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Snazzy Snippets

Today I'm joining Alyssa's snippets link-up...thank you, Alyssa! :) 

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A snippet without dialogue
A snippet featuring a friend/family member
A snippet that took FOREVER to write

Me being know I have to ignore at least one 'or' here. Maybe two. XD And I will take this opportunity to introduce my most recent project, which document I saved as The One Who Sleeps. 

To use the very helpful summation a friend sent me after I described the original idea to her, it's a Sleeping Beauty retelling where the fairies are scientists, the gifts are given via genetic engineering, and the sleep is cryogenic. And the prince is a scientist who's going to fix her. 

I may do a more thorough introduction at some point in the future. :D

A snippet without dialogue

Dr. von Straaton grinned, but his blue eyes twinkled beneath his thatch of white hair. Dr. Bridgetta Anderson tossed her head and sent her short braid over her shoulder, but kept herself from rolling her eyes. Her hair was almost as white as his but it was a North European heritage that made it so, not age. He was old enough to be her grandfather, and she was quite conscious of the honor it had been to be chosen alongside him as one of the two Eurocent scientists called together by the UC’s Madame President.
Most couples with infertility—i.e., most couples—underwent treatment privately with their physician. But Madame President had been born post-South Asian arc-disaster—she’d almost lost the election due to concerns over the levels of radiation in her blood. But Sir Vice-President had been second in the polls, second in line for the seat, and she won the election based on her sworn partner’s support.
But, leader of the United Continents or not, she was a woman and she wanted a child. And she and her sworn partner saw it as the perfect opportunity for the shared scientific community they wanted to start.
Dr. Anderson, for one, was thrilled. She had put down the founding of an elite all-continental school for the sciences as the Eurocent’s condition for joining, and Dr. von Straaton had been beautifully hands-off about the entire thing. Madame President had agreed—so long as the project was successful.
She smiled to herself. Project Perfection would succeed. That, of course, was the unofficial title, not one any would flippantly use to either president’s face. But the demands had been very specific. The DNA of Madame President and her sworn partner combined, with all damage from radiation or natural causes removed, all genetic flaws fixed, and every gene pushed to the peak of its potential. Beauty, brains, athletic ability…The Future Needs Perfection was the slogan, and the stated goal of the scientific community gathered in CenSciLabs. 

A snippet featuring a friend/family member

“Answers like that, and you’re in line to awaken the Sleeper.” Kieran McKay grinned at his best friend, Philipa Thakur-Lee, clearly impressed.  The grin disappeared as Mudarris cuffed the back of his head, heavy eyebrows frowning.
“Slang,” the professor said sharply. He gave Philipa a gruff glance the next moment. “He’s not wrong,” he added, and moved on to the next question without ceremony.
Behind the professor’s back, Kieran widened his eyes in accentuated shock. So soon as Mudarris was past, Philipa stuck his tongue out as his friend, but his face was flushing. Mudarris was chary with his praise, and that amount was more that he’d heard before.  

A snippet that took FOREVER to write

This one I'm going with a snippet from Rebel Queen, the sequel to Contract to Time Travel. It took me quite a long time to get the first chapter anywhere near where I want it. And it's still in progress. But decent progress. XD {note that possible spoilers for CTTT will be present in any Rebel Queen snippets I post...rather unavoidable...}

“You will not go anywhere without us.”
Instinct choked the scream in her throat even as [Echo] spun to face the voice, her brain late recognizing it as Kang-Dae’s. He was so close she had to look up to see his face, and she forced her fingers to relax their grip on the chó̱ros.
“Sorry,” he added belatedly, electric blue eyes softening as he seemed to recognized the startle in her.
Petra appeared like a shadow from behind him, his face pale in the dimly lit room. “We were not trying to sneak up on you.”
“I know,” she said, her voice recovering itself at last. “What did you mean?”
“Exactly what I said. May I see it?” Kang-Dae held out his hand, and she slowly placed the chó̱ros on his open palm, shivering slightly.
“Ellian told you,” she said then. Of course they could not stay away any more than she could.
“He was awake when I got home,” Kang-Dae agreed, as if the rest were self-explanatory, and offered the chó̱ros to Petra at the younger chimera’s silent request. There was faint reluctance in the motion, but Petra took it delicately, turning it slowly between his fingers.

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christinahufford said...

"Instinct choked the scream in her throat" - I love that! Great snippets!!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you! :D

Alyssa Carlier said...

Ooh, science fiction! I am really not seeing enough sci fi lately, and this seems like a deliciously suspenseful novel and I'm already so intrigued :D Rebel Queen and CTTT both sound like fantastic books, too, and the relationship between Kang-Dae and Petra is so wonderfully layered even in this snippet.

Thanks for linking up!

Katherine Sophia said...

:) Thanks! {Kang-Dae and Petra are some of my favorites. :)}
it was a fun link up! :D


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