Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So swiftly pass the summer days...

or, Why Moving Will Be The Death of Me

me for the past week...

Summer is disappearing on me, it truly is...but during the past weeks, I've found reason to wonder if, despite how fast it's going, it would not end up outlasting me. 

Because Moving Can Kill You.

Yes. Moving. 

I helped my grandparents move the contents of a summer cabin several years ago,  and it was truly a Thing, to watch me and my grandma hauling everything from General Mad Miscellaneous Boxes of Heaviness to Furniture Made of I-beams and Lead up the steps to the new residence...but we both survived (as did everything we moved, incredibly).

Even fewer years ago, my mom and I (with some help from my little brother) moved everything necessary for me to go to college and the rest of my family to have a three-year sport-and-music-fueled break from the country. Basically, we did this:

And now, with me going to medical school and my younger siblings now either too old or too young to take advantage of the free college option in our state (which was part of the reason they were along), we had to reverse the process. 

Somehow I don't remember those earlier moves being so dangerous, but by the end of three days, I had 20-something bruises. 

Given the number of them on my right shin, I realized that I tend to step forward with my right leg - and that moving results in any number of terribly heavy objects in one's path, which cause pain upon slamming your shin into them repeatedly. (My leg is still lined with perfect black-and-blue-and-now-turning-green circles.) 
Exactly what I did...only with a box of books

I realized that again when we got home and I carried a box of books (HEAVY books) into the living room - and forgot about the sunken floor. Since I landed on my left ankle and twisted it in the process, it was sore for several days. 

By which point we were on the cleaning phase. 

While mopping the basement, I was thinking about something else (if I remember correctly, it was my time-travel story) and I wasn't thinking about the drain in the middle of the floor. Which resulted on my right foot (of course) coming down on the very edge of its massive metal cover, which flipped up in the air, smashed into my ankle, and sent me falling down a two-foot hole. (Not that I measured it.)

haha, and yes, it bugs me that it should be either raised/from 
or razed/to here. Which do you think it's supposed to be? :)

Those of you who think this is pretentious of authors, it really isn't. It's not that we're too good to clean houses; it's that chores are hazardous to our health. 
Note to self: do not think about stories when anywhere near holes in the ground. Even covered holes. Especially covered holes.
This should be easy to remember, given that my ankle is still purple and very sore, 9 days later.

At that point one of my friends began praying bubble wrap around me, and I stopped falling down stairs and into holes. 

Not that unloading a moving van that had turned into an oven was exactly pleasant, but it wasn't particularly dangerous. Especially since our dad had just sprayed for mosquitoes and we were able to spend all day running back and forth without being eaten alive.

We live in Mosquito Hotbed of the World, you see - at this point in time the mosquitoes are back with a vengeance, hungry for the blood of their enemies...I got four mosquito bites coming in from the car the other day, and that was despite trying to evade them. Having to unload the truck through that would have been a nightmare. 

The worst thing, though, happened once I was reached the simple and humdrum job of cleaning the kitchen. What it was I'm not sure, but I had an allergic reaction to something in the kitchen (pepper??? seriously, that's the only thing I was around), and my entire face felt like it was burning off and I just about water-boarded myself trying keep my face under freezing cold water for half an hour so it didn't burn off. My mom thought I was going to stop breathing and die right then (from the reaction, not the water), but thankfully I didn't. (Obviously. The Benadryl she made me take as soon as I said my face was randomly on fire probably helped with that.) Finally my face was so numb I couldn't feel anything, even fire, and I went back to cleaning the kitchen. I'm a bit wary of the spice cupboard now, though. :P

But despite the numerous hazards of moving, none of which I was previously aware of, I seem to be still alive. Given that we are reorganizing our house, though, moving bedrooms, etc, I probably shouldn't relax yet, though...

But still...

Also, on a completely random note, Thank you, little sister, for bringing to my attention how extremely awkward Eskimo kisses are if you don't know what they are. 

Apparently she's forgotten them from when she was little, because we were sitting together the other day and I randomly leaned over and gave her one (I have no idea why; sometimes I really am random like that), and OH, the look she gave me was priceless. Honestly, I never thought about how weird it would be if you weren't expecting and didn't know what the other person was doing.

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Vicki said...

Wow. How awful!! I mean, I'm glad you're getting yourself all moved in and all, but ... poor you! :'-(

This has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I came across this song tonight, and it just really reminded me of you:


It's called "Ride Across the Caucasus" by Loreena McKennitt ... it's very haunting and adventurous-sounding, and it made me think of Tam Lyn. :-) You are absolutely free to not listen to it if you aren't interested - I just wanted to pass it on in case it could be somehow useful!! :-)

Recover quickly, my friend! I'll be praying for you as you get ready for your new adventures!


Jessica Greyson said...

Oh dear...how dreadful!!!! *hugs* Even though I knew most of it as it went along...something about the gifs along side the stories made me absolutely CRACK up. Which kind of makes me feel bad... but I hope things get lots better soon. *hugs*


Katherine Sophia said...

*giggle* yeah...I don't think I used to be this accident prone...*shakes head*

Thank you for your prayers! I do so appreciate them!!

And thank you for the song! I haven't listened to any of her songs in ages...that one is really cool! *shiver* I do like the feel of it...it goes very well with the fairytale-ishness that originally inspired the story! :D

Speaking of...I have 3 more background snippets I'll be posting...but after that...would you be interested at all in reading the beginning I do have? I have NO idea when it will be properly written, but I'd love to hear what you think of the beginning. But if you're too busy/would rather read a finished story than the start of a half-baked idea, that makes total sense to me. XD But I thought I'd ask, in case you were at all interested.

Katherine Sophia said...

LOL, Jessica...I have a tendency to laugh at everything...myself getting hurt included. And I had fun with the gifs, so don't feel bad. XD I have been trying to keep my head out of the clouds in order to keep myself in one piece - apparently it just takes a little more thought than I was giving it. ;)


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