Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seven Weeks of Story Sparks

~random story knowledge gained in the past few weeks...or just interesting facts...or...y'know. :D
the sad thing is, I don't exactly have time to DO anything with these story sparks...but hey, maybe someday. XD And if you use any of them in a story  (or to freak anyone out at the dinner table) let me know. 

~Rifampin side effects include red tears (red enough to stain contact lenses) and red saliva. Or orange. This could be used to astonishing effect in the right story...

The child that tastes salty when kissed will soon die. European Folklore, Spain 1606 (origin of this saying: Cystic Fibrosis results in salty skin.)

~Homeostasis: it's a thing...or it's the title of a  novel. The outside world is constantly impinging on us...always trying for our destruction. And yet, though all the world be changing, I am always the same.

~ Want a super-dramatic and totally weird death for a villain? Feed him fava beans, which can destroy 50% of an apparently normal and completely healthy person's red blood cells ridiculously quickly. Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency is a hidden condition that manifests dramatically after ingestion of a certain substances, one of which is fava beans. Actually, even sniffing the pollen of a fava bean plant can cause a reaction. Anyway, you can make your villain turn yellow and die overnight, after consumption of a perfectly normal meal...

~ The drama that drove me insane with its heart-smashing story of a child born to be an assassin, and one of the most awesome and epically painful friendships ever (until the ending destroyed it) also frustrated me to no end with its its poor handling of female characters and random utterly ridiculous details. Like warriors drinking puffer-fish poison to gain immunity. I asked one of my professors, though, and he said he could see that actually being a possibility. Guess that tells what I know. 
Show, I forgive you for the ridiculous details. 
I do not forgive you for the ending.

~ apoptosis comes from something meaning leaves falling from tree. That's actually kind of pretty....

~ So is Lamina Lucida. Or maybe Lucida Lamina. I kinda want a character with that name now... XD

~ Demilune. Also kinda pretty...probably just because Luna-names have always intrigued me. Lune and Demilune would be an interesting pair...

~ I've always liked the NK lymphocytes…it would be kind of funny to have an assassin nicknamed NK – though I suppose only biology people would get the “Natural Killer” connection...(It's always just cracked me up that Natural Killer Lymphocytes is really the name of the cells. Never say biologists don't have a sense of humor. Even if it's a bit twisted.)

~ Now I want to write a story about Lune and Demilune, the Lucida Lamina, and the NK... XD And I should title it Apoptosis...a tale of the town of Homeostasis...  XD  

~ Wow. DISC stands for death-inducing signaling's the name of a scaffold in your cells...I'm not making this stuff up. Your cells have "death receptors" - and closely grouped death domains that recruit other proteins with death domains...which together form this DISC scaffold...Something called caspases then bind to the scaffold...after which they then self-activate and cut apart other caspases...which they send off on a mission of mass destruction, killing the cell that surrounds them. (And you can guess what those cut up caspases are called right? Executioner caspases, of course. Remember what I said about biologists.)

~ Even creepier, tumor cells send out signals to neighboring fibroblasts...what they say, I don't know, but they make the fibroblasts eat themselves. This releases substances that the tumor cells then use as fuel to grow larger and ever more invasive. 

~ Moving away from the creepy...heard a fascinating story about a cancer researcher who ended up with the very cancer he was researching (how's that for irony?) and his research group immediately dropped everything they were doing, sequenced the man's entire genome, actually found the mutation driving that particular form of cancer, and then managed to figure out which drug would act on that mutation. The man is cured and still researching. 
I can see a pretty cool movie being made off that...High stakes, epic friendships...I'd watch it. XD 

~ Situs inversus. Absolutely fascinating. Authors better than me have used this in their stories, but someday, one of my characters will have situs inversus. And they will be an epic character. XD Tell me if you have heard of this condition before and if you have, how have you resisted writing about it??

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Always Hope said...

Hi Katherine! Found you through googling "fibroblasts eat". I have EDS and a ton of horrific symptoms to go with it like mast cell activation (which makes me allergic to life), POTS, nerve pain, brain fog, and so much more. There's a lady out there that says her family's EDS was put into remission by aloe vera juice (supplying polysaccharides) and Arginine (feeding starving fibroblasts that make the collagen). I can't take the Arginine due to it causing an upregulation of vital activity. I already have reactivated viruses like EBV and Herpes 6. My immune system can't keep them in check. But I need to know what to feed my starving fibroblasts. I have long felt that all of this was attributable to simple metabolic and biochemical imbalances, whether genetic or as a result of epigenetic interactions. I too am a born again believer and the Lord has shown me so much over the last 8 years. Would you have anything to add to how to feed my fibroblasts when I can't do Arginine? Thanks and God Bless!!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Unfortunately I am only a third-year medical student, and biochemistry is not something I spent a lot of time on in my classroom years. I do not have any recommendations I could safely make. I certainly hope you find answers and wellness! I'm sorry I cannot be of help.


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