Thursday, November 27, 2014

on sale...

Book List there are several on this list whose books I want to read...several authors who have been featured on this least one author whose books I have read several of...and of course myself. XD Check out the sales and get some new books Friday or Monday!

Kendra E. Ardnek
The Ankuluen: Cyber Monday
Saffron's Big Plan and Other StoriesCyber Monday
Do You Take This Quest?: Cyber Monday

Faith Blum
A Mighty FortressBlack Friday  [V4Y5K36D -- 10%] and Cyber Monday)
Be Thou My VisionBlack Friday [7626YZAK -- 20%] and Cyber Monday

Sarah Brown
Coupon Code: [SB14CP31 -- 25%] for both books.
Also for Sarah Brown add Cyber Monday links after Black Friday links.
The Prodigal PupCyber Monday [SB14CP31 -- 25%]
Learning Lessons from Furry FriendsCyber Monday [SB14CP31 -- 25%]

Kelsey Bryant
Family ReunionBlack Friday [YFY84GHU -- 20%]

Elizabeth Ender
RansomedBlack Friday [GNE6VUXY -- 30%]

J.J. Francesco
Blood ChainCyber Monday

Julie Gilbert
Nadia's TearsCyber Monday

Leah Good
Counted WorthyBlack Friday [K7CVNEER -- 40%] and Cyber Monday

Melody Grubb
The Land of CalaisBlack Friday and Cyber Monday
The Warmth of His EyesBlack Friday and Cyber Monday
Send Me, Lord JesusBlack Friday and Cyber Monday

Rachel Heffington
Anon, Sir, AnonBlack Friday [9MTYHSX3 -- 25%] and Cyber Monday

Rebekah Jones
Journeys of FourCyber Monday
Grandmother's LettersCyber Monday
A Year with the PottersCyber Monday

Jaye L. Knight
ResistanceBlack Friday [Q45HN6G9 -- 25%] and Cyber Monday

Tina M. Neely
Diamond Hair PrincessBlack Friday

Joel A. Parisi
Shadow PlayCyber Monday

J. Grace Pennington
RadialloyBlack Friday [Y2XHGYDN -- 25%] and Cyber Monday
In His ImageBlack Friday [KXNZ7PYN -- 25%] and Cyber Monday
MachiavellianBlack Friday [UFXGUYMM -- 25%] and Cyber Monday

Jennifer Sauer
Why Rodney Never Should've Gone to the NAPICBlack Friday [F76DDR7S -- 45%] and Cyber Monday

Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer
Touch My TearsBlack Friday and Cyber Monday
Third Side of the CoinBlack Friday and Cyber Monday

Cara Simmons
The Haven: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The Leviathan: Black Friday and Cyber Monday
The ChampionBlack Friday and Cyber Monday

Jordan Smith
Finding the Core of Your StoryBlack Friday [NL4NJXWS -- 30%]

Rachel Starr Thomson
Reap the WhirlwindCyber Monday
Lady MoonCyber Monday
Angel in the WoodsCyber Monday

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

in answer to questions on the last post XD

Do you have any other designs?
see the following picture for the designs I have made before and therefore should be able to make again. XD (the peacock one has the same design as these)

Do I buy left and right ears separately?  Are they priced separately? 
Well, of the ones I've got made there's only 1 of each, and yes, they're priced separately.(So it'd be $10 for a pair.)

Do you have matching sets available?
Not on hand - I could make a match to any of these if you really wanted it.

On the swirl ear cuff: do you have it in blue or deep red?
 :( I am sorry, I do not. 

Can I order what I want based on what I see? For example, can I order a left and right of the same design? Or could I request one of your designs but with a different color bead?
Unfortunately it's a very spare time hobby of mine, so I don't really have a selection - the picture shows designs and available beads. I do have two of the wings...otherwise everything's single but the teardrops. 
You could certainly pick a design and a bead, if you like a different combination. Or you could just wear a cuff, without a bead (that'd be just $6 for a pair). 
(Personally I like a set of the wing design with the teardrop beads... XD)

and because I feel bad if you really want one but I don't have quite what you're thinking of, this girl is brilliant at making them. She doesn't have any in her etsy shop right now, but she does custom orders, and is really good at it. XD 
(Clearly I will never be a salesperson. XD)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

*in which I try to sell you cool stuff*

it's never too early for Christmas shopping.
yes, I'm planning on doing a Thanksgivingy post later.
but for those of you readers planning out your weeks, I thought I'd let you know that Ransomed is going on sale on Black Friday! :)

and use GNE6VUXY
to get 30% off. (I think. I didn't check my math.) 
But anyway, that code makes the book very cheap. XD So if you want it, or if you want to make a child's life better, buy it. (Maybe I'll post a thank-you note I received from one of the kids at Chrystal Peaks Youth Ranch...)

And, because I've been asked if I sell these...I guess I do. If anyone wants to buy them. XD
peacock ear cuffs anyone? 

these are all hand-made wire ear cuffs, no piercings required, once you fit them to your ear so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them until someone compliments you. 

 winged wire... $7 (left ear)

 beaded squiggles...$5 (right ear)

peacock hair bangle $7 (attach to bobby pin)

 peacock ear cuff  $7 (left ear)

swirl ear cuff...$5 (left ear)
(note: with this one, it's very easy to slide the bead off and replace it with another - switch the look whenever you feel like it) 

peacock headband...$15

modeled by two girls who had way too much fun with a camera last summer. The headband is adjustable (though maybe you'd want some bobby pins in to keep it exactly where you want it)...ear cuffs by their very wire nature are adjustable, though you should be aware that having only my own ears for models they're proportionally a bit small. Obviously I could make them bigger, it's just that currently I just make them when I can't stand doing school any more and the number of wire ear cuffs on my shelf is growing. I can only wear so many of them, so these sit there. XD And in this case the money would go to make this child happy.  ;)
 So yes, I do sell if anybody's buying. 
now you know. 
stay here and buy. 
or go forth and don't.

and if you know of a place to get flying pigs or cheap dala horses, my sister's got a very specific Christmas list. XD let me know.

what's on your Christmas list, anyway? and when do you start looking for stuff for other people?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

different eyes, different world

By now you kind of know what the world looks like from my window. 

It's a fascinating thing when you start looking at the world through medical eyes.

You begin to realize you're looking at history as changed by health - WWI was ended by the flu...the Huns riding across the prairie-dog-infested-plain brought Black Death to Europe...hemophilia spreading through the royal houses of Europe led to Rasputin's power and the downfall of Russia's crown...

You're think about geography in the same way - recent travel to various countries in Africa, and it's malaria, to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Nigeria - Ebola, to Mexico, Hepatitis A, to Panama, yellow fever...

Scientific advancements in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, are all seen for how they changed the advancement of medicine in certain areas of the world.

As for novels and movies...heh. Could they realistically have healed from that already? They're going to get cancer. Ow. No way is that person walking away from that...You should see my excitement when something gets medical details right. XD It's kinda funny.

The other day in one of our classes we were told to all write down what basically amounted to a prayer. (A very general PC kind of prayer, but there were quite a few of us who took it more literally) And then we had to go around and read what we were asking for. Mine was something along the lines of Let me see the world through Your eyes, Lord, and know how to serve those around me. (I had to come up with it on the spot, because I didn't realize we were reading them out loud until I'd already written down a bunch of stuff that wouldn't make sense to anybody else. XD)

To see the world through the eyes of a medical professional is a complicated {and sometimes painful} process that takes years and massive amounts of effort. (A year and a half in, and I'm just starting to get it.) Sometimes God lets the scales drop from our eyes, and salvation can be a massive and complete world-view shift...but I think sometimes I assume that because I'm saved I'm seeing things the way I should. 

They say to walk a mile in someone's shoes to understand an INFP writer (these are the eyes through which I've been seeing the world almost my entire life), I can see where someone's coming from farrrrr too easily...which means sometime I catch myself looking at something that don't quite make sense, and I realize I'm looking at God's world through the world's eyes. 

Sometimes it's just the eyes of stupid - the other day I had a test (I literally always do, though some are of more consequence than others) and was praying that I would get a good score...but even as I prayed I was saying, I don't want to be like Baalam...if You don't want me to do well on this for some reason then I don't want to keep asking...but I really, really want to do well. I want to study the way I need to study, to focus on this material, to really learn it...but only if it's Your will...and the only good thing about that is I didn't need Baalam's donkey to set me straight there. 
The difference, dummy, is that Baalam was asking for something God had told him not to do. Begging for some way around God's clear "No." Doing well in this course is actually something God has already told you to do. Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might, as unto the Lord and not unto men. etc etc etc. Of course you're supposed to do well. SO ASK FOR HELP AND GO DO WELL. 

oh. Oh. OH. I couldn't believe I'd even been thinking that. And yet I'd been looking at the situation with eyes that were so clearly not working. That is a painfully embarrassing example, but it happens more easily than you realize, which is why I think we read things like make your calling and election sure - we need to be alert to looking wrongly at the world and quick to adjust our view when God shows us truth. 

It's something that's come up several times in my life recently, and so something I'm starting to look for - what are the things in my life that skew my vision, that upset my gaze, that prevent me from seeing the world the way my God would have me see it? What are the things that help me see clear? That deepen my vision and broaden my understanding? How do I decrease the former and increase the latter?

Through whose eyes are you seeing the world?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Beautiful Books - for my Not-NaNo...

Be honest: how is your writing going? 
err...slowly? *cough* XD I'm two years into it now...but it's still going? :) I like the story so far, and I'm just trying to get an ending that will make me happy now. 

What’s your first sentence/paragraph? 
Ellian Roya got painfully to his feet, wincing at the impact on his knees. “That’ll be a bruise tomorrow,” he said aloud, then glanced again at the street, his senses warning him something was wrong.
Do you have a book cover, and/or pictures that reflect your book? 
that's my favorite right now... XD (I'd probably remove the angels part if I was begging my secret cover designer to do it now (actually she's not secret; you too can have a cover just like you pictured) but this was a while ago. I still haven't quite figured out a back cover blurb that makes sure people don't think the book is about spiritual warfare...)

Do you have pictures of each of your characters? If not, describe them for us! (Be as descriptive as you can.)
Oh, of course I have pictures. And you've probably seen them all before...but oh, well. Not only do I have pictures, I have two versions. And sometimes I can't decide which version I like better better. 

Ellian Roya: (he's not a twin. but you get the idea even better this way. XD)

and his sister Oliva:

(apparently that hat runs in the family...)

Echo Fire
(the hat again. and she's not even related)

and her twin sister Phoenix:

Tylar Song
(boo, he only gets 1 picture. I have a bunch of what he'd look like when he's older, but none at the age where he is in the story.)

(not perfect...but the closest I've found)

(and the best picture I have of him is STILL this'll understand if you read it. XD)



except not blue eyes. 

(what's hilarious is that he's got black and white hair all through this story. But his real hair is red, so...)


(this time the blue eyes are right)
What scene are you most excited to write? 
Right now it's the ending. I really want to see how it comes together and if I can finally find an ending that I can live with. I've got like 3 right now, but I'm not satisfied with them. XD

Share a snippet or a scene that you really enjoyed writing
but I've enjoyed all of it...okay, here. *tries to pick something not terribly spoilery* hmmm...okay, this is the middle of a scene I enjoyed's ridiculous how hard it is to find something when you've got more than 70 chapters...

“I think,” she said slowly, “in the hope that He would become your God also.”He felt a snarl bubbling up and he laughed softly, bitterness threading through his voice, his eyes fastened upon her face. “Am I even human that He could be my God? Am I not rather an animal, with the heart of a devil and guise of angel?”A moment she hesitated, and in that moment he saw the pity in her eyes. One lithe wrist slipped from the chains almost of its own accord. She had stepped too near the animal that he was, and the next instant his hand was at her throat, long fingers wrapping about that dainty thing like the claws of a bird.He ducked his head beneath the chain he had loosened around his shoulders, and then he was sitting up, pulling her closer, the air to her lungs entirely cut off by his grasp.“Dare you call me human?” he whispered, then screamed it aloud, and the surge that swept through him could not be controlled. His wings unfurled in a violent shimmering of feathers, and the edges slammed against the opposite walls of the room, sending plates and supplies crashing to the floor.

Now that you're writing, have any of the plot details, or the process itself, turned out different from what you planned or imagined? 
Oh, quite a lot of it did! It went from being a silly time-travel story, rather more heavy on the romance than I quite knew what to do with, to a shockingly serious exploration of a lot of issues I hadn't even imagined were involved. Also what romance there is is completely different now. And way less a focus of the story.

Is there a character or aspect of your plot that's difficult to write? 
Oh, yah. On the one hand, it's been a pretty easy story. And It Was Love drove me up the wall while I was writing it...this one has generally flowed far more easily than I anticipated. I've done a lot more pausing and re-writing sections than I have for any earlier books, but I think it's made the story a lot stronger and helped keep me on track.
But despite that ease, I know once I get it fully written there are going to be a lot of scenes I need to really weigh and decide what exactly they're adding and if I can describe things in a way that won't traumatize my readers too much. (Since not everyone is in medical school and read things like Foxe's Book of Martyrs when they were children.)

What’s your favorite aspect of this novel so far? 
The characters. :) and their relationships with each other. Everyone is so different but I love how they all care about each other and I'm not even quite sure how I'd pick which relationship I like best.

Favorite character? 
I...can't...pick...I guess my top favorites would be Ellian, Echo, Ja-Il, and Hae-Jin, just because of how much I enjoyed writing them...and maybe I know who my top favorite is...but I'm not telling. XD

Have you drawn off of any life experiences or people you know to create your novel and characters? 
Really, probably more so for this one than for my previous books. Despite the fact that this is a science fantasy involving time travel and genetic engineering. XD But I've used so many things from classes I've taken the past few years, from embryology to psychology, and with one of the characters having diabetes, I've used stuff from my family quite a bit for that. (Echo is very much like someone in my family in that regard - any time she can pretend she doesn't have diabetes, she does so. Which is very not good for her overall health.)
And the whole thing started with me getting chicken pox, so there you go. XD

Do you have a playlist or certain song for your novel and/or characters? 
Oh, I have a massive playlist. Way too long. 
It includes songs from this:
to this... 

and these lyrics could have been written as Echo's theme song.

When darkness falls,
Pain is all,
The Angel of Darkness
will leave behind,
and I will fight.
The love is lost,
beauty and light,
have vanished from
garden of delight.
The dreams are gone,
midnight has come,
the darkness is our new kingdom. 

Hunt goes on,
deep in the night,
time to pray,
down on your knees,
you can't hide from the
eternal light,
until my last
breath I will fight( I will fight...)
Now realize, the stars they die,
darkness has fallen in paradise.
but we'll be strong, and we will fight,
against the creatures of the night.

Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
The world is in your hand,
But I will fight until the end.
Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
Don't follow your command,
But I will fight and I will stand.

Let’s have some fun for a moment: imagine you are somehow transported into your book’s world. Which character are you most likely to be found hanging out with? 
Oy...there are two definite halves to Makul in my book's world...CTTT takes place almost entirely on the half that basically involves running for your life 24/7. (The sequel that I'm already planning is far more equally split between the two halves, which means we get to see how the regular people live, not just the rebels.)
Just generally speaking, the characters really don't do a lot of hanging out. So I guess I'd hope to end up with Echo, because I'm pretty sure she'd try to keep me alive. If I managed to get to Ellian's part of the story, then it's Olivia all the way - I think I'd have fun with her, and she definitely does spend a lot of time hanging out with people. XD

How do you keep yourself motivated to finish your daily wordcount? (Pinterest? Internet breaks? Chocolate?) 
Heh. Not a thing. Writing is my break, and usually it's like I write a paragraph every other week and then suddenly sit down and write 5 chapters. :P

What’s your favorite writing quote or piece of writing advice? 
Oh, so many good quotes...I think my favorite piece of writing advice is just write. I was probably 20 before I started thinking of myself as a writer, and that was when my writing actually took off. Allowing myself to *be* a writer and write when I had a chance instead of boxing that part of me off for when I had time for it made a huge difference...but I still have to remind myself to just write stuff. I might not be happy with how it sounds or my current skill level, but I can write and I can enjoy it and every time I try another story I get better at writing. 
You're not going to write War and Peace the first time you sit down. (Actually, please don' I think is enough...XD) But if you want to write...then do it. Write the best that you can and then go read authors who know what they're doing and then write some more. 
That's the best advice I've ever gotten. :) 

How does this book make you feel so far? Are you laughing? Crying? Frustrated?
all of the above? :D actually, it's really surprised me how much I enjoy reading over it. The whole this-is-horrible-what-made-me-think-I-could-write hasn't hit me yet, and I've been working on this for a solid 2 years now. (You guys have got to be sick of hearing about this story...sorry...) It's at 131,000 words right now, which fills me with dread whenever I think of editing it...but I'm still enjoying it. So. :D
This book makes me happy. And then very sad. And then happy again. XD


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