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January-ish Snippets

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this has nothing to do with anything.
I just thought it was cool. 

Starting the year off right with some bits of writing! :) Actually, I was hoping to finish something over Christmas break...I guess I should be glad I got my first application finished? :) 
And I did get some writing in, which was lovely. Although...given that 2 of the 3 stories I'm writing at the moment have guy MC's and the 3rd is very strong on the guy front, I'm hoping they don't seem too much alike. :P
And my story about 4 brothers? I'm just starting to realize that means I need to have 4 distinctive POVs. How did I not see the difficulty in that before? :P lol

Tristan was gone. 
Derek took a shuddering breath, then whispered softly, “La vendetta del cielo su voi…” and shuddered again.
Blair looked at him out of the corner of his eyes, and translated hesitatingly from the Italian, “The vengeance of heaven will fall down upon you?”
Derek nodded once, and neither spoke again.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

            “Odds of winning there, sir, are eight to one. If I joined that game over there,” he gestured with his chin, “It would be one in a hundred an’ four. But that’s not countin’ some things, and I think they’re less experienced at that table. Which one you want me to play?”
            Payton shook his head slightly. “You play whatever game you want, Will. Just win.”
            Will nodded. “Yes, sir. By how much?”
            For an instant Payton stared at him, then he caught Will’s grin and slapped him on the shoulder. 
~ Will Arrington

            I stopped dusting, turning to face her with my hands on my hips. “Your guard,” I said bluntly, “is a pig.”
~Tam Lyn

Will laughed gleefully. “Oh, he did that according to Hoyle!”
Mr. Elliot looked at him. “Hoyle?”
That was a slip. “You probably haven’t read it,” he shrugged. Given their view of cards, he was sure of it. Finley had made him memorize the book.

~Will Arrington

But she sighed dramatically. “Whatever is wrong with you creatures?” she asked, then pointed to the ground. “Sit.”
He sat.
- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

            “Give him time. You can’t hold him close, as you could a younger child – he is already almost a young man. All we can really do is provide a home for him; he is the one who must choose to live in it. Let him have his freedom.”
            On the other side of the wall, Will thumped his pillow emphatically. “You’d better,” he whispered. “Or I’ll bust outa here so fast you won’t know what happened. I came out here so I wouldn’t get killed, not so I could get parents to watch my every move!”
~ Will Arrington

With clean-cut dark hair and a toothpaste ad perfect smile, the man looked like a poster boy for a police officer recruiting station. His hands shoved in the pockets of his dark blue jeans, he sauntered towards the desk, leaning forward to read over the girl’s shoulder as she wrote something down on a Post-it note.

- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

            He turned.
            “How is my baby?”
            He looked at me a moment, as if he could not believe what he was hearing. “You could have come and seen for yourself,” he said, the bitterness that comes only from cruel betrayal seeping through his words.
~ Tam Lyn

Blair rubbed his hand roughly across his face. “This reminds me of the time the psych patient in room thirteen ordered pizza,” he muttered. “Let’s go.”

- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“Smile like sunshine and hair like flames?”
~ Will Arrington

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shieldmaidenthoughts said...

Tanzy, yo uhave a way with words.
Just wow.
And the psych patient ordering pizza....I would have too XD

Katherine Sophia said...

:D You totally just made my entire weekend, Mirriam.

And the pizza's from a slight mix-up that occurred when I was shadowing a physician one time. One of those things I immediately decided had to be written into something. XD

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I've been wanting to comment on this post for forever....

Bretton Meyrick: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! Especially the Italian!!

Will: *giggle* Will is hilarious!!

Tam Lyn: *dies laughing*

Will: hahaha!

Bretton Meyrick: :D Very curious about the larger scene this comes from!

Will: heehee!!!!

Bretton Meyrick: interesting....

Tam Lyn: OUCH.

Bretton Meyrick: *giggle* Too funny!!!

Will: :D :D :D

Pretty much everything Will says is funny. :) (At least, all the snippets I can think of off the top of my head.)

Katherine Sophia said...

*blush* sorry for disappearing from blogger for so long, Melody... I hadn't intended the break to be quite so long... :P

Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed these though... :D These were all really fun...and yeah, Will's ridiculous, really, but I still like him. XD Thanks for commenting! :)


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