Monday, September 22, 2014

Some days...

Y'know, sometimes my thoughts on med school is pretty much:

and other days it's a whole lot more like:

and then there's the days where it's like...

I have a complicated relationship with medical school, k?

this past week has been somewhat like:

though the fact that I'm posting anything at all on this blog means that it did not reach this point:
(which it has in the past. I can sleep pretty much anywhere at this point. practicing for residency.)

But really. The past month has been a bit like one unpleasant surprise after another, despite which I've been enjoying medical school so much more than you would believe. XD

Still. Today's test...we studied until we all (at least everybody I talked to) felt good for this giant midterm, and then we started taking the test and...

When lunchtime came around and we had a test review...the poor director fielding our complaints.

in other news, this is how med school makes me feel sometimes.



there's actually a bunch of stuff I want to write posts about and there's some actual {serious-interesting-worth reading-pick you own adjective} posts I've got in my head, but they haven't reached my fingers yet. I hope at some point though. 

Right now, though...
'night everybody.
I've got 100-something slides to memorize and a few chapters to read before I fall asleep, so I'd better get on that. ;) 

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Vicki said...

I do so love your posts. The video of the screaming owl was actually remarkably appropriate - you've already gotten past the screaming-whilst-being-dragged-feet-first-out-of-your-comfortable-darkened-crate stage; you're now in the screaming-whilst-being-held-protectively-by-someone-preparing-you-to-go-free stage; and soon you'll be ready to leap out of your teachers' arms and fly majestically off into the sunset. And we'll all watch in awe and delight as you go. (We're already watching in awe and delight as you scream.)

I try to pray for you every time I think of you, my friend ... I know how grueling this training must be, and I want to let you know that you're doing great and I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work!! I'm studying for a (far less challenging) exam tonight myself! :-)

Big hugs and fortifying chocolate,
~ Vicki

Bound and Freed said...

I want to cuddle the sleepy kitten! It's so cute!

Ashton said...


I like the first gif the best.

Katherine Sophia said...

*cracks up at you watching in awe and delight as I scream* XD It is quite good to you have along. :D And I appreciate your prayers so much!!! I hope your exam and school in general is going well!
thank you for hugs and chocolate! XD

and yes, you guys, the gifs were just plain fun to use. XD


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