Saturday, September 28, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Tag :)

1.  What musical did you pick to "spotlight" this week and why?

Mozart! Because it's a musical I discovered this year and that had a few songs I loved and that I had a lot of fun getting a glimpse of another culture while watching/listening. :D 
It's not one I'm recommending you go watch all the way through - I actually have only seen/heard the highlights version, and most of those songs I saw only once, if that - which made me hesitate in picking this musical at all...but so long as you know I am only saying I like the songs I have linked to on my blog. :) 
The others... given that I haven't been able to find a reputable English translation, I am rather hesitant to recommend. Mostly because of a random word thrown in here or there in the version I saw that just totally wasn't appropriate. The costumes are weird for Mozart and a few of the other characters...but mainly the songs I have issues with. There were a few I kinda skimmed through even the first time - it's rather of a prodigal son story, and when he leaves home...well, what happened to the prodigal son? Yeah. :P So I probably missed some of the storyline skipping around like that...(well, HA, besides the fact that I only got to see the highlights, LOL - I definitely missed some of the storyline) but I got to see some songs I liked and watching it led to me discovering my favorite singer and also ended up having a huge part in influencing my Time Travel story, both very good things. XD So that's why I picked it...and also to inform any of you who wouldn't guess it that going to a musical in Seoul, South Korea is on my bucket list. 

2.  How did you discover the musical you picked (hereinafter referred to as "your musical")?
Ahhh...trying to do homework in January while listening to youtube videos? :) 

3.  If you had to pick three favorite songs from your musical, which ones would they be?
I am Music (on a previous post)
I Can't Escape My Destiny (ditto)
Where is Mozart (I can't find a decent sound version that isn't connected to one of the songs I don't like... :P sorry...) 

4.  What's your least favorite song from your musical?
I do not remember because all the song titles were in German, and the ones I didn't like the first time around I don't think I've listened to since. :P Viewer discretion the full thing at your own risk.

5.  Who are your favorite characters (choose up to three)?
I'm just gonna say Mozart. Mostly Junsu's version, since the other versions I heard mostly irritated me to no end. (Not Eun Tae's. But his was quite a different portrayal...I'm not sure what I would think if I saw the entire thing with him in it.)

6.  Which versions of your musical have you seen/listened to, and which is your favorite?

A few songs of the German version...didn't like it many songs of Park Eun Tae's version as I could find (not many), a few of the current version (the kid has red RED hair. Given that's all I remember about it, it seems I was spoiled by seeing Junsu's and Eun Tae's version first. XD). Mostly Kim Junsu's version, which I liked for the reasons I mentioned in my first post. :)  

7.   Is this your favorite musical of all time?  If not, what is?
Oh, no...I would have listened to the entire thing and have hopefully a few more songs I like - I wouldn't have picked it for this if I'd been supposed to pick my favorite, for sure. XD Um...I do not know. I really love The Scarlet Pimpernel, but that may be my love for the books speaking...

8.   Which cast album/musical soundtrack in your collection do you listen to the most?
Recently? Pimatgol - it's a Korean musical I ordered from China, and that I am in the process of might take me until I'm 30, but it has some of my favorite Park Eun Tae songs in it (pretty sure it was Pimatgol that made me discover him, though I'd heard him sing in one drama and in Mozart! previously without realizing it).

This is from Pimotgol, and actually I love the way he sings it here a lot more than how he sings it on the CD. :P Just way more emotion in his voice. Also, if you watch him singing in anything else, he tends to sing with a lot of movement and energy - the utter stillness in this song just gets me every time. 

Also this one: call me complete and utter sap, but that bit at 2:25 just makes me want to cry. XD Also, the flower. Oh, the flower! XD He gives it back to her later and it's so sweet...*sniff* XD

Usually I don't listen to foreign songs unless I know (at least pretty well) what they're singing, but this one I fell completely in love with the music, and since the lyrics are not in English, it doesn't distract me so much as listening to English musicals would. Also, Park Eun Tae sings in it. XD

9.   What is your favorite costume from your musical?
Oh, the red and gold coat. Duh. XD The rest of the outfit makes me laugh (or snort. Poor real Mozart), but the coat is awesome. Though in the musical the coat is not a good thing. Very sad. 

Also this one! Though I'd make the shirt underneath for both Mozart and whatever-his-title-is (this-is-a-real-problem-when-you're-listening-to-musicals-in-another-language) different. But the gold and black...very cool. 
Also HA. Yes, this is Park Eun Tae, playing another role in Mozart! XD

Which is going to send me on a total detour:

XD I mean...why not have the best of both worlds? I love how they sing this song...basically it's the Prince Archbishop (I looked it up. XD I thought he was some kind of bishop, but I wasn't sure...) telling Mozart to apologize, and Mozart declaring (once again, he does it a lot in the musical) that he is a musician, an artist, and brilliant, and he is not a slave and the Archbishop has stolen his time and money and he is leaving his service and striking out on his own. (And staying in Vienna, which the Archbishop is commanding him to leave, since he's no longer working for him.) Obviously it doesn't go so well...but whatever, I just like seeing them both singing together. XD 
**warning: at the very end, what Mozart whispers to the Archbishop was not kosher, in the one translation I managed to find. :P But that's at the very end, so just stop it there. XD Though of course, unless you speak Korean, you won't know what he's saying anyway. :) And, LOL, I love the face Park Eun Tae makes. XD And Mozart gets kicked for it, which honestly, he deserves at that point. :P 

10.  If you could change anything about your musical, what would you change?
Heheh, well, rather a bit. First, I'd get an English version, so it would be easier to know what was going on...or at least a decent set of translations. And then I'd cut out the few inappropriate things scattered throughout....I think there are a few songs that could be changed a bit - but since I haven't watched them since the first time I watched the whole thing (I tend to stick to my favorites), I don't remember what were the things I didn't like about it. But I'm pretty sure there were a few songs that just could get rewritten or canned altogether. :P 

11.  Which role(s) would you most like to play in any musical, if you had the opportunity to do so on stage?
I can't quite imagine myself on a stage, and singing on stage would be a complete and utter nightmare. But IF I could sing...I don't know. I think I'd have to be an entirely different person to enjoy performing on stage. :D

12.  If you could choose one performer to play any part in your musical, who would you choose and which part would you have them play?
Hmm...look at my answer to #9. XD That's it right there. In case you can't tell, I'm not exactly totally committed to this musical, so it's not like I have a bunch of ideas for little things I want to perfect in it. It's just a musical I wanted to share a couple songs from, and one I thought was a bit different. XD

13.  Do you consider yourself a musical theatre fan in general or do you just like a few musicals?
I adore music and stories and the combination thereof...but I don't have much time to listen to music that has the potential to distract me, and musicals have a large potential to distract me. :P Which is sad. If I had more time I might be a musical theatre general it is, I mostly like a few specific songs from the few musicals I've been able to see. :)

14.  Are you tired of the word "musical" yet?
Haha, no, but I think I'm out of time to use it again... :P I better finish this quickly

15.  Turn your music playing device on shuffle (or utilize Pandora if you don't have one) and tell us the names of the first three show tunes that come up-- no cheating!  How do these rank on your favorites/most-listened-to list?

The Song of Hope (Duet) - Lord of the Rings Original London Production

Let Her Be A Child - A Tale of Two Cities

Learn to be Lonely - Phantom of the Opera

She was There - Scarlet Pimpernel

Whoops, that was 4...but I love The Song of Hope...Let Her Be A Child is sad...but ATOTC is sad in general...I want to see that as a musical...Learn to be Lonely... :P Depressing...She Was There, yeah I like that one. XD I love a lot about the Scarlet Pimpernel. XD

And, just because I can't help is something completely adorable for you to watch: the curtain call for one of Park Eun Tae's performances. XD 

And I'd love to hear what you thought of any of these songs. XD

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Destiny, my love...and chicken...

I don't know if I've ever used my blog to rant about destiny...but it's one of those things I love and hate with something like passion. It can be used incredibly in stories, or drive me absolutely to distraction when used wrongly. Destiny, fate, blood (as in my-father-and-his-father-before-him-and-therefore-myself-as-well) often appears in my stories...there is nothing I love more than destiny rightly used.

Which may be why I Can't Avoid My Destiny struck a chord with me. Again Junsu's portrayal of a boy fighting this thing so much bigger than himself just caught my attention. Perhaps it was the visualization of someone fighting with their past, desperate to run from the future laid out for them since childhood...I don't know, but this song is another I wanted to share with you. I apologize for the English subtitles - they aren't the most accurate translation, but probably the best I can find. 

Just something about it...
How do you refuse yourself and become someone else?
How can you remove your shadow and find freedom?
How can you give up everything?
How can you betray your conscience and refuse yourself?

How to live?
No one is answering...
The shadow that follows me will someday kill me.

Shortly after discovering Mozart! I discovered the singer Park Eun Tae. Who I have mentioned before on this blog because he is awesome. His voice is away and above better than Junsu's (it just is. Do not argue with that statement.), and yet somehow I found myself appreciating Junsu's version of Mozart more. Perhaps because he is younger, perhaps because he portrays such a boyish intensity, with easily understandable pride and struggle to understand what exactly he is supposed to be doing with his life. I've listened to a few of the songs as sung by German singers, and I wanted to smack Mozart. Park Euntae is not that irritating, but he plays it...differently. As you can see. :)

  I mean COME ON. Listen to him sing. His voice is insane. Also, his interactions with the other cast members are just completely fun. From what I've seen, the boy he plays Mozart with was crazy about him, and some of the curtain calls were just absolutely adorable. XD

And yet I still prefer Junsu as Mozart. Which do you like better? Why? Have you ever liked an inferior singer for a certain role?

*note: yes, the chicken part of this blog post comes from Merlin, which I do not watch, but have seen clips of. :) It is apparently rather quotable.   

Monday, September 23, 2013

I am Music

I insisted to myself I would not join Amy's Celebrate Musicals Week all last week (no time, lack of extensive musical knowledge, no time, difficulty in finding clips, no time...), but then I found myself listening to one of my favorite musical songs on repeat, and went...why not? Given a rather unavoidable scarcity of time (did I mention I don't have very much of it? :P), my posts may be astonishingly short, but there will be three of them. XD 

Anyway, Amy mentioned the fact that there is a finite number of musicals to choose from, which is certainly true, but this list is greatly expanded when one goes to other languages. :) (Some of you knew  I was going there, didn't you? XD) 

This musical I picked is certainly NOT one of my favorite musicals (I'm hoping to do Amy's lovely tag this Friday, and explain more then), but has several songs I thought it would be fun to share with you. :) The musical is Mozart! a German musical with a strangely modern take on Mozart. Normally I really don't like those things, and it is seriously weird to see a Mozart in ragged jeans and dreads (not to mention the earring), but I came across the Korean version early this year, and something about Kim Junsu's portrayal of the brilliant musician I found fascinating. (It made me go find my Mozart CDs and listen to them, for one thing. XD)

Perhaps my favorite song from the musical is I Am Music. Other than the first line (*ahem*). Parts of it say rather perfectly what I feel about writing, while at the same time it is also the heart-wrenching plea of a boy-genius, lost in his own ability and not entirely knowing what exactly he is supposed to do with himself. 

Anyway, little time or not, I'd love to hear your thoughts...are there any musicals you like that have no English version? :)

'Tis the night before Saturday...

which means it is a lovely Friday night. One of my younger brothers is heading off to a sleep-over/get-your-science-project-done-before-the-science-fair, and the youngest just got back from cross-country ski practice. He and my little sister are now taking off for Gumdo (of which I am extremely jealous. I wasn't before - because I was like... when would I ever use that in real life? But then I discovered Kdramas... and everything changed... LOL JK Though I do wish I had time to learn it with them... :P) and my mother is taking them.

They're off.

So I go up to my room and survey my collection of items needed to create a video script for writing class (due by midnight tonight) - paperclips, markers, paper, rubber bands... The dogs are barking, but I ignore them and sit down to read my genetics chapter - in order to understand the concept I'm going to write my script about. Probably a good order to go about things, yes?

Apparently the dogs don't like being home with only one person, though, and decide to hold a bark-a-thon. I haven't actually accomplished anything yet, but I finally take a break to look around. The neighbor is supposed to stop by, after all, and drop off a check for one of my brother's jobs. She's not there yet, though, and that break signals the beginning of the end, as I spend the next two hours jumping up to see if anyone is at the door every other time they bark, which ends up being a lot, since they're barking almost non-stop.
the evil that never sleeps...

Finally their barking changes and it actually is the neighbor. With her dog. I open the door... and am nearly trampled by half-breed poodles thirsty for the blood of their kin. Putting a choke-hold on the labradoodle and a foot in front of the dachapoo I accept the check over deafening barks, as her lab looks quietly on, properly horrified.

Well, at least it's over with... and nobody else should be coming to the door, so I'm just going to ignore their barking. Though of course I guilt myself into thinking they're hungry and get up to feed them... it's not like the labradoodle is looking closer to an extremely overstuffed toy than anything resembling a dog these days... *cough*

I look at my pile of items again.

The dogs are still barking.

Fine. I go let them outside, putting the labradoodle on a leash.

They bark more. *sigh*

I go outside to get the labradoodle, slipping on some shoes at a last-minute premonition. After unlocking her leash, I turn around... and remember that the door handle is broken on the outside. It's frozen, and after a few tries, I realize I'm not getting in that way. Good thing I'm wearing shoes. We run around to the front of the house through the snow, the labradoodle making several unsuccessful attempts to take me skijoring across the yard.

Only I locked the front door after the neighbor came, because nobody else was going to come in that way tonight. Heh. The neighbor walks by and I barely prevent the dog from pulling me down the steps after her, while I attempt to look like I'm not trying to break into my own house. Which I can't anyway.

So back around we go. Again, good thing I'm wearing shoes. Not that they're going to help if I don't get inside pretty soon...this is the kind of place where people die of hypothermia when they're stupid. Good thing the clip we had in the mailbox for the mail also works as an ice-pick, as I quickly discover, chipping away ice as my fingers numb. I really didn't have a reason to take it out of the mailbox when I was at the front door, but I did...and it appears to be working. Indeed, it gets the door open a minute later, and I glare at the dogs once we're inside, throwing more food in their bowl before going back upstairs.

At least they're quiet when they're eating. I sit down again.

And realize it's the last chance to enter Jenny and Abigail's giveaways, which I promptly do. By the time I finish, the dogs are barking again. Seriously, how can they not have sore throats already?

I turn on some music (mostly in another language, so the lyrics don't distract me) and start reading aloud so I can think over the dogs. I get about two pages done and then realize that my leg has fallen completely asleep and I've got pins and needles shooting up and down a numb leg. How does that work? It should be one or the other, not both.

Aaand everybody's home. The dogs freak out and then miraculously quiet down, apparently glad that there are more people around. (Or maybe they just dislike being locked in a house with someone who doesn't appreciate their greatness most of the time. At all. :P)

By the time I get back to my room, there is about an hour left before my script is due. At this point I give up on reading my chapters. I'm going to have to just go off my notes. I start arranging things for a scientific photo-shoot. (We don't have to actually make a video, but pictures will definitely help my script.)

As I expected, it's not too difficult to put together a two-minute presentation of Gene Expression Regulation. I'm pretty much done, with ten minutes in which to upload my photos. Only, once I'm ready to transfer the pictures, my camera and my computer begin a fight, one which soon turns into an all-out war.

A war which extends to our other computer as well, when I finally give up on my computer and race downstairs to try that computer. It teases me for a while, the photos I want appearing as a blip on the screen before the program disappears and I cannot find it for the life of me.

Everyone else (dogs included) are sleeping by now. I'm hurrying too much to even be jealous.

Back upstairs. I give up and restart my computer, praying as the clock ticks past the deadline. I can quote the teacher as saying she wouldn't count things late if they were just past the time, but that was a few months ago. She might have forgotten...but it's not like I can do anything different at this point. I add a few comments to my paper regarding my camera issues and wait impatiently for the picture program to actually start.

Which it finally does, the elusive photos there at last. I stick them in their places, tie up my conclusion, and upload my paper.

in case you're totally confused, this is a post I seem to have written last winter...I found it in my drafts, and figured I might as well post it, since it's there... XD Happily, I did get the extra credit for that project...and an A in the class. So it ends well. And you can guess how happy I am to *not* be living with those dogs this year... XD 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My life in gifs.

me when I get called on in class: 

when my mom asked how my first test went:

the professors when people ask questions:
(actually they're usually super awesome about answering questions...though one professor really did answer a question with, "What kind of question is that? How am I supposed to know?" :) 
If I were the student that asked, and I got any of that professor's questions wrong on the test...the temptation to give that as feedback on the question would be nearly irresistible. (We get to leave a comment on each test question.) :) 

me the whole time I'm studying:

my face every time I start another test and see question 1:

me when people ask me what I do when not in lecture/studying:

when my brain is so full of new information I can no longer see straight and it's 3am...

me when I saw someone had nominated me to be the medical school's link to the college newspaper:

really, though...medical school can be summed up as follows:

Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Snippets...because I like them...

brooding moon god, via pinterest
fairly certain Tam called him that just
in the irritated hope of shocking
vicar's-daughter Jennie...

“The brooding moon god has taken you too beneath his spell?” That voice of disgruntled disgust could belong to none but Tam, and I whirled to face him, my vexation showing clearly, I am sure.
    ~Tam Lyn

Ja-Il, photo manip credit JG

The others were waiting for him, the red lights of the city beneath reflecting off their faces and illuminating the black sky behind them with a red glow.
Ja-Il came up the last step, giving a shake to his shoulders and sending his wings sweeping out. “He has sent one of the Beasts after them,” he said, and in the red glare he saw Petra’s eyes widen, and felt the wavering of Kang-Dae’s purpose.

He had clearance to open any door in Itai; never had he used that power to enter the rooms of the others uninvited. The door swung open without a sound, and Ja-Il stepped through.
Dante lay upon his bed in the lightless room, his eyes closed. The silence shivered between them, and then Dante’s lip curled.
“Ja-Il. Please invite yourself in.”   “He is dead,” Ja-Il said abruptly, and the air between them seemed to shatter into a million pieces.

“Echo Fire,” Ja-Il said, his voice softer than it had been before. “Will you speak? Or shall we break his other arm?”       ~CTTT

 “A storm is coming,” Petra said, and they all of them knew he did not mean the rain.

Jennie, via pinterest

     I threw my head back, recovering quite well on my own, and put my hands on my hips like the common servant I had been playing the week before. 
    [he] looked at me. “An entirely inauspicious beginning to our dance lesson,” he said. 
    “Dance lessons?” I demanded. “For what, pray tell, would I need dance lessons?”
    “Surely you did not think you would get by without dancing? The Prince’s birthday ball is in scarcely two weeks, and I will not have my false fiancĂ©e humiliating me on the dance floor before King and country. Well, my king will not be there. But the point stands. You must dance, therefore I must teach you. You are no longer the vicar’s daughter in a country village, you know.”
     I should have told him I danced and danced well then and there, instead of taking perverse pleasure in stepping on his feet.
     But after one particularly spectacular stumble that nearly sent him straight into the grate before the fire, he swung upright, glaring at me.
     “How in heaven’s name did you ever learn to handle a sword, Jennie Wilcox? Without killing the poor fool who took training you upon himself?”
     ~Tam Lyn

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A day in the life of a medical student. Also randomness.

It feels like 4 days have gone by, not 4 weeks...but just for fun I thought I'd put down the "routine" I seem to have fallen into. So you see what I do when I'm not blogging...which is most of the time... 

5am - alarm clock rings...if it's Monday, I usually get up, read my Bible, and get everything organized for the Wednesday I usually turn it off and wait for the 6:45 alarm.

she's missing my 3-inch
platform shoes, but
6:45am - up for real this time, and out the door by about 7:15 (when I ride my bike.) 

7:40am - at school, getting my powerpoint slides organized for class if I haven't already, saying hi to people...

8am - noon - lecture.

noon - 1pm - lunch...visiting...running errands...catching up on emails...calling my family. 

hee. Medical school doesn't look like this anymore...
1 - 3pm - lecture. We sit in the room for 6 hours as professors rotate through. Biochem, molecular bio, cell bio, genetics, bacteria, viruses, and antibiotics have been covered so far. (Material-wise, it's been about half a semester, not 4 days. :) 

3pm on... Here is where it gets variable. Last week I went to the library every afternoon and got a study room (white boards, markers, and somewhere between 100-300 powerpoint slides to memorize). I took the bus home between 7-9 every night...which wasn't the most fun, but I needed to use the white board and I didn't want to bike home in the dark. :P This week I have my own white board and a car, so life should definitely be easier. :) 

9 - 11pm - more studying...If I get through everything before midnight, yay...if I start getting behind...I usually just go to bed by 1am anyway, but then I'm even more behind the next day. :P 

One night this week it was super late, and I called my mom while waiting for bus to come...she was worried about me being out so late, and we talked the whole bus ride (and I was talking to her and trying to see where I was going in the dark...ended up I got off the bus a block early and turned around and had that moment of I have no idea where I am. It's dark out.) But I walked the rest of the way still talking to my mom - and then someone texted me and somehow she got cut off. Walking home in the dark 3 hours away and suddenly dropping a call is a good way to freak your mother out...

Thursdays we get the afternoon off to study even more...Friday morning at 8am we have a test. Speaking of, I should really learn to do math. Convincing myself that I failed tests I passed is not fun. Failing tests I have failed is bad enough, without failing the tests I passed, too. 

But now that I have my own whiteboard and am finally caught up...I might be able to start this week ahead. Which will change the course of history... XD life is somewhat of a blur. :) I hope you all are having a lovely weekend...I have things to pre-read for next week... :) 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of Summer Scribbles...

Grey sky. Rust leaves shivering in the chill wind. Rough pavement running into stark, smoke-blackened walls. Everything mute. Everything dull.


The color of life. Running across my shadowed world in a crimson tide that could mean only destruction.

~ Chaos Allegra

Petra caught her arms, holding her still, though she stood half a head taller than him. She cried out furiously, lost eyes yet wet with tears now sparking with steel-grey rage.

“I am the Watcher! I have seen your rebellion with my own eyes! You will pay for this treason!” 

~ Contract to Time Travel

Tristan actually flinched at his words, and when his eyes met Dare’s, something in them sent a chill straight through him. “If you die I am killing everyone in this building, including myself.”

Oh, God, we need a miracle. Please. A miracle.

~ The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“He wants you…to help him. With Hae-Jin.” He did not say the word, but he felt as if he were screaming it. He wants you to torture him.

For a moment there was a spark of horror in Dante’s eyes, before the spark was ruthlessly beaten down. “His will is mine,” the angel snapped, and he started for the Quadrangle in answer to his summons. Ja-Il closed his eyes, feeling as if the floor had dropped out from beneath his feet. 

~ Contract to Time Travel

I am the girl without a name. The child without a home. The woman without an identity. 
And I think I am going to die.

~Chaos Allegra

They plunged into the blackness on the right, recklessly flying from that horror at their heels. 

Then Ty managed to pull a liros from his pocket with his other hand and the alley lit before them, shadows fleeing from the light. All but one, and Echo’s eyes followed it automatically to its source. The next instant she was stumbling backwards, pulling Ty painfully with her, as a low chuckle ricocheted from that last shadow. It was the beast.

~ Contract to Time Travel

all credit to the awesome artists who drew
these two pictures...and to Jessica G.
who put them together just to make me
happy. XD


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