Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of Summer Scribbles...

Grey sky. Rust leaves shivering in the chill wind. Rough pavement running into stark, smoke-blackened walls. Everything mute. Everything dull.


The color of life. Running across my shadowed world in a crimson tide that could mean only destruction.

~ Chaos Allegra

Petra caught her arms, holding her still, though she stood half a head taller than him. She cried out furiously, lost eyes yet wet with tears now sparking with steel-grey rage.

“I am the Watcher! I have seen your rebellion with my own eyes! You will pay for this treason!” 

~ Contract to Time Travel

Tristan actually flinched at his words, and when his eyes met Dare’s, something in them sent a chill straight through him. “If you die I am killing everyone in this building, including myself.”

Oh, God, we need a miracle. Please. A miracle.

~ The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“He wants you…to help him. With Hae-Jin.” He did not say the word, but he felt as if he were screaming it. He wants you to torture him.

For a moment there was a spark of horror in Dante’s eyes, before the spark was ruthlessly beaten down. “His will is mine,” the angel snapped, and he started for the Quadrangle in answer to his summons. Ja-Il closed his eyes, feeling as if the floor had dropped out from beneath his feet. 

~ Contract to Time Travel

I am the girl without a name. The child without a home. The woman without an identity. 
And I think I am going to die.

~Chaos Allegra

They plunged into the blackness on the right, recklessly flying from that horror at their heels. 

Then Ty managed to pull a liros from his pocket with his other hand and the alley lit before them, shadows fleeing from the light. All but one, and Echo’s eyes followed it automatically to its source. The next instant she was stumbling backwards, pulling Ty painfully with her, as a low chuckle ricocheted from that last shadow. It was the beast.

~ Contract to Time Travel

all credit to the awesome artists who drew
these two pictures...and to Jessica G.
who put them together just to make me
happy. XD

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

YAY!!!!! SNIPPETS!!!!!!

Chaos Allegra- Whoa. *super curious*

CTT- *scream*


CTT- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! PLEASE, IT CAN'T BE!!!!!!!!!!! *heart rips apart* Not one of the angels torturing one of their own!!!!!! (I know, I know, they are villains. But, there is SOMETHING about them. Something compelling and awesome.)

Chaos Allegra- Sad. And tantalizing.

CTT- *shiver*

*clapping* That picture is SUPERB!!!!!

Loved, LOVED this post, Kate!!!!!!!!!

You've reminded me I ought to post some snippets one of these days.

Jessica Greyson said...


Katherine Sophia said...

lol, I agree completely. I just kind of decided the other day I wanted a story about a girl named Chaos...and started sticking pieces together....not sure of the plot yet. Something to do with gypsies, orphanages, and maybe England...I want an epic story that isn't epic - the fate of the world does not depend on the characters, they are not the best in the world at something, etc...but I want it big somehow. XD We'll see if it works out.

There is something about the angels...and they seemed determined to break my heart...it is exceeding miserable.

Isn't that picture completely awesome? XD It makes me so happy...

And yes, you should. And hopefully I will get a chance to go read them. XD

XD Jessica - thank you! XD

Miss Melody Muffin said...

If you have time, Kate, I tagged you here: http://thesplendorfalls.blogspot.com/2013/09/christmas-with-tittletons-tag.html

And after they have broken your heart, the angels will come break all of ours. OWWWWWW!!!!!! :)

I look forward to hearing more of Chaos Allegra! Knowing you, it will be big. :)


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