Saturday, March 29, 2014

this week I...

hey, look what I found...apparently neuro got so crazy I forgot to post it... XD Planning on starting this up again, I said, they're good for me. ;) 

nearly died: 

from lack of sleep. going to bed between 3-6am is NOT my favorite thing to do.

8 hours worth of lecture notes, times 3.5... I might have read a few chapters of something else to keep my brain from slowly disintegrating, but it was very little. :(

listened to:
some Arashi - some of their songs somehow manage to wake my brain up when I'm tired (pretty sure I was up until like 4am once in undergrad, studying and not tired at all because I was listening to them). It beats caffeine, which makes me shaky and crabby. :) 

prayed that:
The scholarship I turned in might possible result in would be a huge help in my quest to not leave medical school owing the government my soul... we will see what happens. :)

very little and nothing I think that was snippetable. :( 

the thing that stood out to me most in school was:
One of the treatments for MS. Comes from recombinant DNA tech using genetically engineered Chinese hamster Ovary cells w/human beta gene introduced. Fascinating. XD Especially when your off-time involved writing about recombinant DNA and genetically engineered human genes. ;) 

learned from the internet:
This is the internet speaking: 

learned from life: 
4 girls in one sled and a Jamaican dinner afterwards is a lot of fun. 

a thing that stood out to me in the Bible:
Actually had to do with another potential cure for MS that I learned about. I haven't researched this one at all, but since MS is a disease where the immune system attacks itself, and also happens to be a disease basically completely unknown in third world countries, some people have tried giving patients roundworms, basically to give their immune system something else to fight so that it stops destroying their own body.
Which, yes, eww, gross...but also still fascinating. And it made me think about Christianity and my childhood and that of a lot of people I know. The adulthood of a lot of people I know, actually.
As children of Christian homes, we've grown up in a very clean environment, far removed from the mess that is the world. And often I've wondered about some of the things Christians argue about - when I see churches shredding apart over whether it is ever acceptable to drink any alcohol (definitely worthy of discussion, not worthy of cutting off pieces of the Body of Christ), or friends becoming less-than-friends over skirt-length (I'm talking below your ankles or above, not mini-skirts), it frustrates me. I've seen sooooo much energy being poured into things that have so little eternal value...and I know how much time in my childhood I spent, wondering if this was all right or if that was okay, when if I had only focused on what I knew was right, had only been out doing what we have all been called to do, using my energy to seek first His Kingdom, wouldn't I have been better off? 
I'm not saying we should never talk about the little things...but I think sometimes our energy turns inward, and we end up destroying what we should have been building up. If we were focused on the battle before us, on protecting and making known the incredible truth God has given us, instead of tearing apart other Christians over perceived differences between us, wouldn't we be closer to what we have been called to be?
Thoughts on that?

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Vicki said...

So many yeses to your last comment. We need to be fighting together in unity against the deception of sin in the world and trying to rescue lost souls from the clutches of the enemy - not arguing over peripheral issues. If we were focused on the battle ahead of us (totally preaching to myself here), we would grab the nearest brother or sister and jump into the fight, regardless of whether he used the NIV or whether her skirt had a slit. Ultimately, it comes down to keeping our eyes on Christ and helping each other grow closer to Him, rather than looking around at each other to pick and find fault.

I've really missed you, Katherine! I'm always so happy to see you've posted ... keep your head up, you're doing awesomely, even though it's tough!! I'll try to remember to pray for you more often as you finish Neuro!


P.S. I was learning about that very same roundworm theory a few weeks ago, and found it fascinating ... :-)

Vicki said...

THAAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOOU so much for sharing the link to Emily's Tumblr post - that was one of the most wonderful and encouraging things I've read in a long time. I was going to pick one or two parts and say "_____ was especially encouraging to me," but there was so much goodness that I don't think I could pick out just a few parts. Definitely will be going back and reading again!!

Are you doing okay? I miss hearing from you, but I know that your blog silence is for a good cause ... :-) I pray that everything is going well for you!! You're doing great and I'm really proud of you!

~ Vicki

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you for your comments, Vicki! :) good to hear from you...and yes, I miss keeping up with you better...but thank you for your prayers! :) Your encouragement is always such a help.
I hope your spring is going well! *hugs back* :)


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