Saturday, June 22, 2013

As summer flies by...

things I've done this summer so far:

worked on my soon-to-be-published (really, truly, this time lol) book
(very little, though 'cause TIME appears to be difficult to get a hold of :P Also, author bio = drive me up the wall. Anybody wanna just write me one and I'll stick it in there? XD lol)

gotten vaccinations
(which I've managed to skip out of most of my life...apparently med school does not approve of that. *rubs shoulder* The hep B series is not supposed to hurt... :P Now I need to go find a fax machine somewhere and send in my records, so they know for once I DID get vaccinated)

met in real life an author whose book's I've reviewed on this blog
(Regina Doman...she's fascinating and it was an awesome afternoon!)

(and packed and packed and packed... :P my family is switching houses here...I'll be staying with an AWESOME and amazingly generous family my first year in med school and my younger brother is working/trying to decide what he wants to do with his life...the rest of my family is getting back to regular life in the country and OY I'm gonna miss them)

run alllllll over town a dozen times over looking for packing boxes
(highlight of that was getting a bunch at one store, stopping at the store exit because my hands hurt, and looking at the boxes and getting completely distracted trying to read the hangul on them until the manager walked by and told one of the check-out girls to help me carry all the boxes. *blush* Apparently it wasn't the best place to practice reading Korean. XD)

(goes along with the packing. after the above misadventure, I went home and cleaned for the rest of the evening, listening to the Rurouni Kenshin soundtrack - very appropriate, as I later learned it was his birthday this week XD - and random songs from my story playlists)

gone to all my brother's graduation thingishes
('cause he graduated!!! :D Which is kinda frightening...and he left immediately afterwards to go to work on a border resort. It's a great summer job, but gah, the house is soooo quiet without him...and I'm just like...this is my last summer before med school...and he's gone...ack. We did have a totally fun party for him - in the rain, but it was still cool; we went on rides and ate cake and had lots of friends come. XD) 

learned to ride the bus
(it was a rather epic adventure spanning an entire afternoon and involved me and a brilliant friend braving the insanity of my town's go exploring. It was super cool. And not exactly something I want to repeat on my own! O.o I'm quite obviously a country girl.) 

started learning how to read hangul
(it wasn't a totally random stop in the store with boxes, I promise. XD The above-mentioned brilliant friend and I discovered the secret and set to work on learning it. I've spent maybe 15 minutes on it...but seriously, the person who invented Korean writing was GENIUS. Absolute genius. Right now I'm working on translating the Lord's would help if I knew what the words MEANT that I was reading...but hey, being able to read them counts for something, right? XD And with the help of google translate and the fact that I know what the Lord's Prayer says, I should be able to understand it pretty well. XD) 

(I hope you guys are ready for the next story of Jessica Greyson's...I know I'm super excited! it's one of my favorites, and oh, you'll love it. XD)  

(not so much as I'd like...I keep falling asleep when I try to write. :P Maybe I ought to get to bed some nights before 3am and see what happens... :P :P :P But just about any writing makes me happy, and right now I'm at 68,000 words in my Contract to Time Travel story. Finally hitting the painful part, and's definitely painful. :P
though sometimes there are more fun parts... XD)

Ellian dropped down onto the ugly couch with a grimace. Something flipped upright just inches away from him and he barely stopped himself from squealing in surprise like a pig. It was Fae, sleepy eyes blinking at him, baby lips turned in a tiny pout.
He shook his head at her until he could breathe again. “Sorry, I almost sat on you, didn’t I?”
She nodded drowsily, and then crawled closer to him, curling up into a tiny ball beside him, resting her head against his leg.

And now I'm setting to work on packing again, while listening to music and using 2 sets of earbuds and a splitter, because both my sets of earbuds only work on one side. :P It's interesting...

But I will leave you with the cutest thing I've seen in...a while. IT'S ADORABLE!!!! XD

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

Ugh, yes, author bios are such a headache. :D

*giggle*- 'apparently med school does not approve of that'.

Packing is such fun. Not. :) I generally end up going, "Aaaahhhh!!! If I see another box I am going to kick it across the room!" But then, too, I'm usually packing for a large family. :) I'm glad you have a great place to stay but yeah, missing one's family is tough.

Heehee! I've practiced reading Spanish on packing boxes before but never in the store. :) Instead, it sidetracks me when I'm supposed to be packing the box. And then someone walks by and says, "I thought you'd have had that box packed by now!" :)

Congratulations to your brother!

You discovered the secret????!!! This I have to hear more about.

I'm ready! If it's the one I think it is, it is great!! (Well, actually all of Jessica's stories are great- at least everything I've read so far.)

Go to bed before 3 am? Why on earth would you do something as dull as that??? :D Do take care of yourself though! CTT painful part- that sounds ominous. ): Ooohh, that snippet is too cute!! I already love this story just from the snippets and Pinterest.

Ohmygoodness!!! That is SOO CUTE!!!!!

Best wishes on your packing!

Katherine Sophia said...

Yes, thankfully we are packing up only a small house! :) Haha, that's still probably a better time to be reading the box that IN the store... XD

Yes, we will have discuss hangul along with dramas at some point. XD

Haha, yup, Alllll her upcoming books are great... XD

LOL I know, such a boorish thing to do! I think I crashed at like 1-something last night, which was sad, because there was a lot I still wanted to do. Oh, well... :)

XD Thank you! I am very much hoping I can finish that story before school starts...

And thank you! I'd better go get back to it now. XD

Vicki said...

Wow!! What a list! It's a wonder you have any time left over to, like, eat and breathe and stuff ... :-D I wish I could be there to help you pack and get ready - how exciting!! And that's really great that you can stay with a family instead of having to live in an apartment.

Learning Korean! AWESOME!! It's always, always good to pick up another language - who knows how the Lord might use you? *wiggles eyebrows significantly*

Ah ... the bus. Gotta love the bus. It's always fun until you take the wrong bus ... :-D

And writing ... cannot WAIT to see your almost-finished book once it's published!!

Congratulations to your brother on his graduation! You must be so proud! :'-)

Thanks also for all the awesome comments you've been leaving for me lately - it's sooo nice to have you back in the blog world with your encouragement and humor for a little while. You're so awesome at being sympathetic without being indulgent - I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that I have another INFP friend out there who understands where I'm coming from (and yet is thriving and accomplishing and not getting paralyzed by stuff). You rock!!

Good luck with the packing and writing and reading!! I hope your summer is the best ever!

Lots of love,

Katherine Sophia said...

Haha, I think I didn't eat yesterday (until like 5pm, and I went, oh, my room's not done yet...but I'm kind of hungry...) :P but I'm doing pretty well on the breathing front. :D And I am VERY thankful to be with a family this year. :)

If learning Korean is significant in my future, I will be ecstatic. XD And I find other languages fascinating...if I could stick to one for longer than a couple months, I'd know at least 3 by now. :P But Korean might be the one that actually sticks. XD

Haha...yeah, I can imagine...but I don't really want to...taking the RIGHT bus was enough. XD And wow, on the ride home, we literally stopped at EVERY CORNER to let people off. Which was enough to give me some serious respect for bus drivers. I'd go insane if I had to listen to that "stop requested" warning all day long. XD

Aww... *hugs* We can do it! And you rock too!! :) Sometimes it seems like being INFP makes things way more difficult than they need to be (*cough* I make things way more difficult than I need to)... but seriously, I think we have more fun, too. :)

Thank you! I hope yours is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

Jessica Greyson said...

*hugs you and the heroine you certainly are* :P and riding the bus... *giggling with sparkling eyes* Something thou shalt never forget. :D

Life is certainly and adventure and you are taking it in amazing strides!


Katherine Sophia said...

*returns hug* XD Creating memories can be such a delightful thing...even if they involve the general insanity that mine usually do. ;D


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