Monday, February 10, 2014

A Book Lover's Ideal Valentine ***GUEST POST***

First, I want to acknowledge that, as everyone is wonderfully unique, everyone’s ideal Valentine will also be different. I’m thilly, extroverted, a hopeful romantic, and a book lover – and this is mine.

·      No Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate.

·      A comfortable chair and time to relax.
·      Family and friends all around.
·      A bit of dancing – preferably swing, with a great partner.
·      I’m a bit cliché in my love of red roses…

·      Building a snowman with friends, if there’s snow…spending time outside if there isn’t. I’ve never experienced the latter in February, but I wouldn’t mind it!
·      “Here’s part of why I love you” notes.
·      Hugs.
·      Of course, there must be books.

·      And even more books.

·      I’ll never turn down a notebook or a pen.
·      Finding things to laugh at.
·      Heart-shaped anything.
·      Creating an adventure – literally or figuratively.
·      Handwritten notes.

·      Coffee. Gotta have coffee.
·      Poetry.
·      Doing something unexpected for someone else.
·      Daydreaming about the future.
·      Smiles.

There is more to Valentine’s Day than the gifts. When you’re dating or married, it’s a day to show your sweetheart how much you care by spending time with them and doing thoughtful things.

For those who are single like me, it can be a day to show your family and friends you love them, and it’s always nice to feel loved in return.
Sometimes (almost always) it’s more fun to give. That’s a cliché – because it’s true.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. I finished my first short story when I was eight, and my mom had it bound into a book. From that point on, publishing became my dream. I now have three novels and two short stories published – more soon to come!

In 2012, I began my editing and publishing company, Rivershore Books. I now have three secondary proofreaders, a backup graphic artist, and an illustrator working with me, and the business continues to grow.

My goal is to honor God in my writing and encourage other authors to do the same with their own.

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