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Doubt that the stars are fire...or that I will ever manage to state my thoughts clearly and concisely....

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Ahhh, Hamlet...the perfect thing to with which begin a post on love. *facepalm* 
Okay, it's probably the Shakespeare play I know best, thanks to David Tennant and, more recently, this. (Okay, no, that wasn't Hamlet...but the same singer was in a Hamlet musical, and I admit, I'm intrigued. Also, that song, with this one, just changed many things about my story Tam Lyn, which yes, does have several dungeon scenes. Now you know something new. XD)

Anyway. I was just told by another girl not to get a boyfriend...since they're "more trouble than they're worth 70% of the time." 
It always surprises me when I'm told something like that, but evidently it's obvious that I don't have one. :) 'Cause I don't, in case I'm sure none of you were wondering. XD Maybe this would have been better as a Valentine's post, but what can I say, I do things on my own timing. ;) 

As a sometimes-hopeless-romantic (have you ever read certain of my story snippets...*cough*), I have always adored the glimpses of "true love" I've seen in stories, and looked for evidence that it's actually real. (I'm also a wretched cynic at the two combine I'm not you know the secret to my troubled mind. XD) Unfortunately two of the fairytale romances I set my heart on in real life fizzled into nothingness as I watched in disappointment on the sidelines, and two of the most perfect marriages I've ever seen, I later found, upon growing up, not to be perfect at all, but merely steadfast because the people involved chose to make a difficult thing work.

*fizzle* go my dreams of true love. 

Oh, sure I've seen marriages that were beautiful (is it weird that two of my favorite couples are in their 60's?), but even they have overcome hardships I'd rather avoid. This post says so much about what I feel about love, and whether or not such 'epic love' exists, it's the kind I want. Dare I say, the only kind I want? This post says quite what I feel about my life at the moment, and with so many people in my life (doubt truth to be a liar indeed, but never doubt I love, and quite a lot, at that), how can I wish for more?

Um...because I'm a girl? Ha. :P

I want there to be epic love and I want it for myself. I was thinking about this the other day, and wondering what on earth Paul was talking about 1 Corinthians 7, and praying and reading a bunch of commentaries and thinking. Sadly, the more I read/prayed, the more I sensed a growing disgust with much that I've heard growing up. 

American TV, admittedly, wouldn't know true love if it hit them like a Mack truck and ran them over a dozen times in a row. (Then again, I myself might not recognize true love if it manifested itself in such a manner. :P) But there are reasons my family has never had a TV (and why I do not plan on ever having one myself), so that's not the kind of thing I'm talking about.

 It's not just my culture that has lost its grasp of love's meaning and purpose.
Yes, I have read (and actually quite enjoyed) books like Before You Meet Prince Charming and Preparing to be a Helpmeet. That aside, the idea that an "unmarried daughter" has no further purpose in life than to assist her father and prepare to be a suitable helper to her someday future husband makes me ill. We (as in a collective, all mankind) were created to glorify God. Do you know what I got out of 1 Corinthians 7? 

The only reason to get married is if I can glorify God more by getting married than by remaining unmarried. 

So often I've heard people talk about how "special" these "single years" are, and it's scared me. These are the years I will be closest to God? This is the time I can do the most for Him? Once I get married and have children, it's all distractions and no time to spend with Him?
With all due respect to those who gave me that idea, I don't think that's what Paul is saying. For one thing, if it's true these single years are so special and a time when we can serve God like no other, why on earth would we spend them preparing for the coming years when we'll be busy and distracted with pleasing our husbands? (Is it enough to say I've heard some confusing talks on this subject? Wouldn't it be either/or, people, not both?) (For a rather more balanced view, look at this post. Don't worry, I'm not saying I think married people have the same amount of time/responsibility as unmarried people - and I like the author's focus here! :) It's a much clearer look at it than some of what I've heard... :P)
More than that, though, why on earth would God create/design something absolutely necessary to the continuation of the human race (marriage) and then have it run to cross purposes with the entire point of the human race (glorifying Him)? 

If I cannot glorify God more by being married than by being single, I don't want to be married. If it's not an epic, crazy, God-glorifying love, than I don't want it.

This time in my life is not about waiting, or preparing to someday be a wife, or determining to be single forever because that's "better." It's about seeking my God and His kingdom and glorifying Him in the place He has called me to be and with the people in whose lives He has placed me, while readying myself for whatever He has planned for my future. His love for me is both true and epic, and I want my love for Him to be the same, no matter who else I love.

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Lizzy said...

Wow, beautifully put! I agree wholeheartedly with every point!!

The whole idea of 'stay-at-home daughters' as a standard for which we must toil to attain really bothers me too. Not all women are called to marry, and not all unmarried women are called to serve 'just' at home... that's simple, but very rarely understood.

I too would rather glorify God the most, whatever path it may take me.

Yay for awesome posts. ;D

Erika said...

AMEN. Every word.

Katherine Sophia said...

Oh, thank you both for commenting! I was a little afraid this post was not going to make sense, and I did not want to add to the confusion that has bothered me. :) So that makes me very happy. :D

Miss Melody Muffin said...

*dance of happiness* PARK EUN TAE!!! :D

*glances around sheepishly*

I'm not a hopeless romantic, but the vast majority of my stories do have at least a little romance in them, and I do enjoy a good, well-written romance most of the time. At the same time I am a cynic- so I understand perfectly. My attitude tends to be, "Well, all of that is wonderful in books and drama, but try finding someone in real life that will even put up with me, not to mention love me. True love just VERY rarely happens in real life." (My sisters disagree.)

American TV- Mack Truck- I like this picture. :) (And you just hit the nail on the head. They don't have a clue about true love. Not that I've seen a lot of American TV- but it was enough.)

YES!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS PERFECTLY DESCRIBED!!!!!!!! 'The only reason to get married is if I can glorify God more by getting married than by remaining single.' YESYESYES!!!!!

The next time someone asks me why I'm not out looking for a husband, I will point them to this post.

Katherine Sophia said...

XD XD XD *forces self to not watch those videos again lest I spend the rest of the night doing so* :)

Oh, I totally get that feeling... :P But I keep thinking it has to be real, else where did all the stories come from?

Heheh, yeah, I haven't seen that much either...what I saw was enough. :)

:D I'm so glad what I was trying to say makes sense!


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