Sunday, May 25, 2014

hot sun on my skin. cool breeze through my hair. birds calling back and forth through the air, twittering calls ringing out all around. wind in the trees of the valley. warm cushions on the deck. the sky, its blue the color of crazy. the fact that summer, so full of life, can have a moment of stillness. the way a jet overhead, incredible thing of human flight, shatters that stillness. 
the way woodgrain changes across a plank. a neighborhood child's voice in the distance. the way a dog's fur ruffles in the wind. the taste of cold water. the green of new leaves. the feel of foam flip-flops. the way flip-flops sounds on your tongue. 
a pair of chickadees going house hunting only a few feet away, knocking curiously on the walls of a birdhouse, each taking turns checking out the inside while the other surveys the surroundings. the angry growl of a book hitting the ground. the way my hair goes from a relatively neat bun to Einstein the longer I study. the privilege of learning about immunology and oncology - of learning about the human body and all its miracles. 

these are the things I'm thankful for today.

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Bound and Freed said...


Prudence Elizabeth Brown said...

You know, this post just made me smile and feel nostalgic all over. <3

Katherine Sophia said...


Ashton said...

Immunology sounds pretty interesting. Have you studied virology and bacteriology?

Katherine Sophia said...

It is! :) And a bit, I think. Our school is systems-based, so right now we're doing immunology, hematology, and oncology, and whatever viruses and bacteria affect the immune system or blood or have links to oncology. It's pretty cool. :)

Jack said...

You made me wish I could go out and sit in the sun with a good book. (I would, but it is cloudy and rainy here, so that is kind of...impossible 8-D)

Vicki said...

KS, I have to head for bed so I have a little energy to chase my brothers around tomorrow; but I wanted to stop by and say a woefully inadequate THANK YOU for the terribly encouraging comment that you left me last week. The Oswald Chambers quotes in particular were jarring and, therefore, much more helpful than a bland cliché would be. I'm so blessed to have a wise friend like you to come to my rescue with fabulous quotes and encouraging words right when I need them!!

I'll continue to pray for you as well! How much school do you have left before your next break? Do med schools take summer breaks?? I can't wait to hear from you when you have a chance!! :-D

~ Vicki

Katherine Sophia said...

:) clouds and rain are pretty cool too, though, the moment I'm sitting in front of a fire, watching the wind whip the trees...the sun is very delightful, though. XD

Med schools take a bit of summer break...I've got 2 more weeks at least, maybe more depending on how everything settles out in the end...hopefully just 2, though. XD And then I'm going to work in a clinic for a bit...but at some point I'll take an actually break and do nothing. It will be amazing. XD But thank you for your prayers! I continue to need them daily. :)
And I'm so glad it was helpful, Vicki! I knew they helped me, so I had to share them...


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