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You're It...

Okay, so I'm catching up a bit on posts I wrote while I was not blogging... :) Thank you for tagging me, Jessica! :D This is always I hereby tag any of my blog readers who are also writers who haven't been tagged with this yet. XD

The Next Big Thing Tag: This is actually not the "next big thing" but it's the story biggest in my head right now, so I had to go with it. Also, it's one you all don't know much about, will soon know very much about it. XD

What is the working title of your book?

At first I was going to name it Sarang, just because I liked the word. And the MC was a girl with diabetes going up against an evil genius villain. And then I actually started writing the story (to my surprise, because I really hadn't actually been planning on writing it), and decided I liked Richochet. (Because Richochet would have totally fit. And yeah, I just like that word. XD) But then...well, depending on whether or not it turns into a series, right now I'm thinking about Scintilla or Incalesce. Both have a lot to do with the story and Scintilla actually fits the feel of the book much better than Richochet, as fitting as Richochet is. :P Right now - which is what the question is asking, isn't it? :P I'm calling it CTTT, which stands for Contract to Time Travel. But it turns out there's less about time traveling than I thought. XD

Where did the idea come from for this book?

Hee, where did the idea NOT come from? Let's see...the idea for this book came from:

- nutrition class and learning about pica

- sitting in that same nutrition class and wondering why so few MC's have a life-changing matter such as diabetes to deal with. Not necessarily as part of the story, (How I Learned to Deal with Diabetes...) but just something in their life?

- thinking about time travel and time travel stories

- random picture of someone in a bow tie

- two adorable and rather uncanny children I saw while shadowing a doctor one day

- a silent bodyguard in a drama I saw

- two very different foreign music videos

- chicken pox

- hating chicken pox

- being out of my mind with chicken pox

- an eerie song from a musical

- Fox's book of martyrs

- a bunch of stories I loved with super strong relationships between brothers (that will get me every time)

- my molecular biology/more so developmental biology course and doing experiments with zebrafish embryos and chicks, and reading about both regeneration experiments and embryo experiments where cells from one species are moved to the cells of another species, creating a chimera

What genre does your book fall under?
Science fiction, I guess...though it's almost urban fantasy...I don't have a lot of science in it. *cough* It is very much based on science though, as you should be able to tell from the above list! :) 

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Haha, are you sure you're ready for this... XD Since in no version of reality do I get to choose that, I'm just going to start throwing pictures here.


(I'm not sure of his last name, but Ellian it is.)

He's a professional time-traveling thief, though not by choice. The contract was given him along with the knowledge that his younger sister's life was at stake...and so he signed it. He's just successfully completed another mission when something goes dreadfully wrong, and he finds himself thrown into the future. 

Where he meets...

Tylar Song.
(younger than the first picture and older than the second. *sigh* we're working on it.)

One of the rebel orphans. Fiercely protective of his chosen adoptive family, Ty is simultaneously suspicious and dismissive of the time-traveling stranger who appears to know nothing about the devices he uses to travel across time and space. He's kind of adorable. XD

Ellian then promptly (though somewhat accidentally) becomes the means of saving the life of...

Echo Fire.
(Her hair is the color of the third...her face a cross between the other two. And she does wear black leather, just...not that tight. :P)

Another rebel orphan, Echo only wanted to stay hidden and alive after her parents were killed. Then her genius twin sister was caught hacking into the government's history database in an attempt to find a cure for diabetes (Echo is diabetic), and promptly disappeared. 
They have heard nothing for sure...but there are rumors that Amon has a brilliant new official who is systematically tracking down all descendants of the dead rebel fighters so that he can eliminate them.

So Echo heads up her tiny "family's" miniature fight against Amon and all he stands for, determined to find and take back her sister, having moved from the classification of rebel child to flat out rebel. Despite the fact that she's slowly dying of a disease once treatable...a disease that would have been cured had her parents been "good."

Her twin sister obviously looks like her...and yet...these are the pictures that remind me of
Phoenix Fire.
(Just with red hair, not black.)

The brilliant girl who risked everything to save her sister's life...only to become the greatest danger facing all those she once cared about. Amon says if she were to come to herself and realize what she's done, her mind would be completely destroyed...but she in her right mind is Ellian's only hope for returning home.

Also into the story comes the strangest child Ellian has ever seen...

(who, yes, is a mix of all three of these pictures. Deep blue eyes, hair even lighter than the third, I think, face a cross between the first and the third...somehow the second fits in there also. :P)

A small child Echo found...the only one of her family to escape slaughter. She is mute, whether from that horror or some other cause they do not know. The longer she is in the story, the bigger her role, and if there is a sequel...well, it will probably be her story.

But now Ellian has already seen too much,
to the dismay of...

(The figure on the left. And he is the kind of character who refuses to say enough for you to actually get to know them. Or yeah, you know, see their face. :P)

Ellian calls him Echo's "guard dog" and she has to agree. He could (and I'm sure does) teach Ty a thing or two about protectiveness...Though no one quite knows for sure, whispers say that his entire family was killed, and he guards this replacement family with silent intensity, prepared to fight anyone or anything that would harm them.

Including the Angels of Death.

A genetic experiment gone horribly right, the Five are skilled assassins, created and trained to serve Amon to the utmost of their abilities, which are considerable. (They can fly, for one thing.)

There is 
(pictures all found via google...Jessica the amazing added wings to this one. XD)
the leader of the Five.

the second in command...his eye is on Ja-Il's place...

lol and I apologize for the way these wings look...
they have real ones, not like this. :) 
the youngest of the Five, though he is none the less deadly for that.

the wild card...


whose ability to understand what the rebels will do next makes him both the Five's greatest strength and their greatest liability.

oh, and I almost forgot. The person Ellian who holds Ellian's contract?

Laurent Chabry
who just might end up finding out that after meeting a future-world dictator and five angels of death, Ellian really doesn't find him that frightening anymore.
That, of course, is assuming Ellian ever gets home again.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

God and the devil are fighting there, and the battlefield is the heart of man. With credit going to Dostoyvesky, that's the shortest it can be said.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Ha...ha...ha...right now I'm just hoping to get it finished and find a few beta readers interested in mayhem and madness. XD That's thinking too far ahead.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Well, I wrote the first story about Ellian in October of 2012, I think...and it's not done yet. Though I'm some 60,000 words into it at this point... :P 

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

I feel like I totally answered that in excess above? :) I think what I'm loving about the story is that it's something totally different from anything I've written before, and I'm able to use all these things I've learned about in my classes - I've got a character coming together in my mind right now who I'm might just name after Nicole Douarin, a famous developmental biologist - famous because of her experiments with chimeras, and pretty much the reason this story ended up the way it is. Given that I was on chapter 29 before I thought of her, I'm wondering why another character needs added...Apparently she's important, though...and, given the scene changes about to occur, I may need a couple new characters...

And I was going to include an excerpt...but I think we'll just go for a couple longish snippets, since I can't pick an excerpt. :) 

“How did you know about the chó̱ros?” Amon’s voice slithered through Hae-Jin’s mind, swirling eddies of pain and terror following after the faint hint of accusation.
He closed his eyes, breathing deeply of the damp, almost clammy air that filled the underbelly of Amon’s dark headquarters. As if anything could bring calm in this place.
“You gave us that knowledge,” he managed to reply, though his voice was trembling.
“Ah…I had forgotten.” Amon smiled. “Then…well done, my son.” He laid one hand on Hae-Jin’s shoulder, and Hae-Jin found himself utterly unable to breath at all. As if relishing the dread that could not be hidden beneath his touch, Amon’s grip tightened a moment before he released him, turning to Ja-Il.

“What is the plan?”
Dante’s voice curled up through the darkness like smoke, and Hae-Jin shifted his shoulders against the old brick wall that ran around the edges of the factory’s roof in an attempt to get more comfortable. He was lying on the very edge; the others were below him on the roof itself.
“It depends how you wish to go about it,” Ja-Il answered lazily. “Amon does not care, so long as we bring them all back, more or less alive.”
“Keh, you enjoy playing with your food far too much, my leader.” That was Kang-Dae, a hint of laughter in his voice.
Hae-Jin looked across at him, the rough brick scratching the side of his face as he turned his head. Kang-Dae sat at the base of the wall on the other side of the building, knees pulled up, arms resting against them. Petra was leaning against his shoulder, sleeping soundly.
“You make it sound as if we were going to eat them!” Ja-Il laughed softly, and Hae-Jin turned his face away from the others, looking up at the night sky, jet-colored, every bit. He had heard, once, that there were lights in the sky, lights that could no longer be seen.
If it could not be seen in darkness, was it still a light?

Graffiti covered the empty walls, and Ellian cleared his throat before the creepiness of the somehow-eerie stairway could get to him. “So who is this person we’re going to see?” He was also curious as to how many rebels there were in this place exactly, but he didn’t want to sound like the spy he wasn’t.
Echo walked even faster. “He lives three hours away, to begin with.”
Ellian stopped still on the stairs. “Three hours one way? Walking?” His voice went up at the end, and she glanced back at him.
“Does it look like we own a private jet?” she asked, and he found himself wondering if people still had private jets here or if it was just his translator, trying to make sense of her words for him.

Ja-Il drew slowly back at his words, nostrils flaring. “We are the Children of Amon,” he ground out. “Do not mock us.”
Rui spat. He bore down on the knife, pressing the blade harder against Ellian’s neck, directly over what Ellian was pretty sure was his jugular vein.
Well. This was a lovely way to die, a pawn caught between two rebels and a group of…whatever these things really were...fighting over he had no idea what.

Three hours.
Exercise was supposed to be good for you, but Ellian was having serious doubts. This particular walk had to be anything but. His heart was pounding, every whisper of wings or dark shadow flitting over their heads setting his blood racing once again. Ty’s hand clutching his jacket was white-knuckled; the kid was going to start hyperventilating at any moment.
As for the little fairy, her arms had started to creep around his neck as soon as they stepped outside, and now her arms were wrapped tightly about his airway, making breathing just a little bit more difficult than it needed to be. But he could feel her heartbeat against his back, fluttering like a little bird’s, and he had not the heart to pull her arms down.

There was such stark and defiant desolation on his white face that Ellian reached out, putting his hand on top of the boy’s blonde head.
“Hey, kid, it’s gonna be all right,” he said.
And then the angels attacked, all five hurtling down from the sky like a night storm, screaming more like howling banshees than angels.

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Anonymous said...

*gapes at your boys*
*keeps gaping*

Katherine Sophia said...

XD XD XD See what Kpop does to a appears to be inescapable... *is still fangirling myself* XD

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Katherine Sophia said...

I'm not putting them up for adoption - but you're special, so yes. XD *giggle*

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I've been meaning to comment on this post for awhile....

I've been tagged with this tag twice and will get around to actually doing it one of these days... :) Hmm, I think one of the times I shall use my FAMILY story.

Well, I think I like all the possible titles. :) Especially Sarang and Scintilla.

Heehee, I saw the 'silent bodyguard in a drama I saw' and instantly thought, "Which k-drama?" :)

Now you have me curious- which music videos?

Chicken pox is HORRID!!!!!!!

YES!!!!! Strong brother relationships. I love 'em!!!!!

Um, who is the model for Ellian? He looks kinda familiar- but I can't place him.

Tyler is cute! He looks like he has a mischievous side to him.

ECHO!!!!!! I'm pretty sure she will be one of my favorite characters. Amon's new official... (starts mentally connecting dots) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fae!!! I'm very eager to hear more about her.

Rui. Ok, I saw the picture and knew instantly what it is from. (Is it awful that I've actually seen this clip- way ahead of where I am watching the drama properly?) And this scene. GAHHHHHH!!!!!

Ah, yes, the Angels. *sigh* I know the Angels kill and they serve Amon, but I'm sorry. I can't help but be fascinated by them and long to hear more about them. And (dare I say it?) I think I am starting to like them. Or something that isn't like but isn't dislike either.

Ja-Il- I know he is going to be very important.

Dante- why do I suspect he would be the traitor of the group if something like that were to happen?

Petra- WHO IS THIS MODEL?????? He is haunting me- I'm sure I should know him- but I think it's the angle- I CAN'T PLACE HIM!!!

Kang-Dae... potentially one of my favorites? I know- how can you choose a favorite based solely on a picture? :D

Hae-Jin- oooh!! How is he able to understand the rebels next moves?

My dear girl- I hope you know you can always count on me for beta-reading!!!!! (Especially this story.) :)

Nicole Douarin- I think I've heard of her... *tries to remember where I'd have heard/read of her... can't remember*. But it was probably in during some random research.

I HATE Amon.

Ok, I LOVE the rooftop snippet. The brotherhood, the banter, yeah. I know they are evil- but it grabs me, you know?

Heehee! I knew I was going to like Echo!

Cracky!!! One tough spot for Ellian!

Awwww! The kids and Ellian!!

Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! The Angels!!!!!!

This story is going to be AWESOME. And Kate, you are going to break my heart.

Aand now that I've left a novel length comment detailing how wonderful I think this story is... I shall take myself off to bed. :)

Katherine Sophia said...

Oooh, I would love to see this done with your Family story!! :D

XD As you've seen on my pinterest board, Scintilla seems to have been adopted by a demanding sequel..but they're both in progress, so who knows what the final title will be. :)

Haha...I think sometimes I forget there are any other kinds of dramas...

One of the videos was a musical of Junsu's (I think at some point I pulled it into our discussion of Park Eun Tae and Mozart! XD), so I guess it technically wasn't a music video, really...but that's where Ja-Il's picture is from, since Junsu is his model, and that musical is why, even though I haven't seen much of it. :)

Eh, he's a clothes model or something... I tried looking him up, but that was pretty much the only picture that said 'Ellian' to me. So I never remember what his name is. :P

Haha...I don't think I could enjoy a drama as much if I knew exactly where it was going, but considering which drama this is...I guess I'm not that surprised that you have seen parts of the end and are still loving it. :)

Oh, the Angels...this is probably the most dangerous falling-in-love-with-the-villains I've ever done - where the story is going to go I'm not entirely sure, but it has certainly headed in a very different direction than I thought it was before they entered the story. :)

Haha, and I love your comments on them. XD Dante...okay, he's starting to look a bit more like this in my head now, but... he's still got a bit of an outsider vibe going on.

And Petra is Choi Minho - from SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, which did give me the idea for there being 5 Angels. XD

LOL Kang-Dae was hard to choose a model for...but I do like that picture of him. XD Weirdly enough, the other picture that screamed 'Kang-Dae' at me was this: :D

Hae-Jin...I think he's just far more in tune with his humanity, versus his 'otherness', than the rest.

:) Yah, the rooftop...I think that was the point when I knew I was going to have trouble with my villains...

XD I like your novel-length comments. And I hope this story does not disappoint once you read it! :) I am definitely looking forward to sending it to you, though. XD


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