Sunday, August 25, 2013

And my brain went sploosh...

I actually wrote this last semester...but I thought it fitting to post it as school gets underway...

So. I was on Pinterest the other day, and saw this:

And I went. Ah. That's what I need. 
I mean...I was on Pinterest. (What was a quote like that doing on that site, anyway? It's oxymoron in action. :P)

I don't actually spend that much time on Pinterest...but there's also blogs to read, tumblrs to stalk, twitter accounts to follow...besides novels to write, stories to read to my little sister, all and sundry things to discuss with my distraction leads to another, and every week it's like:

And I've gotten nothing done. And I spend the rest of the week staying up until 3-4am every night and every day I'm like:

So much for my 2013 goals

It's a vicious cycle, because when it seems like I've got time to do everything I need to do plus something fun, I always want to start with doing something I like. And...

And bam, I haven't gotten done anything that I needed to do and I'm out of time. :P

So, I went and looked up the word disciplineDepending on which version you're using, it's only found in the Bible one time, in Job 36:10.
He openeth also their ear to discipline
Which, when I look up the Hebrew words, turned out to mean chastisement, punishment, correction, discipline, instruction, self-control, a bond, a checking, restraint, correction resulting in education. Either I check myself...restrain myself...control myself...take instruction from the One who 'openeth my ear'...or I'm heading for some chastisement and punishment. And I am a firm believer in natural consequences - because of how the world is set up, God does not have to create a special punishment for me not being disciplined. It...kinda happens all on its own. :P All He has to do is let me get the results of my not working hard.  Ouch.

I know I don't like the results of not being why don't I just be disciplined? :P Part of the problem might be that it sounds rather unpleasant...after all, the word also means punishment and chastisement - even if you're punishing yourself, it's not exactly fun

But actually...

It is...

It is...

And it's not this horrible thing just waiting to destroy all your fun - in fact, even if you want to be completely self-centered, it is simply: 

God does not tell us to do things that will not benefit us, something I wish everyone would realize more often. If He opens our ears to's because it's good for us.

So I started praying that He would open my ears to discipline, make me aware of how I should be spending my time and what I needed to be doing when I needed to do it...and then I looked up more verses. 

Proverbs 5:23
He shall die without instruction
The word instruction there is the same word as used in Job - discipline. The same word is used again in Proverbs 10:17:

He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth.
Keepeth is a word used for watching over something with protective care or besieging a city - which reminded me of another Proverb, 25:28.

I don't particularly want my life to look like this...
He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

Spirit-ruling sounds like discipline to me. Interestingly enough, it was this verse where it really hit me. This isn't just oh, something kinda good to think about...maybe you want to get a little more disciplined...might be nice...

Discipline is part of the way of life. Without it you die. 

This is life and death. 

And for once I don't think that's me being hyper-dramatic, as I am sometimes wont to do. That's straight-up what it says. You die without discipline. If you are in the way of life, you keep discipline. It's something God Himself has to draw our attention to, make us aware of - it's important.

I have a bit of a thing for stories about people defying destiny, so this quote caught my attention earlier:

It made me think...everything else - I want to be more organized, I want to be more attentive, I want to be more joyful, I want to be more loving...etc... - requires discipline to happen. If my goal in life is seeking my God and His kingdom, and my purpose is to glorify Him by so doing...yay, good for me, that's what I want. Wanting that will get me nowhere. I'm not going to get into the whole we-can-do-nothing-to-save-or-change-ourselves thing right now, because we can't...and yet the Bible is very clear on personal responsibility. There comes a point where we choose to open up our Bibles, choose to spend time praying, choose to get up and put into practice the things God has brought to our attention. 

This makes discipline the base of our growing in godliness, for our abiding in Him. I think my favorite out of the quotes I saw doing a random google search was this:

Do I want to do something "fun" now (and believe me, I know the importance of study breaks and all that - I don't think I'll ever err on the side of too little fun :P) or do I want to do what God has called me to do, finishing what I am supposed to do with all my might as unto the Lord, working for Him on whatever task He has given me more

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