Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snippets of Darkness

I'm afraid I went a little snippet-crazy this month...but I was having too much fun. :D And you can easily see which stories I've been working on lately, that's for sure... :D My January snippets are here and the link-up is here! :) 

I didn't realize until I read over this collection how depressing they all were...at the very most, three are from happy bits of story, and the rest that seem benign...aren't. :P Eep...Fitting for February, but I hope March is a bit happier...

(CTTT my most recently begun novel...
and just so you know, angel is code. XD)

No one saw what transpired in the alley. No one but the angel.

~Contract to Time Travel

The firelight flickered across their faces, turning Kaladhiel's silver-white hair to gold and making her eyes shine like stars. It was so quiet there, as if the noises of the night were not permitted to enter the ring of light cast by the flames, and Seung-Jae leaned against the trunk of the tree behind him, content to simply watch her, and the smile playing on her lips like the firelight.
a tale of the Dragon Riders

“Evidently that kind of plan wouldn’t work, would it? Look at me! Stuck in a safety-deposit box with a floating light bulb! Yeah, I’m a great spy."
~Contract to Time Travel 

“Why – has the poison-tipped tongue of Rhys y Tannyn come home golden? One would think you had been traveling a great deal longer than but a twelve month.”
The lady laughed, and Tannyn straightened, grimacing, to meet her great green eyes.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“You heard?” he asked, his voice quiet.
“Dragons eat the boy; I heard,” Tae Jin growled, and Seung Jae flinched. 

a tale of the Dragon Riders

A voice called out something from the other side of the room, but the child did not turn, merely stared at him with twilight eyes.
~Contract to Time Travel 

Tannyn shrugged. “As have I. Many times. Or have you forgotten? Even the summer we all went to the mountains together, and she threatened to have her father’s men servants tie me and throw me into the lake if I wrote another poem praising her golden ringlets and sapphire-blue eyes?”
David snorted suddenly with laughter, ducking away from under Tannyn’s arm. “I had forgotten how very enjoyable that summer was, yes.”
“You little imp!” Tannyn caught his brother’s tunic, forcing him to fall back into step.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“She is Fae,” Echo said, and Ellian looked back at the child, who met his gaze with fey blue calmness indeed.
~Contract to Time Travel

“Tannyn dies?” He stared at the girl, her horror suddenly flooding him.
She raised her head, and there were tears in her sightless eyes. “You can’t let him, Blair. You can’t. And you can’t play right into their hands. Don’t take the gun. Please.”
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

Ja-Il laughed aloud in exultation, and the others joined him, jostling each other as their wings rustled.

~Contract to Time Travel 

“You going to be around much next week?” he heard himself asking, and she made a face at him, swishing her skirt like a psychedelic rainbow about her ankles.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick 

“You think he may have seen true?” Ja-Il demanded, and Hyun-Ki stepped to the edge of the roof, sniffing the thin air like a grey albatross.
~Contract to Time Travel

Never had my intuition proven false, and this night was no exception. This was the night everything changed. This was the night our father was murdered.
More than that, this was the night Tannyn was dragged to the dungeon, as the one who had killed him.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

There was no hesitation at the edge, and he threw himself carelessly off. For a moment he was in free-fall; then there was an explosion of power between his shoulder blades, and his wings were spread full out. He was no longer falling, but soaring. Flying.
But even the glorious rush of flight could not distill the dread that lay within him. He was going back before Amon.
~Contract to Time Travel

“Dead is pretty permanent, from what I’ve heard,” Jaime said, swinging himself upright. “You’re not going by yourself.”
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick 

He threw back his head and screamed, no human sound this, but the hoarse cry of a bird of prey successful in the hunt. It seemed but moments passed before dark shapes appeared against the grey sky, and then they were all there, coming gracefully to land upon the rooftop.
~Contract to Time Travel

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Jessica Greyson said...

Beautifully written Kate! I love them, sooo sooo much!!! I can hardly wait until these are all in print and you're a famous author. :D

*loves your stories to pieces*

Love you!


Katherine Sophia said...

XD They were all fun to write...thank you for always enjoying them, even my crazy ones. XD Love you!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

*rubs hands together happily* I LOVE YOUR SNIPPETS!!!!!!!!!

CTTT: *shiver*

Star Dusk: Love it!

CTTT: heehee!

Bretton Meyrick: Oooh, curious!

Star Dusk: sounds ominous.

CTTT: I like the phrase 'twilight eyes'.

Bretton Meyrick: hahahaha!!!!

CTTT: Echo and Ellian!!

Bretton Meyrick: so this is the bind girl.... This snippet sent a thrill through me. Mostly because of her request to him. It tells me so much- and so little.

CTTT: *shudder* Oh, those angels....

Bretton Meyrick: interesting.

CTTT: the angels again?

Bretton Meyrick: aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! TROUBLE.

CTTT: LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!! But that last sentence... I profoundly pity anyone going before Amon.

Bretton Meyrick: *giggle* Awwww!

CTTTL: whoa. *shiver*

Question: Is Bretton Meyrick contemporary? I thought it was, but a few of the snippets from it here have a different flavor- like a touch of fantasy.

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you so much, Melody!! :D I love getting your comments! XD

Bretton Meyrick is contemporary, but the story originally started as kind of historical-fantasy...which parts turned into an ancient journal now belonging to the brothers. :) So yeah, the snippets are a bit confusing...I haven't quite decided how much of the journal I'm going to write...I was thinking about writing both as complete stories, but the journal idea then gets super complicated. :P And the modern part has a much more thorough story arc. :)


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