Sunday, May 25, 2014

hot sun on my skin. cool breeze through my hair. birds calling back and forth through the air, twittering calls ringing out all around. wind in the trees of the valley. warm cushions on the deck. the sky, its blue the color of crazy. the fact that summer, so full of life, can have a moment of stillness. the way a jet overhead, incredible thing of human flight, shatters that stillness. 
the way woodgrain changes across a plank. a neighborhood child's voice in the distance. the way a dog's fur ruffles in the wind. the taste of cold water. the green of new leaves. the feel of foam flip-flops. the way flip-flops sounds on your tongue. 
a pair of chickadees going house hunting only a few feet away, knocking curiously on the walls of a birdhouse, each taking turns checking out the inside while the other surveys the surroundings. the angry growl of a book hitting the ground. the way my hair goes from a relatively neat bun to Einstein the longer I study. the privilege of learning about immunology and oncology - of learning about the human body and all its miracles. 

these are the things I'm thankful for today.

Monday, May 5, 2014

So. One day last week

I went to a party.

and then somebody said hello to me...
a friend arrived a bit later and was're being social!!!! O.O Yes. I do actually do that occasionally.

But I understand what she meant. Because most of the time this is me:

and my friends are like:

and I'm like:

and then I go talk to fellow med students and it's like:

And they say

and I say:

and they say:

and I say

but it's  good bad idea, so I'll stop here. Just wanted to say hi...hope you're all doing well and I'm still [relatively] alive and studying [except for when I'm at parties, apparently - it was fun to not study for a bit XD] and slowly becoming adjusted to my new life. At some point I want to put together some posts on what awesome stuff I've learned, but right now I'm trying to focus on learning it, so that may have to wait for a bit. :) 


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