Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Favorite Things About Medical School

The People.
I don't know why I wasn't expecting that...but there are seriously awesome people in medicine. Whether it's been random moments where my classmates were crazy sweet and helpful, or hilariously awesome doctors teaching us, I love being involved in something that seems to draw ridiculous percentages of incredible people. (No matter how out of place their brilliance and awesomeness makes me feel. XD)
And every time I watch a physician talk a patient through an emotionally difficult moment and how incredibly able certain doctors are in saying exactly what a patient needs to hear, I practically melt in awe. 
Yes, I fangirl over my preceptors. XD 
Also, nurses are just marvelous people in general. (Even when I hear them talking about how certain people are just too nice to be doctors and feel a pang of jealousy that I'm not quite that nice. But they're not wrong about personalities, and I'm really not cut out to be a nurse. XD) It's also slightly hysterical to work night shift with them sometimes.
Finally, you just have the opportunity to randomly meet some very incredible people. Every patient who walks in the door has their own amazing story and it really is a privilege to enter someone's life in the unique way that medicine allows and to learn from so many. 

The Knowledge
This was part of the reason I wanted to go to med school. I want to know why. Sure, the learning of it is a little much at times (and when I think of how much I don't know still I could cry), but as a med student and a writer and a person I adore it when I actually understand mechanisms (how every detail fits together and why seemingly unrelated symptoms actually make total sense) and seeing a good differential diagnosis (what are all the possible reasons for this symptom and what is most likely and what is most deadly...), as well as the simple fact that it's really fun to be around brilliant people. XD I love it when we can go from talking about science to Roman myths to referencing Sanskrit - the breadth of knowledge and education these people have is amazing. 

The Community 
I really don't if I would have survived a more typical med school. From what I've heard (and caught cringe-inducing glimpses of), med schools can be rather cut-throat places, full of type-A students all wanting to be the best of the best. I don't know if it's my school's mission, their admissions committee, or the class I ended up in, but everyone's goal, from the dean to the teachers to the students, was for everyone to do well. Classmates who excelled in a particular area were always more than willing to help out whoever was struggling with it, and teachers made all the time they could to explain or re-explain whatever subject we wanted. Notes were shared and study guides were collaborated on...guest instructors mentioned over and over how much they enjoyed coming to our school, because people were engaged and present in class. The few times issues came up, they stood out all the more because of how rare they were. Not that my class was not full of Type A's wanting to be the best (I'm the most non-type A med student I've ever seen, lol...), but everybody wanted everyone to best. (And it works - my class's scores were were very close to being the top scores ever for our school (if not the top - I haven't heard the latest breakdown yet), and also very close to beating some other, very competitive and way less nice, schools in our state.) XD

The Support
There's nothing like doing something extremely hard and realizing exactly how many people there are standing with you just because they love you. From my grandparents worrying over how much sleep I'm getting to getting random texts from friends who want to brighten my day/check how I'm doing to you guys praying and commenting here to my little sister putting up with ridiculous amounts of angst from her drama-queen sibling, med school so far has really made me realize how much I've loved and how absolutely amazing and awesome are all the people who love me. :) 
I'm so thankful I don't even know how to express it, you guys.

The Goodness of God
Just the way He's made His will for me so much clearer than I expected it to be. Whether it was the way I felt walking down the med school hall my 3rd year of college - you'll be here next year - or knowing who was going to interview me before I was given his name by the school or knowing even as I begged to pass my Board exam that no matter what happened He would make His plan for me work... 
Really, it was kind of funny how for a while it was a constant see-saw between awe and disbelief at how God was organizing my life and smoothing out every step before I took it to the point that it was almost unbelievable, and sobbing in the shower because I was homesick and everything was going wrong and med school is straight up hard sometimes. XD
But like I said, Moriah Peter's Brave could be my med school theme song...and I think/hope/pray I'm learning to listen to His voice and be thankful for the easy and trust through the hard.

Med school has clearly stretched me in ways I absolutely never expected, but I've also seen how much God cares for and loves me in ways I never expected either. So many answered prayers, both little and many. So many blessings I don't many things made unbelievably easy even as I was dealing with the hardest parts.

Growing up is weird, you guys. And med school does nothing to make it less weird. XD But despite the sometimes alternate-universe feel of it, it's a unique experience that I'm thrilled is mine.

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wisdomcreates said...

Keep it up, girl!

Katherine Sophia said...


Ashton said...

I'm so glad you are doing well -- that the Lord has blessed you with a good school, colleagues, etc.
I'm quite certain you have mentioned this before somewhere on your blog, but how much further do you have to go??

**praying for you!**

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Thank you for the prayers, Ashton!
I have 2 more years of medical school, and then comes residency - how long /that/ is depends on which residency I chose/chooses me. If everything goes according to my current personal best-case-scenario, it'll be a 4-year residency, or 6 more years before I'm practicing on my own.
But I get a little bit of money and MD after my name in 2 years. XD (I just am given no time to spend the money and an older doctor has to co-sign everything I do for those next 4 years. If I did neurosurgery or something it would be like 9 years. XD)

Ashton said...

Goodness! Well, two years will fly, so to use the cliche, "It'll be here before you know it"!! xD

Katherine Sophia said...

XD I think it will be.


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