Sunday, March 8, 2015


We march on daily, so very broken, as the world spins round and round.
Not one untouched by sin's strangling grip - still hurt, though we've been found.
My God, my God, Your own Son forsaken? and we still can't escape the Fall.
You saw this future, You knew this fate, and Your wisdom said yes to it all.

Even Your own pain You saw and chose, that we hurt could someday be healed.
What tragedy this, that after it all, I am living like my soul were not sealed.
Life is too much, I cannot bear it, I stumble and cannot rise.
And here I am, in this race, supposed to run for the prize. 

My God, forgive me, I have sinned, where did I go wrong?
When first I chose my own pleasure, and the time to succeed was gone?
How do I change, how do I fix it, how do I take back what's lost?
Change my heart, renew my soul, lift me up to see the Cross!
Help me to run with You as my prize, not school or the future or life.
But fill my vision with You alone, and help me draw near in the strife.

You are my all, my all in all, and what matters is You alone.
I cannot win, I cannot fix it, there's no way for me to atone.
But through I've struggled and fallen flat, You've not forsaken me.
So now I cry, desperate, hurt, Draw me nearer, my God, to Thee!
I hunger and thirst for Your presence, My Lord, I ache with longing for You.
You the Perfection that I long for, the One Being whose words are true.

Help me this day to walk in Your Light, make me strong when I falter and fall.
Teach me Your ways, and lighten mine eyes, hear me when I call.
May Your Name be praised, Your Holiness known, Your Love seen crystal clear. 
Open the eyes of those around me and their ears that they might hear.
May my life be pointing straight at You, and may I fulfill all Your plans for me.
Whatever I fight, whatever the course, let my focus be only on Thee.

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Vicki said...


I'm going through a rough time spiritually as well. I fiercely hope that you are referring to general struggles rather than something specifically horrible; but either way, I ask the Lord to come mightily to help you with His mercy, deep love, and rescuing grace.

Father, please honor our desire to serve You, and forgive our failures and wrongdoings!!

Hugs and prayers,

Katherine Sophia said...

It is the general things that just have been bugging me more lately...besetting sins that I was becoming far too comfortable with, and have not been trying to conquer like I need just in general how many people I know who are struggling with different things right now.
Thank you for your prayers - mine are with you also!


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