-­describe books in hard­-to-­describe genres {this is truth, my friends, unless the description used is awesome}, and illustrates things whenever she finds the time {and illustrates them beautifully, in case you haven't seen said illustrations}. She aspires to live as faithfully and creatively as she can and she hopes you do, too. {Amen.}

I've invited her to my blog in celebration of another of her books being published, and, once again, I'm thrilled to let you know about a book I love ready to enter the wide world!!

isn't it gorgeous?!?

Ginger has lived in seclusion, with only her aunt Malgarel and her blue cat, Halcyon, to keep her company. Her sheltered, idyllic life is turned upside-­down when her home is attacked by messengers from the world of fae. Accompanied by Halcyon (who may or may not be more than just a cat), an irascible wysling named Azrael, and a loyal fire elemental named Salazar, Ginger ventures into the world of fae to bring a ruthless Queen to justice.

This story was a pure delight to read, and it's basically perfect for recovery from the school year {you should buy it right now}, relaxing over the summer, or to give your brain a break through fall and winter. {See, you can read and re-read it at all times of the year - it's an easy winner of a story. Though I mean, with world of fae and cat-that-may-be-more-than-a-cat mentioned, how are you not reading this already?}

However, without further blather regarding my love for this thing of whimsical beauty, I will proceed with my random interrogation interviewing of the thing of whimsical beauty's author. {Who, by the way, is a thing of whimsical beauty herself, though mixed rather large portions of epic and awesome.} Read on for an opportunity to learn more about Paper Crowns and Mirriam Neal.

Hullo, Mirriam. Can you pinpoint the start of Paper Crowns, like the faun and the lamp for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?
Usually there's no one, specific 'thing' that jumps into my head and makes me think 'ah, I need to write a novel.' Usually it's a culmination of half a dozen subconscious things that simmer in a melting pot for a few months before I decide to do something about them.

This was clearly a rainbow melting pot, friends. The something she did about it turned out lovely awesome.

Is there a writer whose style you look to for inspiration? 
It completely depends on the book. For Paper Crowns, I didn't have any particular stylistic inspiration - I wrote it too fast to think about it! As far as the whole series goes, I think Diana Wynne Jones was way more inspiring than I realized. I didn’t see how heavily she'd influenced Paper Hearts, the sequel, until I finished it and re-read what I'd written.
I see the DWJ influence...there's a similar feel to the stories. {If any of you like a book by Dianna Wynne Jones, I'd bet on you liking Paper Crowns. Also, just wait for Paper Hearts... XD}

What is your favorite hair color in Paper Crowns
XD Oh, good. {I've been looking for a blue cat since I read the first chapter. Just sayin'.} 

Were any characters in Paper Crowns inspired by real people? 
Not exactly, no - but the way I wrote Azrael was heavily influenced by Augustus Prew, my personal casting choice for the character. I wanted to try and convey his mannerisms and 'tone of voice' across the page.

Did you learn anything while writing Paper Crowns?  
I learned that it's good to take a break from writing the gritty, tough things sometimes. It's refreshing, like a glass of lemonade between cups of black coffee. (Both of which are fave beverages of mine.) Not everything has to be heavy.
It's also good to take a break from reading the heavy things. Sometimes it's good to simply delight in joy. {Not that Paper Crowns is pure fluff...both lemonade and coffee can wake you up.}

Differences between Monster and Paper Crowns that readers should be aware of?
It's a complete 180 spin from Monster. They're nothing alike. Not at all. So if, after viewing the cover and reading the description, you're still hoping for similarities - I'm sorry. The only similarity is that I wrote them both.
#accurate. One of the things that has consistently impressed me as a beta-reader is Mirriam's ability to completely change styles, story-worlds, and messages in different books. It's incredible and awesome. :)

Imagine you are in a life-threatening situation and you need someone (alive today) to come rescue you – who would you most want to come? 
Someone alive today. This would be so much easier if it were fiction. Um…I don't know anyone with this kind of SKILL SET. Or the RESOURCES. So I'm going to pick my parents, because parents, yo. Parents get stuff done.

If you were unjustly sentenced to death, would you take life in prison instead or not? 
I would take life in prison. Not only can you continue to communicate with people (as long as whatever I did doesn't land me in solitary) but you can hatch an escape plan.

If one person in your family had to die, and you were told to choose who, would you be able choose? 

If you could trade places with any other person for a month, famous or nonfamous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
HOW DARE YOU PRESENT ME WITH A QUESTION LIKE THIS? HOW DARE YOU? This is awful, because it would only last a month. What if something happened? WHAT IF I FELL IN LOVE. WHAT IF. Still, I'm going to choose Clarke from The 100. Why? So I could fix the mess she's made, set Bellamy's head straight, and marry Roan. Not necessarily in that order.
I know, I know, it's a cruel question. But that would be a version of The 100 I could get behind, and now that I'm picturing it...I'm glad I asked. XD

What are you most passionate about? 

I thought about this for five seconds before realizing the answer: The truth. I'm most passionate about the truth of things, and I try to figure out said truths and convey them with what I write.
Whether it is that lighter stories are not less worthy of being written and read than heavy stories or that life is sacred, your books powerfully communicate truth...both the straightforward truths that should easily be seen by all but all too often aren't, and the deeper truths that make readers stop and think and realize they'd never understood in such a way before. <3

I hope you guys that you enjoyed this interview as much as Mirriam and I did! 
Now go forth and read Paper Crowns. :)

Important Links:


Email: the­


Publisher's page:


Barnes & Noble:­crowns­mirriam-neal/1123700963?ean=9781612253367

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Spring Snippets

Snippets of Stuff: 
This weekend I'm helping put on a fund-raiser, moving all my stuff out of my cabin so I can begin 2 months of commuting/couch-surfing, and studying for a 3-hour exam I have next week. 

(Next week I also have to write a 10-page research paper describing the research I've done on my community, give a presentation at a local high school (as part of the research I'll be then writing about), plus meet with a group of students and faculty from another med school curious about the program I'm in, as well as clinic and emergency room work. :D)

That said, I'm falling in love with everything I'm doing and more excited than ever about what's ahead and desperately wanting Med-Peds to be my future. :D 

Snippets of Story:
{these few from Rebel Queen, another story in my time travel/martyr series}
    Silver did not look at her. “Answer my questions, and if I cannot believe you, I will cut your throat, if I have to kill her to do it.”
   “Echo Fire.” 
   The words caught the shattering in [Echo's] chest. She looked at him, saw the thing like fear flickering behind his eyes, and slowly withdrew her kardas, watching as that thing disappeared into nothingness as the naked blade in Silver’s hand came to rest against his throat. What manner of man was this, to look pain, if not death, unflinching in the face, and yet nearly to tremble at any danger to herself? 
   “Our rebel king,” Kang-Dae said, and there was pride in his leader singing through his voice. There was half a second of hesitation that followed, and when he spoke again, carefully not looking at her, there something that in any other creature she would have called nervousness. “Are you to be our queen?”
    "Veni, Vide, Amavi," [he] whispered, and a dead language had never been more alive. "It was written into my DNA that my love and loyalty once given are given forever."
    [Phoenix's] grey eyes glittered like a storm at dawn. "Then still you bow to Amon."
    A tremor shivered through him in response, more felt than seen, and Echo wondered if any besides herself had recognized it. "My love was never his. He wrote the code but could not use it."
   "And yet you have not killed him." Phoenix's voice was a whisper-edged blade.

Snippets of Scripture:
 For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one is given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely. They have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace. Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush.
Reading through Jeremiah...and finding it hugely depressing and not particularly relevant...and then I realized I was finding it so depressing because it was /so/ relevant and making me think of my country right now. Which is giving me a whole new perspective on what I'm reading...we'll see if I come up with enough to write a post on... 
Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

Snippets of Song:
{a newly discovered one}

Snippets of Song Joon Ki: 
{Haha, couldn't resist. This is a tv show massively famous on the Eastern side of the world. I thought you should be aware. XD}

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

may I present to you...

is this not the most gorgeous cover ever...

Sufficient Grace, the third of Jessica Greyson's novels. 
{Make sure you check out her beautiful website and get in on the give-aways that are happening with this new release!} 
I've been waiting for this story to be published for almost 5 years, and I can't even say how thrilled I am that it can now be read by everyone!

I started Sufficient Grace expecting a Western, with outlaws and sheriffs and deputies and gun fights and horses and some of the sweet romance that Jessica Greyson manages to weave into all her stories - these things are all present and accounted for. There are also school teachers, parties, a delightfully ridiculous best friend, and a horrific family secret. Out of all of these parts, Jessica has managed to create a story that is far more than a typical Western. 

Grace is no Cassandra or Annabeth. She has no dealings with kings or wars to save her country. She is not skilled with weapons. Perhaps partially because of this, her character hit far closer to home for me. The battle she wages is for her family, for her heart, for her very life - and she has been very, very broken. The stubborn strength that keeps her going was painful to see, but in the midst of her hurt she is lovable, and by the end Grace had become one of my favorite female characters of all time. 

Mitch is a main character who is far sweeter and more spiritually grounded than either Taleon or Ransom (I have to say it, much as I love them), which is exactly the kind of friend that Grace needs. At first I found him so good as to be irritating - I was on Grace's side, and wanted him to back off with his niceties and his hope, to leave her alone in the reality he did not seem to understand. But eventually she (and I) learned what exactly lay behind his cheerful smile and /why/ he was so desperate to reach her, and I could no longer fault him for his persistence. 

This is a story I love, and it is the kind that steals your heart before you realize what happened. The effect certain stories have on your life cannot well be reduced to a simple book review, and Sufficient Grace is one of those stories. 

Go check it out yourself:

Friday, March 4, 2016

Quote Quest

Myself not having had any time to come up with brilliant blog ideas, I thank the good Miss Melody Muffin for creating a link-up where I have to do no thinking, just writing. In this instance, I don't even have to do writing, because this is a snippet from an old story. :D

If you want to join or read what others have written, click the picture. :) Here is the Quote for this month:

To perhaps explain, this is an excerpt from my Faith Through Flames story, and this is the child-queen who eventually becomes the main villain in my faith-hope-love trilogy. Her 'Angel' is actually named Ariel, but she has called him Angel since she mistook him for one when she was in shock after having just watched her parents' assassination. They are very young, which hopefully explains their high-angst melodrama here...melodrama that unfortunately leads to the destruction of seven kingdoms and the slaughter of quite a few other of my favorite characters. This is why teenagers should not rule countries. Just sayin'. 

She threw herself forward, her body responding to her mind in a perfect execution of the training exercise that would end the fight immediately. But he was already rolling to his feet, there to meet her when she reached him, his blade catching hers and screeching down along it as the force of the blow dissipated, ending at the handguards with a shock that traveled straight through her.
He was breathing harder than usual, but he tossed his head, letting the wind blow the blonde hair away from his forehead, and giving her a smile as he stepped into his arm, forcing his sword – and hers – towards her as he did so. Now would be the time to whirl away, before he successfully used his greater strength against her, but this time she stubbornly stayed her ground, holding him back with all her might, watching as the silver blade dipped inexorably nearer her. Then her gaze flicked away to meet his eyes, and she laughed, feeling utterly alive and delighted to be so.
His smile widened, even as he pressed still closer – and all of a sudden he twisted his wrist, forcing the tips of the crossed swords further apart and leaning between them towards her. Then he was gently kissing her, and her eyes went wide with shock, her grip on her sword going slack.
Another gust of wind blew up, sending her long hair forward about her face, and then she was kissing him back, feeling her heart exploding within her in quick joy. It was no laughing impulse, but rather his very heart that touched her lips in a sudden overflowing.
There were a hundred lifetimes, a thousand promises, in that kiss, but suddenly Angel was wrenching himself away, stumbling away from her as he brought one hand up to cover his face, his sword hanging limply from the other hand.
The tip of her own hit the ground as she unconsciously stepped after him, feeling fear crash over her like an icy wave, terrified that he was going to simply leave it there. But he was stopping, pulling his hand away from his face, forcing himself to turn back around towards her, his head bowed, indigo eyes shielded from her gaze.
“I am sorry,” he said, his voice achingly rough with emotion. “I had no right – forgive me.”
“No! There’s nothing to forgive!” she cried, her heart leaping as she crossed the space between them without a thought, catching hold of his arm. “You took nothing I did not wish to give you!”
He looked at her then, an aching smile on the lips that had touched hers. “You know me, Razivia. A kiss is not what I want. What I want –” He seemed to catch himself, and finished, “It matters not at all, and is utterly insane beside.”
She stepped nearer him. “What do you want?”
He merely shook his head, gently pulling away from her grasp.
“Tell me!”
But he went down on one knee before her, laying his sword at her feet with a painful shake of his head. “Nay. Again I ask, forgive me. I am but the son of a dead guard. I have no wealth, will not bring you an alliance, have no name that will silence your enemies… I have nothing to offer, and you will need so much more, queen of my country –” There he lifted his head, his eyes meeting hers with azure intensity and a desperate plea for forgiveness yet in them, even as his voice dropped down to a whisper as if he could not admit it aloud, “queen of my heart!”
“Have you a heart?” she whispered, desperately wanting him to rise, to prove that heart’s existence to her again. It was aching now, that she knew, and she could not bear that thought.
He ducked his head, hiding his face from her. “Do not be cruel,” he said. “I had never meant to let you know. You must marry a prince, a king, not a landless orphan. No good can come from this – you cannot look upon me so.”
“But you did let me know!” she said, her hand upon his shoulder, trying to draw him upright, though he resisted. “And I will not forgive you. Because… now you know – that I feel the same.” She hesitated half a moment there, but though he seemed to catch his breath, he made no other sign that he had heard. She swallowed.
“A prince...” she scoffed, forcing at much derision as she could into the word, before simply bursting out, “You are my Angel! And I will make you king of this land, for no amount of wealth, no manner of alliance, could do for me what you can. I need my Angel beside me – I do!”
He shook his bowed head, and there was pain in every line of him. “You do not need me so, my queen.”
So firm. So utterly final. But she did need him. She buried the fear in her voice, but could not keep the whispered words from escaping her. “Please… do not abandon me so!”
Instantly he was on his feet, his jaw taut and his face set. “I will never abandon you. But this…” He shook his head. “Were you not my queen I would have begged you to marry me long ago. But you are my queen – and you know how the nobility would respond were you to even suggest such a thing.”
A darkness slipped across his face then, and there was misery in his eyes as she stepped closer to him. “I will be called queen-stealer and traitor if nothing worse. They will say I planned this from the first, to make you fall in love with me here that I might make myself king before any other had a chance!”
To that she merely shook her head, reaching up to slip her arms about his neck. “Did you?”
“Of course not!” he said, the pain in his voice unabated as he turned his face away from her.
“Then we do not care. Oh, Angel, my Angel. I will make you my king, though king is so much less than angel. Please do not fight it?”

Slowly she drew his face back towards her own, and this time when he kissed her, he did not pull away.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

wise men seek Him still...

The magi came, asking of the King - for we have seen His star in the east, and are come to worship Him. They saw evidence for Him...and they sought Him, to worship Him. Not to become wiser, not for glory, not for political worship Him. They only wanted Him. 
Stars, high priests, kings, and stars again brought them on their way...they found the one they looked for, and they worshiped Him. God showed Himself to them, both in the flesh before them as a Child and in their dreams with a warning for the future. 
Sometimes you must travel to other countries to see Him...sometimes He appears in your very dreams. In either instance, the magi wanted only to worship Him, and they immediately obeyed His direction. 
And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.
 Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.

To know Him...obey Him.

{This, by the way, is my favorite Bible-in-a-year plan. :)}

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Snazz 16

Once again time to take part in Alyssa's Snazzy Snippets...and this time the prompts are:

A snippet from page 16
A snippet of 16 words or fewer
A snippet about something NEW
e.g. a new year, new school, introducing a new person/character/setting, a new revelation

I'm going with:

A snippet of 16 words or fewer

{this one is from my Haunted story.}
“Help me, dragon-slayer,” he whispered, and the nagging retreated to the back of her mind.

A snippet about something NEW
{from Rebel Queen...a new character and a new revelation...}
[------] stretched out his hand, as if he would slow the gathering storm. “I have fought and bled with you. You have known who I am, if not what.”
The man crossed the room in two steps and there was no calming the storm within his eyes. “You are an accursed angel,” he said, and his voice caught in blinding pain. “And you are the monster that killed my wife.” His fist smashed into [------]’s face before Echo realized his intent.
[------]’s hands went back, stilling the chimeras behind him even as he gave to the blow. When he lifted his head, his eyes were bright with what Echo thought could only be tears.
“Andrei, I did not know,” he said softly, and Echo shuddered at the broken sorrow in his voice.
Andrei hit him again. “You killed her and you did not know,” he gasped, and grabbed hold of [------]’s shirt, knuckles whitening. 


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